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Hmmmm, Legolas, you did not disappoint. ORLANDO BLOOM! Galadriel kicks ass. Bilbo's feet looked too big for him, like even disproportionate for a hobbit. Must be the high def filming, but it's weird being able to see all the pores on every character's face. Overall I liked it. Had several deja vu moments. Tauriel was awesome, even if her character was totally made up (wasn't it?) So much Martin Freeman love right now!

The theater I went to has all recliner seats now. It didn't the last time I was there, which was a few years ago. However, this was nice because I could kick back and curl up and sit in whatever position I wanted without irritating the people next to me. I went alone, which meant I had no one to lean over and make comments to, but I still grinned like a madwoman many times.
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Comment on this post and I will choose six interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Hmm, trying to remember if there was more reason to listing this than the fact that I live here. No, I think the fact that I moved here is why I added it to my interests way back when. I lived in California all my life before coming here 8 years ago for a job. A friend I'd known since 8th grade was already a teacher here, and helped me get a job at her school. Just checked my archive, and yesterday marked 8 years since I arrived.

Jane Austen
Jane, oh Jane. How do I love thee, Ms. Austen? Let me count the ways: Pride and Prejudice, Darcy, all your books, your leading men, your scoundrels, your smart female characters, the way you parts of Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park make me wish I could reach into the pages and shake Fanny Dashwood, Mrs. Ferrars, and Aunt Norris...that's just a start to the list. Watching P&P (2005) at [livejournal.com profile] holbytla's insistence was my gateway into period literature and movies.

Lord of the Rings
This is another fandom I was quite late in entering. Somehow I made it until 2003 before discovering the books existed. ROTK was in theaters when one of my coworkers and my friend [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter said I needed to watch the movies. I had no idea what they were talking about. Later on, I vaguely remembered seeing a poster for TTT. Coworker loaned me FOTR, extended edition I think; I watched it and wondered what the heck I had just seen. A day or 2 later I found myself at Blockbuster (and I rarely rent movies) getting TTT. I watched that on a dark and dreary day, and got more into it. By the end of the same week, I was at the theater immediately after work to see ROTK. By then, I was hooked. I saw ROTK 4 times total in theaters and read the books in 6 weeks. My coworker friend was more than happy to feed my addiction, watching the movies over and over, sharing her books and introducing me to the wonderful world of dvd bonus features. Haunting [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter on here led me me to start my own LJ so I could fangirl to my heart's desire.

Phantom of the Opera
In 8th grade, we sang a medley of Phantom songs for chorus. I loved them. My chorus teacher read us what I think was an abridged version of Leroux's story. We also watched a made for TV miniseries that I would love to find again. I think it's this one. A year or so later, I got to see the show on stage in San Francisco. Our seats were terrible but I didn't care. What I remember most about that show was how sad the Phantom sounded, and how you could hear his wail travel around the theater as he mourned for Christine. I read the book that year as well, and loved the descriptions of the opera house and the world below it that the Phantom had build for himself. I didn't have much more to do with Phantom until the 2004 movie came out, which I saw twice. I'm not a huge theater-goer, and so for me to see a movie twice (and in 3 days even) at the theater is a big deal.

The movie soundtrack used to live in my car, and is quite good for singing along to, loudly. :D

Road Trips
I've never minded car rides. Well, unless I'm stuck in the backseat and get carsick. Even then, I love going places. Before I could drive, I liked going on random rides with my dad, taking back roads and seeing the sights. I love driving. I love going places, new or old. I love truck stops and convenience stores. I'll drive alone or with someone. Each December, I make the ~13-hour drive to my hometown for Christmas. In 2001, I did an epic, cross-country trip with my dad. Every once in a while, I get an itch and just have to go somewhere for the day. My camera is usually close by so I can document the journey.

