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Since Friday, I have:
-watched 3 eps of Once Upon a Time (S3) and A Ballerina's Tale on Netflix
-washed 2 loads of laundry (who knows when they will be put away)
-slept A LOT
-went to Target (I was bored at home yesterday)
-started a rewatch of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre when I could not fall asleep last night
-graded a few papers, and avoided many others
-answered and sent a few work-related emails
-changed the water in my bettas' homes
-looked online at homes for sale, cringing at the decor of most of them

I keep trying to get papers graded and work done, but my attention span on that is about 30 seconds. Still, I need to get this done before tomorrow, and also before Once Upon a Time comes on tonight. So I've heard on tumblr, we're going to get some Rumbelle tonight. Keeping fingers crossed.
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By extreme, I mean extremely busy or extremely lazy. Slept in, then worked most of the day. Body is still teasing me with cold symptoms that come and go. I don't want to finish report card comments. I don't want to work this week.

Should learn by now that anything with thin straps (bras, camisoles, etc) will end up getting caught and twisted in just about everything else washed in the same load. Holy crap, I never want to spend 5 minutes untwisting a tank top, a bra, a pair of pants, a sweater, and a shirt ever again.

With all my complaints, I feel guilty because many people have far worse problems at the moment. I just need to shut up.

Saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night, and loved it. Ben Barnes looked different at first, to the point of me not recognizing him. I'm actually glad I didn't finish the book before seeing the movie, so I didn't know everything that happened.

The itch to watch P&P is starting up again.
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It's amazing how I can not be hungry all day, and when I finally eat dinner I'm famished. Well, I was famished, and 3 hours later I'm content.

The smart thing to do was to go to bed early, but the need for a period movie fix won over. So, I watched half of Jane Eyre disc 2. I would have finished it but email beckoned me. Whenever I watch that movie, I always plug lines from the book in various scenes. No idea how many times I've watched it but I still get emotional. Fantastic book, fantastic movie.

[livejournal.com profile] holbytla will be proud - I'm thinking of buying M. Ward's album, "Hold Time."

Ok, really going soon. Oooooh, email!
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I'm not usually prone to paranoia, but getting cold/flu symptoms when this swine flu business is all over the headlines has me just a tiny bit freaked out.

It's hot, well, warm, and I'm going to turn on the AC again.

I got a good chunk of work done, both house and school. Now I have 90 minutes to kill and I want to make Rice Krispy treats.

I'm thinking of taking Tuesday off, just because. If it turns out I really do get sick, then I'll do it for sure.
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I managed to grade one set of reading tests, which my students did surprisingly well on. This could be because it was a fiction story and not the non-fiction we've had for a while. What scares me a little is that they read the story over 3 days with the sub. I left directions to read and ask a lot of comprehension questions, and it took forever for them to read it. They also did Venn diagrams comparing the 2 main characters. With me they partner read the story then we did a story map. What made the difference this time on their tests? I guess I'll never know.

I still have a ton of grading to do but my head/sinuses are not cooperating. So, I think I'll pop another movie in (watched parts of N&S earlier) and try to not think about the pressure in my forehead.

P&P or Jane Eyre, I can't decide.

I hate being sick.
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I hate being sick. I hate being sick. I hate being sick!

Maybe Pride and Prejudice had it right after all - colds are major illnesses and those who catch them should remain in bed, pampered by their rich potential husbands. I could deal with that.
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must post to keep up daily thing. think i'm fighting a stomach bug. my left arm is half useless. typing one handed atm. more details later. had to cut movie night short because felt ill. i hope it's eating too much dinner and not what's going around work.
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So far today, no cold medicine, and I haven't been coughing. Voice is still croaky but it doesn't feel like I'm straining to speak.

File under not taking things for granted: Everytime I carry a bunch of stuff from my car to my apartment, I'm reminded of the disabled woman I used to work for. In trying to make only one trip, I had my backpack, school tote, three grocery bags, a gallon of water, and my purse on my shoulders. The simple ability to walk I shouldn't even take for granted.

