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Feb. 16th, 2014 11:04 pm
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It's been forever, but we finally had another movie day. Austenland, 5-hour Pride and Prejudice, and the second half of North and South. Snacked all day on cheese fondue, plus chips, popcorn, and banana bread. Twas nice to finally have a real TV at my house. Well, a bigger one. However, it's a flat screen HD, and my dvds are not HD, so the quality was a bit weird. Austenland looked ok, but it's brand new, so maybe that's why.

I really need to go to bed. It may be a 3 day weekend, but tomorrow I have to go in to work to get ready for the week. Also, I will grade at least 5 poetry books. Maybe the reading tests too. I can do this!


Feb. 6th, 2013 09:42 pm
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In my dream, I was with a group of about 8 people who got to meet Richard Armitage (rar handsome!) We go into a small room and sit around a table, and then he walks in wearing his full Thorin Oakenshield costume. I thought it a bit weird but didn't care. All I could do was gush to him about how much I love him as Mr. Thornton.

Then my alarm went off, and I was very much sad. :(( Thinking about the dream randomly during the day made me smile, however. :D
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Every so often, and entire day of friends, junk food, and movies is not only acceptable but necessary. Wives and Daughters and North and South make for hours and hours of fun. Yelling at annoying characters, looking up actors on IMDb, and failing to keep our fingers out of the chip bowls.

We tried to watch Much Ado About Nothing but Netflix doesn't have subtitles. We couldn't translate Shakespeare in our heads fast enough to keep up with the plot.

But, today is back to real life, chores, etc. This is actually ok with me. Maybe I'll fit in an ep of Doctor Who.
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And by work, I mean watching movies.

Yesrterday was Lochlan's and Karen's Inaugural Movie Day. Loch is Michelle's 2-month old son, who we are training to be a perfect gentleman a la Darcy or Mr. Thornton. Karen is a friend/coworker who was finally able to come watch with us. We started with Moulin Rouge, at Reena's request, which I've decided is a rather odd movie that would be quite depressing if not for the songs and goofiness. Karen left, and next was Pride and Prejudice, at Michelle's request. I'll never turn that movie down. Reena suggested North and South. I didn't know if she was serious, but sure enough, after taking Michelle and Loch home, we watched all 4 hours of it. Ended up finishing near 2 a.m. Even if it's one you've seen many times before, movies are just better with friends and commentary and mutual gasping when Mr. Thornton takes off his tie.  Oh, and discussing corsets and how unnaturally perky they made women's boobs. 

Today was a haircut and housework.  Tomorrow it's Anthem outlets with Susan.  I love vacation, and wish it were still 2 weeks. 
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My new betta's name is Fiery Nicholas. Fiery because of his coloring, and Nicholas after Nicholas Higgins from N&S. I can't break the tradition of naming bettas after fandom characters.

I'll post a picture when I'm able to get a good shot without using the flash.
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I managed to grade one set of reading tests, which my students did surprisingly well on. This could be because it was a fiction story and not the non-fiction we've had for a while. What scares me a little is that they read the story over 3 days with the sub. I left directions to read and ask a lot of comprehension questions, and it took forever for them to read it. They also did Venn diagrams comparing the 2 main characters. With me they partner read the story then we did a story map. What made the difference this time on their tests? I guess I'll never know.

I still have a ton of grading to do but my head/sinuses are not cooperating. So, I think I'll pop another movie in (watched parts of N&S earlier) and try to not think about the pressure in my forehead.

P&P or Jane Eyre, I can't decide.

I hate being sick.
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I need an attitude adjustment. It's not fair for me to expect my students to be happy and control their moods when I do a crappy job at this myself. Even if they are the reason for my crappy mood, which they sometimes are, I can't use that as fuel for the fire.

Tomorrow is not really planned out yet. Hopefully I can take care of that in the morning. For a few minutes today, I thought about taking away the Valentine's Day party on Friday. However, that would be really mean of me, unless they really act up the next few days.

When, if ever, is it ok to give up on a kid (and that's only semi-rhetorical)? One who misses so much school that he can't even catch up when he's there, and won't do anything that requires thinking for himself.

I really need a dose of Jane Austen or N&S.
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Well, nothing I really wanted to do. So, I read this book: I saw it on cd at the UCD bookstore, then bought it at Borders. It was an easy read, and cute, and not too predictable.

Have I read the other books I brought with me? No. Haven't even finished listening to Bleak House, but that's also for the drive back home. And what do I want to do now? Watch N&S. Maybe Mom will watch it with me, though she'll fall asleep.

New years dinner was steak, baked potatoes, and broccoli. ate those foods in the reverse listed order. Yay for orderly cooking!

Happy new year, y'all!
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Either it was due to me being starving, or my steak burrito really was the best Chipotle I've ever had.

I seem to have lost my digital camera. Must search the apartment more, but this makes me very sad if it's gone.

Too bad Barnes and Noble is not close to home like Borders, because they usually have what I want without having to order it. Borders, however, is cheaper.

Got North and South in print, though I've already read 44 of 56 chapters online. Totally worth buying the book. I'll be sad when I finish the book though. Why is it I get hooked on this but can't seem to start the 6 other books laying around?
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Today I will:
-grade reading tests
-put away my huge pile of laundry
-change my sheets
-drink more coffee
-read more of North and South

Two items already accomplished! Can you guess which ones?

It's getting chilly these days, at least, chilly for Phoenix. Weather says 55 degrees with 82% humidity. Interesting...I'll have to actually go outside and see what it feels like.
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I waited until after noon to brave the stores. Starbucks was pretty busy, but the baristas were still friendly. Of all places, I decided to hit Arizona Mills because I wanted to go to Gap Outlet. It was crowded, but not insanely so. Gap had everything on sale, at least 30% off. What did I zero in on most? Loungewear. Not things I need, but PJs and sweats. I did get one sweater and some socks, but my favorite purchase was a pair of striped flannel pants. The set was $40 at Gap Body last year for a tank top and pants, and though I was dearly in love with the striped pattern, I couldn't justify the cost. So, imagine my joy at finding the same patterns as last year, this time with long sleeve shirts, for $30, on sale for half price. Sweet! Yes, I get way too excited about flannel pants, but I REALLY wanted these last year.

Borders does not have North and South in stock, but it's available online here: I'm too impatient to order it, and it's free online, so yay. I'm already on chapter 10.

I've done no grading, and I'm about halfway through my laundry, with a huge pile on hte floor to be put away. Tomorrow, mayhaps.
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I admit to the world that I've watched the end of North and South about a dozen times since Wednesday, plus most of the second disc a second time.

Hmm, Thornton. Thornton smiling. *swoon*

We all have our obsessions, and mine appear to be period dramas.

And now, I need to shower and go join the Black Friday madness.
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