I am a teacher, so I probably should be interested in teaching. :) You get used to/better at it, but really, no 2 days are alike. Each day is a challenge. Classes can eat you alive, and that's happened to me. I start again in a few weeks, EEK. I could write a novel on this topic, but will spare y'all.
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The Petsmart cashier notices and compliments my necklace with a quote written in Elvish. I reply that I love when people know what it is. He says it's nice to meet a fellow geek. I say I am expanding my geek cred by choosing the betta I did because it's as blue as the Tardis. He suggests a name that I've forgotten, but I say it's a female so I can't. He says to call it the companion. :D

If he didn't look like he was in his 20s I'd totally have kept talking to him.

The betta's name is River Song. I wanted to call her Sexy, in reference to the episode "The Doctor's Wife" but next to nobody IRL would get it. Few will get the name River either, but at least it won't make them look at me funny.

Image found on Facebook today:
British accent
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But...I cannot peel myself away from the live red carpet premiere for The Hobbit!

I want to see Martin Freeman!

SQUEEEEEEEEEE Andy just did the Gollum voice!!!
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What's happened in the life of me lately?

Took a tango class
Watched for meteors around a bonfire
Finished watching the borrowed Doctor Who dvds and (reluctantly) returned them
Decided this list doesn't need periods at the end of each item
Got an early and geeky Christmas present - a necklace with a quote in Elvish
Other stuff I can't remember

Oy, things to do. I miss those dvds already.


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:32 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter's post, I got to see Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition, on the big screen tonight. Saw her post, flailed, Googled, bought ticket, and flailed again. This all took place in about 5 minutes. Happened to be going to get my haircut, and shared my geeky news with my hair dresser. She already knew about it, mentioned fathomevents.com. She would have gone with me tonight, but had to work late. She'll go see the other 2 with me. I saw Michelle on FB and told her, and she decided to go on less than 2 hours notice.

Last time I watched LOTR was a marathon this time 3 years ago, with Michelle and Reena. Ahhhh, just like Peter Jackson sait, it's meant to be seen on the big screen. So true. I know what happens in the movie, and I still got all nervous over the cave troll. As soon as I saw Boromir, I got sad knowing he dies. Legolas...so pretty. As Michelle said, he even runs pretty. Aragorn, I still love you in all your dirty, sweaty manliness. Gandalf, your fake nose looks quite realistic. Frodo, dang, you have perfect skin. I need to meet your makeup artist. Balrog, YOUUUU SHALL NOT PASS (boom)!!

Hmmm LOTR love. I think I need to change my default icon to something LOTR. My love for these movies has been reignited.


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:53 pm
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I just watched this with a HUGE grin on my face - Peter Jackson's first video from the set of The Hobbit. Seeing the sets and hearing the music gave me chills. I'm SO glad Peter came around and decided to make this!

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July 10th marked 4 years since moving to Arizona. I always forget the exact date, thinking it later than it really is. It's still hot here, but I'm slightly more used to it. I feel like I've been here forever.

Listened to some FOTR bonus features earlier, and now I'm listening to Jane Eyre. Ahh, I love these movies.


I should go to sleep, so I'll be ready (ha ha) to work on my classroom again tomorrow.
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We did it! Michelle, Reena and I watched all three extended editions. We finished around 12:30am, but I can't remember exactly when we started. Somewhere around 1pm, I think.
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Decide for yourself how obsessed/insane/[insert other adjecteive here] I am.
I own: all 6 Jane Austen novels
Pride and Prejudice 1995 and 2005
Sense and Sensibility 1995 and 2008 (yes, [livejournal.com profile] holbytla, I had to get the new one)
Emma 1996, with Gwyneth Paltrow
Mansfield Park 2007
Northanger Abbey 2007

Persuasion 2007 I'm kind of meh about, and I haven't read the book yet. My prediction is that I'll eventually read it.

Let's not forget my 3 versions of Jane Eyre, two of which are so bad that I would burn them if possible, and my multiple copies of Lord of the Rings, both books and movies.

Yes, I do own other books and movies. Just that the ones I really like, well, more is better.