Of the million things I need to do today, all I really want is to make brownies.
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Yesterday morning consisted of sleeping in, going to get sustinence at Starbucks (yum tuna wrap, I was craving it), getting gas and fighting boredom on the internet. Towards the afternoon people started calling me, which wasn't good for my voice but it seemed to be getting better. Since I hadn't seen Luis in a while, we decided to meet for coffee, picking a new place we hadn't been to yet. Vonn ended up joining us. Well, I was on my way there when Luis calls and says the place is out of business. I didn't believe him, since it had just opened within the last year, and nothing on their website said it had closed. However, Vonn and Luis know the signs of a vacant coffee shop from experience, so I finally believed them. After some hemming and hawing we went to Chili's.

After Chili's, Luis and I went to Target. I should have gone home but I was bored. Spent a bunch of money but it was either stuff I needed (new paper shredder, shoes for work) or things I'd been meaning to get (Little Mermaid on dvd).

I turned on the tv just in time to watch Michael Phelps win gold medal #7. After a while I just needed to sleep. This morning I woke up around 7, then snoozed and had dreams about school work and not being able to get out of bed. Right now I have no voice, hopefully the DayQuil helps. I think I also have pink eye, but I don't want to go to an urgent care for just that. I'll give it one more day with the eyewash. This cold is not fun. I need to be better soon, but I also need to get some work done today. Must call Susan and get the papers to grade from her. Problem is, I'm in no mood to grade.

I need coffee.
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I called in for a sub. Yes, an actual sick day, my second ever. I almost called today, after waking up with crusty eyes, but I didn't have anything ready for a sub and didn't know whether I should call in or not. After sticking it out all day, having to make the kids work independently whenever my voice would give out, I knew I needed a day off. My voice is going to be groggy for a long time if I don't take a day off from talking. Shoot, this just happened in June! However, making sub plans sucks, which is part of the reason I never used to take days off.

My eyes are kind of gross (got some eyewash for that) and I just generally feel like yuck. Fever even, at least I think I have a little one. Cough that makes me sore. And either medicine finally kicked in or taking off my t-shirt really made the difference in my temperature.

I'm staying up to watch the women's gymnastics all-around finals. I love that it's live, 13 hours ahead over in China. Good stuff, I tell you. I love it when I recognize the floor routine music, even if I can't name it. I know I heard some Pirates of the Caribbean music earlier. But, seriously, I envy those girls in that they seem to have NO leg hair! How does that work?? What are those leotards made of, since they don't seem to sweat, either.

Last rotation, then I can sleep!

Never mind, US won gold and silver, yay!


Aug. 12th, 2008 06:45 pm
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Yesterday I was off, and today was early release for staff development. Yay! Aaaaaaand I'm losing my voice. I don't get it. I usually get sick and then lose my voice, but this time the voice is going first. So, tomorrow will be minimal talking on my part, and my kids will have to really pay attention. Ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahahahahaha. No, usually when I can't talk my students have been good. I hope I don't actually start feeling sick.

11-12 hour days, ugh. Need to be more efficient after school.
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My first day of vacation, when I can sleep as late as I want, and I wake up at 8! Argh. The coughing and headache had something to do with that, but even after taking medicine, I couldn't go back to sleep.
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This is me procrastinating :D
This me trying to work >_<
This is how my stomach is making me feel :P

My friend is coming over later to help me finish some grading and then we're gonna watch some chick flick, or maybe Happy Feet or something else animated. Depends on what she brings. End of the quarter/report card/conference time is not my favorite time of year, and the fact that my body is teasing me with illness doesn't help matters.

Ok, back to work now...
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I have a headache. I feel light-headed and like my skull is filled with lead, all at the same time. I hate being sick. On the other hand, I went to the grocery store and bought almost $15 worth of greeting cards. Not even something on my list, just an impulse buy.

