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Jan. 20th, 2017 09:20 pm
ringsandcoffee: (P&P Darcy little teapot)
[personal profile] ringsandcoffee
Just now, I forgot how to send an email. As in, I could not remember what to click, and finally found the 'send' button.

My no-soda resolution has gone well. Until today, I had nothing carbonated. The closest was when I added an inch of lemonade to my iced tea. There was one day I got lemonade with my meal, but it was real, not the 5% juice from a fountain type like I put in my tea before. Last night I was reeeeeeeeeeally craving carbonation. Not the sweet flavor, but the bubbly bit. However, I went with water. Today though, I caved and got Coke Zero with dinner. Normally, I'm not a fan of diet soda, but ohhhhhhhh this was wonderful. I think it will tide me over for a few more weeks. Considering I forgot the half case of cherry Coke out in the garage, I'm doing well.

Now I really want cheese. Or something salty. The kitchen is so far away...

Debating a shower tonight (like to extend the time between changing sheets) or tomorrow.

Once again, sitting at Chipotle and walking around Target, I remember a bunch of topics I wanted to post about. Now, gone. They'll probably pop back into mind 10 minutes after crawling into bed.
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