Hmm, both the "nerdy" and "geeky" mood theme pics are of Mr. Collins. I cannot escape him!
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-The day I finally watch LOTR again, I meet a little girl named Arwen. I totally geeked out. :D The girl was with her aunt, not her mom, so I couldn't get the story of how they chose the name.

-Microwaved scrambled eggs rock.

-It's ok to be hot during the day, but at night it blows.

-Scent is often the deciding factor on which cleaning products I buy.

-I really need to go into work tomorrow.

-My friend still has my Jane Eyre dvd and I would go into withdrawl if I didn't have the book to read.
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Yeah, why don't I put Fellowship of the Ring on as noise while I clean. It's been probably a year since I've watched it. I've seen it so many times, I don't need to stop and watch here and there.

Yeah, right. Let's see how much I actually accomplish.

New love: iced coffee with vanilla syrup. Close enough in taste to my usual drink, but without all the whole milk. Still, I'm not getting the other good milk stuff.
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So I'm sitting here wondering why I always want to break grammatical rules and start sentences with a conjunction, as I just did. I see others do it all the time and I think, ugh, bad, and then I do it.

As I sit here eating fudge with a fork, I wonder why fudge shops are so often located in touristy places. I rarely see them elsewhere, which is a shame. Gourmet fudge is so good. Maybe it's a good thing I don't come across it very often. Yay for maple fudge.

The more I consider it, the more I realize that being crazy about a movie isn't strange or uncommon. I think I just thought it was weird that more people were not huge fans of some of the movies I am. The first time I saw Pride and Prejudice, I was completely floored. It was major love at first viewing. I can't think of another movie I loved that much, that quickly, not even Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. I convinced someone else to watch it, and he (maybe the fact it was a guy was the problem) totally didn't get it. I just watched it again last night with my sister, who had not seen it. Since it's been a few months since the last viewing, I could see how someone might just think it like any other movie. I think my sister liked it, but I know it wasn't HOLY CRAP LOVE like me. Still, there might be a movie she absolutely loves that I just think meh, or might not even like. Actually, she was pretty gung ho over The Osbournes and finally made me sit and watch one episode. I laughed, but was also sort of o_O afterwards. I guess fangirling loving a movie/book/tv show/musician/etc isn't weird. Not everyone will share the same feelings, that's all.
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I painted! Actually, my sister and I painted. The apt. office said painting is ok as long as I change it back before I more. So, I painted an accent wall in my bedroom. For a long time, I've wanted a blue bedroom. I had a shade in mind, but needed to find the actual color. It had to be a bold blue, not too dark, and not greyish or purpleish. We looked at Home Depot yesterday and I thought I had one picked out. It's hard to imagine a color on a 2x2 chip on a whole wall. Anyway, I still wasn't set on a color until we got there today, and I saw another shade I really liked, which looked best against dark wood furniture. So, we came home, we painted, and I have a blue wall! It's so nice to FINALLY have color. I haven't had colored walls since I was a kid. Well, there was the 3 month stay at my friend's house, but still.

I'll try to take a better picture tomorrow.

Hmm, A/C started dripping finally. Need to tell maintenance about that. I just hope it doesn't get really bad like last year.

LOTR geek moment: Looking at posters at Target, there was a Walk the Line one. My sister asked what was behind it, and I found 2 maps of Middle Earth. So, of course I had to put them in front :)
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I think it was in between hits of the snooze button, or else just before the alarm first went off. Whenever it was, I had a dream that I was being pursued by Gollum. Yes, as in LOTR. I was near a river part of the time, and the rest in a normal city-like setting. In the dream, I was a little scared, because I was afraid Gollum would kill me, but also there was someone telling me where and how to hide. Bizarre. I haven't watched LOTR in many months.

My third class, who I see both before and after lunch, more often than not drives me insane. Today wasn't horrible, but I did get into a battle of wills with one girl, who tried to intimdate me but it doesn't work. Anyway, I stayed to tutor, then took my backpack and left before 4pm. In my so-so mood, and with cash in my purse, I decided to stop at Into the Bean for a mocha shake. Vonn was there, which surprised me since I didn't see his truck outside. He was talking to some other guy, and asked if we'd met before. Then, Vonn gave me a hug and introduced me as one of his and Luis's "really good friends." Now, I hang out at the shop on weekends, help out with stuff, and am friends with them, but to hear Vonn say that just made me happy. I needed that boost.