I need to grade the papers I brought home, and clean some. I'd be embarrassed if anyone came over right now.
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I am taking a day off. I'm a little disappointed about ending my streak of no days off since starting at my school, but I really need this. Today, I felt like crap, getting progressively worse as the day went on. Friday, I have to be observed and I hope to recuperate some before that. Also, I hope I have a voice, but even if I didn't, I'd still have to be observed. For some reason, all of us requiring second observations were told Tuesday they have to be done by Friday. Ok then, not even halfway through the year.

If it were not my friend subbing for me I may have forced myself to go in tomorrow. SHe can handle anything, and she can call me if absolutely necessary.

SO, I need to take some medicine and go to bed. I'm going to be so confused after a day off in the middle of the week.

Oh yeah, I hope I'm better so I can do dinner on my birthday Saturday.


Dec. 4th, 2007 08:25 pm
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Still have a cold. Still going to work. Wore jeans today because it was a half-day, and really, when I'm sick, I want comfort (and not to iron). Then, I roped 2 other teachers into the denim rebellion as well. Heeee.

Last night, go no work done, but stayed for the band concert (insert emoish rant about my school here later, maybe). Today, scored writing samples and tried to figure out what I might teach for the sudden last minute observation I have to schedule. Shoot, I'm doing math again. Under different circumstances, I'd prep a cool writing lesson, but chances are I will feel like crap come Thursday or Friday, and I don't want to change things around much when I'm not feeling well. Better email the boss man.

I really need to go to bed. Finally ate dinner, but I'm still bungry. I just need to let the food digest, not have another bowl of cereal. But...Life is so tasty!!!
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Need to take some Advil, but when I tried to do that I got distracted. Ugh, achy.

Having an iTunes account is a test of willpower. I got an iTunes card so I could d/l CSI episodes since I don't have a VCR. $1.99, no commercials, not bad. Often on the radio I hear songs that I want to download, anything from classic rock (Eagles) to 80s/90s (Lenny Kravitz) to recent stuff (like that Gnarles Barkley song, Crazy). AOL radio has an all Dave Matthews channel, which I periodically check trying to hear my favorite song, Crush. In the past, it was one of my listen-to-on-repeat songs when I was depressed about guys/being single. Last weekend, I finally hear it, though I missed the beginning. So, I finally broke down and bought it, along with another song I love, Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet. The Jet song I often search the radio for. If I hear that song in the car, I totally dance. It's so easy to buy through iTunes, which is why I bought the card instead of storing my credit card information online. That could be a disaster worse than my coffee addiction.
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The next week, if not two, is going to be bad. Horribly busy, not enough time to catch up, pervasive negative/desperate attitude, and to top things off, I'm getting a cold. Oh yeah, my 30th birthday is next Saturday. Whether I'll be able to celebrate it is becoming uncertain.
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Things I should have at least started today:
start laundry
report cards
clean living room
put away clean clothes that have been on the floor for weeks
change bed sheets
clean betta tanks

What I've actually done today:
Got up at 8:30 (I was awake, plus I was coughing)
coffee shop
lunch with friends (yum, Juan's!)
got gas
went to Target
tossed old food from fridge and pantry
emptied dishwasher/reloaded with dirty dishes
made egg salad
missed Prairie Home Companion (just realized this)
talked to friend on phone

I still don't know if I have a cold or if I have the annual end of quarter/change of season illness.  Whatever it is, it's not helping my level of productivity.  If I try to speak loudly, I can feel the strain on my voice.  Yesterday, instead of countind down, I started standing in front of hte room and waving my arms for attention.  This week is conference week, Wed-Fri, and I really need my voice for that.  Alison comes in on Friday afternoon, just till Saturday morning, but I'm excited to see her.  Saturday afternoon I might do an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon I was invited to.  

Tired.  I hate being sick.  Cough, cough. 

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