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AC is working again.

Amazing how we make all sorts of judgements about people. Case in point: guy brings his 3 kids to the pool. He has a couple tattoos and long chin-hair (Does that have a different name?). Super cool playing with his kids. I was trying to fill in the blanks in my mind like where's the mom, is he divorced (he mentioned they had to go when Grandma said the pizza was done), etc.

I still strongly dislike my chest. Probably not enough to ever have surgery (would do something about the sag, not a reduction).

One of my friends doesn't know what internet acronyms and expressions like brb or FAIL mean, but then types like a 13-year-old. "what're u doin' 2day?" Dude, it takes more effort to type incorrectly. I guess I should give her credit for using an apostrophe correctly.

Time to start using a food journal again.

I've been going to Starbucks like it's going out of style.

What's with that expression? It doesn't make sense. Or is it an idion, in which case it isn't supposed to be taken literally?

I made delicious hummus last night. I want some just because it tastes good, not because I'm hungry.

Bought a ton of baking supplies. Might bake with Michelle on Sunday. Or watch World Cup. Or both.

I tend to be really attentive to lyrics, except with the free iTunes songs I get. Heard the Civil Twilight song I got last October on the alternative station this week. Twice, actually. I realized I have no idea what most of the lyrics are, even though it's played 35 times.

ETA: the above song played on shuffle like 10 minutes after I wrote that, and I still didn't listen to the lyrics.
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Yes, I do, and I love them. I measured my heels today in class, since I felt so tall. Several pairs of my shoes are heels, and I really didn't start wearing them until I was a teacher. Last year was the Year of the Flats, and the years before that were Black Or Brown Loafers Yay! The occasional boot made appearances in there, as did the heeled sandal-ish shoes.

I also take my shoes off on occasion, if my feet hurt. Yes, I'm weird like that.

For dinner, I had an iced decaf caramel macchiato, toffee almond bar, some salami, and an orange.

Fading, need to sleep now.
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Monday, three of my friends/coworkers (the 4th grade team at my old school) went on a shopping road trip. We piled into my car and drove 300 miles across the desert to the outlet mall in Cabazon, CA. Yes 300 miles. Susan and I came up with the idea long ago, and when we mentioned it to the others, they were game as well. Why so far, you must be asking. Well, the outlet mall is pretty big, and they have some high-end stores you can't find any closer. Specifically, they have a Coach outlet, which was our major destination. A Kate Spade outlet too, where I was very tempted by a few purses. However, it was a really good deal at Coach, and a lot of egging and nudging by my friends, that made me cave in. I'm still a little in shock over my purchase, but I had sort of budgeted for it. Plus, I got an unexpected stipend today, which more than pays for the purse. So, yeah. Jill and Susan got purses too, and Larisa got a wallet, plus a purse from Fossil.

Along from all the shopping, we had so much fun. I brought a bunch of cds so they could play DJ and keep the music going. We made the requisite stop at Starbucks in Blythe, CA, which was also a time to get out and stretch. I've passed the outlets many times on my drives to and from CA, but I forgot exactly where they were, but they are right next to the freeway, can't be missed. I just got my city locations mixed up. On the way home we listened to Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge soundtracks, and they got to hear my "Single Music" mix. "Walking After You" by Foo Figthers is on it, and I thought none of the others would know it. As soon as it started playing, Susan went NUTS. She loves that song. Needless to say, I was happy that she was happy. Had to stop for gas in Chiriaco Summit, and paid $4.87/gal. We all agonized trying to remember who sings "Sultans of Swing" until Jill remembered, shouting out Dire Straits as we pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru. The barista might have thought us a little crazy with our giggling.

I love road trips. I love my friends. It was an excellent day.
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I love calendars. I have 4: 2 at home, 2 at school.
Life cereal is awesome.
It's day one of of the 3 days each month where I'm completely starving all the time.
I have trouble taking the time to write out all that I want to write on here.
I promised another teacher I'd get to school by 930am tomorrow. I will do it.
Over the break, it felt wonderful to not be a teacher. I usually forgot about work till someone asked. Last night I got a little depressed knowing I have to go back soon.
I'm mostly over my car being broken into. Window fixed, frame needs a little patching up. If the damage had been worse, I would be more upset.
I wish I could explain to people my faith, beliefs, why I get so excited by what I learn in church, why it's so cool when things in the Bible make sense to me, etc, but I can't even explain it to myself most times.
Need to email pics to people.
The singleness blues do 5-minute sneak attacks about once a day.
I drink too much Starbucks and need to cut back.
All of my stuff is still waiting to be unpacked, but at least I cleaned the fish tanks tonight.

I really should go to bed.
As usual, I forgt much of what I intended to post.
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Screen cap idea from [livejournal.com profile] joyfulmelody

I swear, I've only had this as my wallpaper for a couple of days!
what I see )

I got my Casi Cielo coffee! I think I'll make some tomorrow, since I already have a half an iced mocha sitting in the fridge. Banana chocolate chip coffee cake is back at Starbucks as well, yum! So, now I'm full of mocha, BCCCC, and a Chipotle barbacoa burrito. The great thing about Chipotle is it makes great leftovers.

I really need to start my school work!
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