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As I sit here in my hoodie, I really appreciate the ~2 months of cold weather we get here. Cold as in 40s overnight, and 60s or low 70s during the day. Ok, low 70s are warmish but you still wear a sweater. We also had several days in the 50s, which was bliss. By February, it will be more consistent 70s weather. April may hit the 80s, and May is officially hot again. June has a few spikes; July and August just suck. SUCK. It makes me sad just thinking about it. But, no, I will appreciate the cold while I can.


Aug. 29th, 2014 11:05 pm
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It is 93 degrees in my house. I was told the AC company would call first thing in the morning, about 8am, to make an appointment to come out. I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight. It's supposed to cool down to 77 sometime in the night, so hopefully with all the windows open and fans on, it will get more comfortable soon.

Freaking broken AC.
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I probably should have done it a while ago, but I finally put poor Jane the betta out of her misery. She's had a tumor for a couple of months now. She still swims up when I feed her, but she looked terrible. I hated to do it, but then again, why make her suffer.

I may not get a new betta until after I get back from CA. Unless tomorrow I suddenly NEED another one...

It's pouring out. Been raining for 2 days now. This is just strange for Arizona. Ok, not, but rain this consistent for more than a day at a time makes me forget where I live.
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Maybe I could put the cookies out on my balcony.
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Summer has sprung. Spring was maybe 3 days. It's now in the 90s and air conditioning is necesary. Sigh.

ETA: One week after this post, it was cold and rainy. Bzuh?
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Holy cow, I'm sitting here shivering. I did NOT want to get out of bed, my heater is coming on more often, and I suppose putting on more clothes than shorts and a tank top would help. The weather says it's 46 out with 43% humidity. ACK. It warms up later, but in the morning the temperature really dips. Last night I was outside next to a fire pit with only a sweater on. Later on, driving home, it was 41 degrees. Living here has definitely made me a weather baby. Well, at least for the cold. The hot summers I can handle.
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Pantry staples:
canned tomato products (diced, sauce, paste, Rotel)
pasta (any type)

Today I adapted Pioneer Woman's pasta alla Marlboro Man. I was trying to make something using the Roma tomatoes I'd bought yesterday. Last weekend my adaptation of the Rice-a-Rini meal flopped, I think, because I added way too much rice. Today's pasta is good, though the super-lean ground turkey will be changed to ground beef next time. My goal is to eventually use fresh tomatoes as much as possible, though I don't know if I could do without canned paste. Forget taking hte skin of the tomatoes first, too - too much work! I also want to learn to make more meals that involve meat besides ground beef, ground turkey, or chicken breasts. Beef stirfry I can do, but it's still easy. Steak I've done twice ever. Ever. Beef stew once also.

Right now, the AC is off and the window open. It was 85 degrees earlier with a nice breeze. All the cooking has warmed the place up a bit, but I'll take a day like this as long as it'll last.

One week of work down, 195 days to go. Same crap, new year. Feeling ok so far; my students are not trouble makers and pressure from the top hasn't come down yet. Just ye wait. In a month or two, I may want to quit again.
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I broke down and turned on the AC today. It's over 90 degrees outside. Goodbye lovely weather! We shall not see the likes of you again until November.

One more week until spring break...
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Valiant, but not in a good way
One of the vocabulary words the class was mapping was "valiant."  Part of the assignment is to draw a picture showing what the word means, and one girl drew me and a boy in the class, J, who is rather outspoken.  I asked why it made me valiant and she said no, J is valiant because he's not afraid of you. 

Did you, did you?
I have a ticket system this year, and every Monday I open my store where students can spend their tickets.  I've told them to write suggestions for items they'd like in the store, and I got 2 notes so far.  One of the boys, R, asked me a couple times over the week if I'd gotten the items he suggested.  He was very polite, and I assured him I had his list and would look for his suggestions.  He just made me smile. 

Um, it wasn't an option. 
We spent a week on a writing assignment, where I made sure to teach conclusions since I usually don't get around to that part.  In their plans, the first thing they did was write the topic sentence and the conclusion, copied from a list they could choose from.  Fast forward to yesterday when I'm collecting the final draft papers.  I look at one paper, and ask if the girl is finished.  When she said yes, I asked where the conclusion sentence was.  She very innocently answered, "Oh, I didn't want to put one!"  Kids, kids, kids.  It was in your rough draft, silly, all you had to do was copy it! 

Because I have so much free time
I finished The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, by Syrie James, on Wednesday, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Last night I bought Shirley since I found it in Penguin Classics paperback.  I'm partial to Penguin versions of books.  So many books to read, so little time, and so many other things I ought to be doing!

Last night while walking across Tempe Marketplace to meet Jen, I found myself a little freaked out by all the families with children playing in the fountain area.  Then I wondered why I get weirded thinking these strangers have too many kids but my friends with children (Jen has 3) don't bother me at all. 

More "Only in Arizona" things
Only in Arizona are you excited to stand in the rain, in the middle of a shopping center.  Only in Arizona do you not completely care that the lightning is flashing about you as you stand in the rain.  [livejournal.com profile] mysterygal11 , I think you would have gotten used to the weather here had you stuck around longer. 