Oh yeah, they already made my personalized mug, knowing I was going to get one. *grin*
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The past week or so, I keep thinking I'm seeing bugs fly past me or I think I see something moving in my peripheral vision. It has only happened while I'm at home (at least that I remember) and never has there been an actual bug around. Could it be something to do with my eyes? It's starting to weird me out.

Why does it sound like fireworks are going off outside?

Today was the first school dance of the year, and I pretty much planned it. Not to say that it was a huge major thing, but it did require extra work, and I figured out what I need to do for next time. For example, be sure and tell the after school program that usually camps out in the cafeteria. When I got in there 7th hour to decorate, I realized it had never crossed my mind to tell them. I apologized profusely and they were pretty cool about it, and just moved over to the gym. We still had some parents come looking for their kids, but all was fine in the end. The kids had fun, and we had no major incidents. I haven't watched MTV for ages, but I have an idea of what kids see in music videos these days courtesy of Yahoo Launchcast. What these kids think is normal dancing is scary. The thing that cracks me up is they LOVE the Cha-Cha slide. You might have less than half the kids dancing, but put that song on and EVERYONE runs out to dance. Some kids will even be out there but barely doing the moves. I have to see if there's a video for this song; I'm not even sure if most of the kids know the right moves.

Happy 48th birthday Viggo Mortensen! You're still hot, even if you're getting old :)
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Review of new bonus stuff for [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter, and anyone else who might be interested.

The new limited edition LOTR dvds each have a documentary on the bonus disc. Each documentary is about 90 minutes long. I'm halfway through the Two Towers disc at the moment, so I'll describe what I've seen so far. The FOTR documentary was mainly behind the scenes stuff. They give you more of an appreciation of just how many people and how much effort and how much stuff is involved in making the 3 movies. I mean, there are people hired to think of things that never would have crossed my mind, like how to pick up all the trash daily on really remote locations or making sure there's somewhere to go to the bathroom. Some bits with the actors, but a lot of it was footage scene on other bonus discs. Not really actor-centered, but you see most of them for a bit. The TT documentary is more actor-heavy. Still a lot of behind the scenes, movie-making stuff, but lots more actor footage. Great Billy and Dom scene at the beginning.

Even before I started watching the TT doc tonight, I was still glad I got them. Maybe because I'm a total geek I appreciate them. Maybe I'll let you borrow them.

Geek post!

Aug. 13th, 2006 08:10 pm
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Thanks to the heads-up from [livejournal.com profile] holbytla a few weeks back, I just preordered the Lord of the Rings limited edition theatrical/extended edition all in one thingie. LOL I don't know what to call it! www.lordoftherings.net has a link describing it. Yeah, so I have 5 of the 6 already (only missing FOTR theatrical) but dude, who can argue with me here? As I'm on Amazon, they of course show me the Star Wars original trilogy old/new all in one dvds. Might wait on that, or just get it at Target when it comes out in September.

Oh yeah, LOST season 2 comes out in September!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] annebloom188 I'm listening to Josh Groban again.

I have work to do, but here I am procrastinating again. :)
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I went to Office Max today, and right inside the door is a display of computer monitors. What should be playing on all of them but Fellowship of the Ring? :D I walked in right as the cave troll bit the dust. Not wanting to be a complete geek (ok, so really I don't care) I went and got what I was looking for, then walked back so I could watch my very favorite part of the movie, which is Gandalf and the balrog.

I went to pay, and mentioned to the cashier that they were playing my favorite movie. He said he wasn't able to follow LOTR because the battles confused him. He never knew who was fighting. I almost said give me 5 minutes to explain it to you, but figured if he didn't get it before, he wouldn't now. Yay for being a geek!
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