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I'm random, thanks for asking.

New, witty title coming...eventually.

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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:United States of America
Website:Help the Homeless
I am: (in no particular order)
a huge fan of Jane Eyre
mildly obsessed with Jane Austen novels and movies
mildly obsessed with many other period dramas and books
a Lord of the Rings geek
a Star Wars geek
a very-late-to-the-party Doctor Who fan
a Once Upon A Time fan
desperate to go back to England
a teacher
an amateur baker
rather annoyed by the incorrect use of apostrophes
an unofficial barista at an indie coffee shop (I miss this)
a thinker and very analytical
constantly trying to understand and increase my faith
learning to wait on God & hear Him
a chocolate fiend
a coffee fiend
a coffee addict
a lover of written words
a traveler who does not get out enough
a need-to-know person
a book addict
addicted to food blogs & collecting recipes
NOT a Pinterest person
wishing for my own real-life version of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Ferrars, Mr. Rochester or Mr. Thornton
mildly infatuated with the idea of meeting a British man
more, so much more

Want a really simple way to help the homeless? Click on the link above! Support your local Rescue Mission!

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Love that Coyote

I love this book.
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I love this movie.
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massiveJaneAusten「Margaret Dashwood」

If you've made it this far, you must be very curious about me. (woot!) I just want to add that my journal is about 75% friends only. Not because I don't like meeting new people, but because I don't want the whole world to read my work-related gripes or mega-personal stuff. So, there's more to me than you will initially see in public entries.

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