Little things all over remind me of my dad.  They don't make me sad, just make me think of him. 

Attitude may not be everything, but it's a hefty portion
I'm determined to be more positive this year, and not stew in worry and anxiety.  It's really helped in class.  Instead of getting angry, I just wait until they are listening or issue a consequence.  There's a lot of prayer going on as well.  Some is just to myself, and some is when Susan comes over in the morning to pray together.  It's doing a whole lot for my sanity, to be sure. 
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Weatherpixie says it's raining when it's not. At least she put on some clothes since I last checked - maybe it's the clouds that appeared, or maybe she realized it wasn't smart to stand in a bikini with lightning flashing around her.

I love lightning storms, especially when I'm safe indoors.
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July 10th marked 4 years since moving to Arizona. I always forget the exact date, thinking it later than it really is. It's still hot here, but I'm slightly more used to it. I feel like I've been here forever.

Listened to some FOTR bonus features earlier, and now I'm listening to Jane Eyre. Ahh, I love these movies.


I should go to sleep, so I'll be ready (ha ha) to work on my classroom again tomorrow.


Jun. 28th, 2009 10:30 pm
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I loved my vacation.
Lake Tahoe will forever be my favorite place in the world.
It's too freaking hot in Phoenix.

Thank you and good night!
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I'm not usually prone to paranoia, but getting cold/flu symptoms when this swine flu business is all over the headlines has me just a tiny bit freaked out.

It's hot, well, warm, and I'm going to turn on the AC again.

I got a good chunk of work done, both house and school. Now I have 90 minutes to kill and I want to make Rice Krispy treats.

I'm thinking of taking Tuesday off, just because. If it turns out I really do get sick, then I'll do it for sure.
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Today I will:
-grade reading tests
-put away my huge pile of laundry
-change my sheets
-drink more coffee
-read more of North and South

Two items already accomplished! Can you guess which ones?

It's getting chilly these days, at least, chilly for Phoenix. Weather says 55 degrees with 82% humidity. Interesting...I'll have to actually go outside and see what it feels like.
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Arizona can't figure out what season it is. Today it's around 80 outside, but the temperature has fluctuated all week. Going to Tempe Marketplace and Firsta Mall, people are wearing everything from tank tops and shorts to long sleeved sweaters and jeans (me). I woke up ok, felt freezing as I got dressed, then got a little warm walking around the stores. Bath and Body Works was was freezing!

It's also the dreaded time of searching for Christmas presents. Dreaded for me because I think too hard trying to pick gifts. Items have to scream out a person's name for me to buy them, and I'm so distant from most of my family I don't know exactly what their current tastes are. I was also in search of a birthday gift for Alyssa, and the only thing that said her name was a pair of thigh high striped socks on a mannequin. Well, the store didn't actually sell them, or at least I couldn't find them. Alyssa could totally rock those socks with a skirt. Oh well.

I have to go to Fiesta Mall every few months to see what's new. This time around it's Rack Room Shoes, where I got a very cute and cheap pair of brown heels. The store was the most clean and organized of any RRS location I'd been to, and I told them so. They appreciated the compliment.

Ok, enough procrastinating. Chores to do!

note to self: song I really like this year: This is Home - Switchfoot
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I can make it rain simply by thinking about or attempting to wash my car. It's happened at least 6 times in the past year or two. Happened again this week, and rain wasn't even in the weather forcast, at least when I checked it. However, I suspected rain because my AC is dripping more than usual, and sure enough there was a small storm north of here tonight.
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It rained tonight. Finally! I'm alwways confused by the sound at first, thinking something is leaking. Strange, it didn't smell like rain when I was out earlier. Luis said he was driving through a dust storm though.


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:44 pm
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Denver (and the other places we went) weather was gorgeous. Pilot announced that Phoenix was 111 degrees. I almost cried. Still, I drove out to get some dinner with the windows down and it was 105ish out.

Read my flist all the way to skip back 140. Finally read everything.

Hmm, must upload pictures from my camera. And finish the last 5 pages of Sense and Sensibility. And watch Pride and Prejudice. Or S&S '95. Cannot decide. Good to be home.
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Sunday-Tuesday: over 100 degrees. HOT.
Wednesday: low 90s with a breeze.
Thursday: overcast and windy, then it rained.
Friday-Saturday morning: raining off and on all day, temps in the 50s-60s.
Saturday: around 70 degrees, breezy.

I went into work for the third Saturday in a row. Didn't get in till 8:30 this time, however. I really want to take a nap now.

Last night I saw Prince Caspian. I only read the book a month ago, if that, and I spent the movie trying to remember what was going to happen. At the very beginning, it says "Based on the novel by CS Lewis," which is very true in the sense that much was changed. Still, I liked it. I was quite surprised that Eddie Izzard does the voice of Reepicheep, and I'd have liked a little more Aslan. Overall I enjoyed the movie.

Take a nap, or make brownies. Hmmm...
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