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I love literary-inspired web series. I hate when they end and thus no longer have new eps to look forward to. There are two I need to binge-watch (one finished, the other I think is trying to raise funds for another season) as I have known about them a long time. Anyway, if you like Anne of Green Gables, the modern adaptation Green Gables Fables isn't bad.

It just so happens that this episode aired when I am needing to watch it over and over again. If I don't get my happy ending (yet), then I read or watch it elsewhere. Over and over. And over.

For fun, here is a photo of the unattractive yet delicious cake I made over the weekend. I kept some, but most went to work with me today. My coworkers love me.
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Last night, I was at a party with 6 girls and one guy. The guy happened to be the roommie's boyfriend who was a bit tipsy. This made for interesting conversation. The rest of us being single, we started listing requirements for guys we'd want to date. At this point, mine are male, has a job, and Christian. Well, then we added he can't live with his parents. Doesn't even have to be good looking! Ha ha. Sigh. Not asking too much, am I?

My friend posted this on my FB wall a few days ago. I find it somewhat accurate.

husband material

And then there's this, which also holds somewhat true.

awkward seduction<img
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Chalk another mark on my P&P viewing tally. I was in that sort of mood.
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I like my feet. I may not love most of the rest of my body, but I think my feet are attractive. Size 9, right now my toenails are painted for the first time since May '08, and there's just nothing gross about them in general.

I want a brownie or chocolate cake.

I could drink 3-4 Peet's iced lattes a day. Seriously yummy.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to San Francisco. It's a chance for me to spend time with him, and I miss seeing the ocean. The only definite plan so far is going to the Golden Gate Bridge. I also need to call Alison and see if we can drop by or have lunch or dinner. Short notice, but I'm just not really into seeing everyone I know on this trip.

Speaking of seeing people, I saw my brother and sister-in-law without thinking I was going to. They were over when my mom and I got back from the airport, then we had a Father's Day bbq here. My brother is a step-grandpa, so he got to celebrate too.

Lucky the dog is cute, even if he does poop in the house. He will crawl under the covers with you if you let him. He'll stare at you with this sad face till you throw his ball, but he doesn't bring it back to you. He chases it, plays with it, then comes and sits near you and just looks at you, waiting.

So many things in my life I wish were different, yet those that are in my control I'm often too lazy to change.

I still hope I won't have to teach a 4/5 combo class next school year. Ha, school starts again on July 27th, so it seems absurd to say next year.

Tahoe on Thursday! Yay!

I bought a new dress at H&M today. Maybe I'll post a picture of it, once I take one. I also bought 2 more v-neck shirts on sale at Gap. Now I have 5 different colors. Silly me.

I also like my hair, even if it's flat because of the different water/climate/whatever. I like the color too. Oh, and my hair is way cuter than Kate Gosselin's. Ok, it's just less weird, since I don't have the spiky deal in the back.

I watched maybe my 3rd episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight. I can only watch when I'm at a place with cable, plus the whole "big announcement" we all predicted. I must admit, the kids are adorable, and the show is addicting aside from the whole marital issues. I find the breakup sad, and yet I sat there, analyzing with my mom what went wrong. What went wrong, I don't know, but I agree with what [livejournal.com profile] joyfulmelody brought up - what about marriage vows? For better or worse, till death do us part? I don't believe the tabloids, and I wish them the best in this next, very difficult chapter of their lives.

I want to get married.
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GRRRRRR!!!! I'm sick of being single!

That is all. You may go back to your regularly scheduled activities.
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I love calendars. I have 4: 2 at home, 2 at school.
Life cereal is awesome.
It's day one of of the 3 days each month where I'm completely starving all the time.
I have trouble taking the time to write out all that I want to write on here.
I promised another teacher I'd get to school by 930am tomorrow. I will do it.
Over the break, it felt wonderful to not be a teacher. I usually forgot about work till someone asked. Last night I got a little depressed knowing I have to go back soon.
I'm mostly over my car being broken into. Window fixed, frame needs a little patching up. If the damage had been worse, I would be more upset.
I wish I could explain to people my faith, beliefs, why I get so excited by what I learn in church, why it's so cool when things in the Bible make sense to me, etc, but I can't even explain it to myself most times.
Need to email pics to people.
The singleness blues do 5-minute sneak attacks about once a day.
I drink too much Starbucks and need to cut back.
All of my stuff is still waiting to be unpacked, but at least I cleaned the fish tanks tonight.

