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Pantry staples:
canned tomato products (diced, sauce, paste, Rotel)
pasta (any type)

Today I adapted Pioneer Woman's pasta alla Marlboro Man. I was trying to make something using the Roma tomatoes I'd bought yesterday. Last weekend my adaptation of the Rice-a-Rini meal flopped, I think, because I added way too much rice. Today's pasta is good, though the super-lean ground turkey will be changed to ground beef next time. My goal is to eventually use fresh tomatoes as much as possible, though I don't know if I could do without canned paste. Forget taking hte skin of the tomatoes first, too - too much work! I also want to learn to make more meals that involve meat besides ground beef, ground turkey, or chicken breasts. Beef stirfry I can do, but it's still easy. Steak I've done twice ever. Ever. Beef stew once also.

Right now, the AC is off and the window open. It was 85 degrees earlier with a nice breeze. All the cooking has warmed the place up a bit, but I'll take a day like this as long as it'll last.

One week of work down, 195 days to go. Same crap, new year. Feeling ok so far; my students are not trouble makers and pressure from the top hasn't come down yet. Just ye wait. In a month or two, I may want to quit again.
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Newman's Own light balsamic vinagrette is yummy. My work laptop getting a wireless signal at Starbucks (thought it only picked up the school server) was great - internet with no filter! Not having missed half of CSI after all (Survivor is on) makes me happy. Um, ok I'm in a good mood for once. Yay.
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Plain (unflavored) yogurt, fresh raspberries, and a spoonful of brown sugar makes a YUM snack. Seriously, I am in love with fresh raspberries. I need to buy them more often. Fresh food, though it takes more effort to prepare, really does taste better.
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-I read Northanger Abbey in about 4 days.  Yay for time off.  Very cute book.  Now I just have two more Austen books to read.  Persuasion the movie was a bit drab, so I hope the book is better.  Mansfield Park I need to buy.  

-I went shopping yesterday and today, and spent a good deal of money.  I got some new work clothes, which always helps.  The weather has suddenly jumped up into the 80s-90s, so the warm weather gear was needed.  Still, I should go through my closet and see what can go, what can stay, and what I still need.  

-I have a love-hate thing for Old Navy.  More than half their inventory is clearance priced, and such a mess that I don't have the patience to search the racks.  Perhaps if they didn't sell such weird stuff/tissue thin shirts/odd-ball colored clothes/bizarre prints/dreaded halter or tube tops, I'd buy more from them.  More than just tee-shirts.  

-I don't know if I'm changing sizes or if stores are.  The shirts I had 9 or so of from Target were size L.  They've changed the fabric (it's the basic Mossimo V-neck tees) and now I have to get XL.  I went to Gap outlet, and found I had to get XL in those shirts too, and I tried on 3 different styles.  However, at Ann Taylor Loft, the large top fit perfectly, and it isn't a cotton tee so it won't shrink.  

-Changes in my diet are slow, but I'm trying.  Latest change: plain iced lattes instead of gettint some flavored syrup.  A little less sugar daily has to help.  

-Even though I gave most of it away, I want to make another carrot cake.   It was scrumptious!  

-CD recommendation: Red, "End of Silence" 

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Steamed broccoli with parmesean cheese and grated pizza seasoning. If you can find the pizza seasoning grinders at the store, I highly recommend getting one. If not, broccoli with parmy is still YUM.
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