I really should go to bed.
As usual, I forgt much of what I intended to post.
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Watching Pride and Prejudice still gives me warm fuzzies. Reading or watching Jane Eyre still gives me warm fuzzies and heart flutters. I got totally excited when I found Love, Stargirl, a sequel to Stargirl, at B&N yesterday. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea should be watched by every person at least once. I totally want to have a kid lately. Would be nice to be married, too.

Fall break, and I need to get some things done, but watching movies and reading books are also on my list.



Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:27 am
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My priorities are past out of whack and possibly bordering on screwed up. Most of my week is spent at work or on work that I bring home. Attempting to have a life takes part of my weekend, as does catching up on sleep. My apartment is a mess, I keep rereading the same book and watching the same movies over and over instead of reading new books or keeping this place picked up. I've had 5+ pairs of shoes strewn across the living room for weeks now. When I get home from work, I just want to veg, and usually end up spending 1-2 hours in front of the computer. These things all bother me, and yet I don't do much to change them.

Since I'm single and live alone, I have fewer responsibilities than people with spouses and/or children. Maybe I'm so bothered because I know that someday, life is going to be even more chaotic; I need (or is it want?) to get things in order now so later on I'll at least be organized. Earlier tonight, I was babysitting my friend's daughter, and realizing how much time and energy a child needs from parents. I have no room to complain about how tired I feel lately, at least when compared to people with kids. Yet, that doesn't take away the fact that I do feel exhausted. I don't know what it is, and I can't remember if I felt this exhausted last year (or more or less). Even weekends aren't totally relaxing.

Lists. Lists are good. I need to start making them more often, and then try to check off the items and not procrastinate so much. Sigh.

EDIT: I haven't gotten any flak from parents about being tired, I've been making my own comparisons. It's just that I think if I'm this worn out now, it's going to be worse down the road.
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I went to a Spajama party last night. It's one of those events where you get a presentation then buy whatever products. I actually liked this one; it's for Beauty Control, with stuff I would actually use. What made it more fun was my friend turned it into a slumber party, and the guests were current or former teachers from our school. We had lots of girl talk, mostly about weddings and one girl's recent engagement. So, I was the only single person there. Sigh. I still love anything and everything to do with weddings, so I had fun all the same.

I want a boyfriend.

So, I stayed up late last night, got up early this morning because of the district carnival, and I have a ton of work to do tomorrow. Oy, end of quarter can't come soon enough.
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After work, I went to Borders and bought the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice for $19.99. At the grocery store, I bought myself a single rose and a Dove dark chocolate bar. I was getting food for my class party tomorrow, I didn't just go for the flower and chocolate. If I don't have a guy to buy stuff for me for V-Day, then I'm getting it myself!

Ugh, work calls me.
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I want a Valentine.

Thank you and /emo.
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I really need another teacher around. After school, I went down to the 6th grade teacher's room because we never see each other this year. Last year I had a group of her students for reading, and we sometimes had gym duty together. Anyway, I went to catch up with her but I ended up sort of venting (she was able to vent to me a little too), but she also gave me a few really good ideas to use in my class. I needed that so badly! Being the only teacher for my subject and grade, I only have the standards to tell me what to teach, but they don't help very much. I occasionally call the teacher I replaced, but she's busy at her new school so I can't have her bail me out all the time. I just need to barge in on my fellow teachers more often. This particular teacher has only been teaching 6 months longer than me, so we have a lot in common.

Oh, I was writing a note saying I was in her room, and realized I had to write "Mrs. M." and I was envious for a split second. I want to be a Mrs!
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Three toffee almond bars since Friday evening.  I think I've been making up for lost time.  mmmmm toffee bliss!

I started compiling a song list around 10 years ago, I guess sometime between end of HS and in college.  Basically, when I started making hte list, I would have had to make a mix TAPE; I don't even think mp3s were known to common man yet.  Anyway, it wasn't until a few months ago that I was finally able to burn the songs onto a cd, after having them on Windows Media Player for a while.  I call it my Single Music, because it was stuff that made me feel not so crappy about being single.  It's now always in my car, and I just love it, whatever mood I'm in.  It's missing "Crush" by Dave Matthews band, but that's ok.  

1. Mandolin Rain - Bruce Hornsby (one of my all-time favorite songs)
2. Forgiveness - Don Henley (Might be called Heart of the Matter)
3. Walking After You - Foo Fighters
4-6. [3 songs from Moby's "Play" cd, which I can't remember the names of, but they're slow songs]
7. Broken Wings - Mr. Mister (another of my all-time favorites)
8. She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze
9. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (I have yet to see the movie "Say Anything")
10. Waste - Smashmouth (can't explain, I have no idea, just love it)
11. Little Wing - Sting
12. My One and Only Love - Sting
13. Sister Moon - Sting 
14. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
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