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(Making this post temporarily public for friending meme purposes. I really am this random)

I had to make a list to remember all the random topics I wanted to cover.

Running: After my back pain last week, I finally got back on the treadmill today. Still not sure whether it's the running, the Nikes, or a combination of both that cause it. Cute as these shoes are, I think I need to trade them in for Asics. Anyway, I jogged a steady 4.5 mph for 4 miles, then 5 min. cool down. So far, I feel okay, but it was the day after I ran that I was in pain.

I need to text Lindsey to see if she wants to run around the lake again. This time I'll bring my phone and use MapMyRun to find the speed and distance.

vaguely related to running: bunions - I has them. They don't interfere with running, but they make wearing flats painful. As is, I have to wear insoles in any flats I get, which makes the sides rub the bunions. Man, I sound like a pathetic old woman.

health junk: I randomly bought some vitamins on Friday. I was looking at the many, many huge expensive jugs of protein powder at Sprouts and not really wanting to make that kind of commitment. For now, I'll stick to having a yogurt after I run. Next to the protein wall was the vitamin wall, which is another world I know nothing about. I've never been a supplements person. Several years ago, I bought a bottle of Flinstones vitamins, and forgot about them after 2 days. Again, there are way too many brands of vitamins, and each brand has 20 different varieties to choose from. I settled for the Sprouts brand daily multi. Seeing as I rarely took vitamins before now, something simple is better than nothing.

pizza: The pizza from Friday tasted much better the next day. I love cold pizza. For dinner tonight, I reheated a couple of slices I'd put in the freezer.

housework: My bed is still not made, and laundry is a never-ending chore. On the plus side, I am christening my new Crock Pot by cooking a ton of chicken. I had no marinade so I used a pouch of pork seasoning. Let's hope it's cooked in 4 hours (on high) and tastes ok.

Lastly, TV: Currently watching TMZ while waiting for The X-Files. LOVE having new eps, and will be sad when it's over. I may buy this reboot on dvd.
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Latest accomplishment: watching all 22 episodes of the first season of Once Upon A Time in about 96 hours.

Today, I made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting for community group this evening. I once again made a mistake that turned out well - used a half stick of butter instead of a whole stick. Seriously - the recipe said 4 oz butter, not half cup or one stick. I know better, but forgot. Still, the cupcakes are not at all greasy like past times I've made this recipe.

My sleep schedule is 3-11 AM these days. Yesterday and today I made myself stay awake when the alarm went off at 8:27. Well, awake and then snoozed a bit. Tomorrow I have to be somewhere at 930, and Friday I'm going on a road trip. Hmm, I fear I will be a basket case this weekend. Or, maybe it will get me back on a normal schedule.

So...road trip. It's just 3 days around northern Arizona. We are going to hit Winslow, then 2 nights in Page, and then maybe Flagstaff on the way home. Places to see include Antelope Canyon, Meteor Crater, Glen Canyon Dam, and something called Bearizona. I have not traveled with this friend before, so I hope we get along for 72 busy hours.

Last, my stomach. I don't get it. Along with sleep, my eating is completely wonky. Last Friday at Comicon, I didn't eat until nearly 5pm. I have gotten up, had iced coffee in some form, then gone to work, and not eaten until 3ish. Late at night (like when I can't fall asleep) I get hungry. Today, I've had all but a few gulps of coffee, a cupcake, and half a can of peaches. I felt nauseous until I finally convinced myself to eat the peaches. WHY does my stomach hurt, making me not want to eat, when eating is the cure? I didn't even taste the cake batter as I made it, and barely a spoonful of frosting. Later on, I may feel ravenous, but it doesn't always happen.

Pros of time off: got a ton cleaned and organized in my classroom, threw a bunch of stuff out, and have a loose schedule in place for 1st quarter.

Cons: I want to keep spending money (I shop when I have too much free time) on my classroom, and my messed up schedule.


Mar. 4th, 2014 07:06 pm
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I would like a really pretty dress, and a reason/event requiring me to wear said dress.

I also wish I didn't correct my own grammar all the time.

I don't even know if my corrections are always correct.

Suddenly, I want to hashtag this post.

I need to finish a bit of school work for tomorrow. Hope I remember to do it.

Is blithering even a real word?
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Requisite DW mention: my current favorite phrases include "jammy dodgers" and "Roricus Pondicus."

Got home late Tuesday night, and baked banana bread Wedensday evening. I think I missed baking.

New shoes: Went to a store where they analyzed my stride then found some proper shoes. I had to jog up and down the sidewalk in a few pairs to find the ones that worked best. I have walked twice since getting home, but have not tried jogging. I didn't walk at all while out of town, except to try out the shoes. Let's see if they help prevent back pain.

Sur la Table is like kryptonite to my wallet. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd get so many gadgets. Williams Sonoma isn't much better.

I don't think the above metaphor is exactly right, but I canI't think of something better.

I'm all proud of my Christmas card display method - tie both ends of a long piece of ribbon to pins (or, in my case, Command hooks because I hate putting holes in the walls) about 5 feet apart and hang the cards on it. This might stay up a few more weeks. :)

I was answering trivia questions tonight, and Natalie was surprised I knew Annie Lebowitz was the answer to one of them. I thought, do people know obscure trivia anymore? I went to pub quiz again while in CA, and got a bit competitive. I also got a bit excited that the holiday research I used to do with my classes came in handy. Knowing what St. Lucia and Posada were = win.

Kids need to read more books. Preferably ones not about vampires or high school cliques.

Dinosaurs on a spaceship!! (sorry, another DW reference)
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How can I be as old as I am, and STILL have to remind myself that comments others make 1) have nothing to do with me, and 2) are in no way judgments against me?

How is it that Mr. Darcy can still render me speechless, even after seeing P&P close to 40 times?
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Holy crap, I must be working again. No posts for days! Sigh.


Feb. 12th, 2011 02:38 pm
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I work close enough to the airport to be able to watch planes take off and land while on yard duty. Not actually lift off and touch down, as some buildings are in the way, but pretty close. So, I dreamed the other day of taking my measly $1300 savings and randomly picking a city to fly to. Indianapolis crossed my mind. We actually had a layover there when I was 12, but I didn't make it outside of the airport. I don't even know what there is to see in Indy. I spent about that much on my trip to Chicago last summer, and that didn't include a hotel. Needing a hotel for a trip of this sort would cut it quite short.

In my attempt to whittle down the pile of unread books and magazines next to my bed, I read an issue of Conde Nast Traveler last night. Not but a few pages in they featured a pair of earrings, made my local craftspeople or something, that cost $1250. Yes, that much. Here I thought I could go somewhere on $1300, and then I see earrings that swallow the entire budget. People HAVE that kind of money? The rest of the magazine featured several luxury resorts and hotels. Places I can only dream of staying in, some that require small planes or chartered boats to get to. Some of the features astounded me, such as a private plunge pool for each of 49 bures (I think that was the word) at one place, or a 6-to-1 staff to guest ratio at another. Some were on small chunks of islands in the middle of the Pacific. How in the world does one run a resort on a tiny island that serves gourmet meals made with organic ingredients that change daily? Meal planning and grocery shopping for myself is chore enough, and I just have to hop in the car to get what I need. Where do they find people to staff these resorts, especially people who don't mind providing all the luxuries described?

How do I get hired at one of these places?

Random association time: Hearing the song Crazy Love by Hawk Nelson reminds me of Luis, since I first heard it on my way to see him in the hospital. The book by Francis Chan, which inspired the song, is also in my pile of stuff to read. I actually started it, but went back to Our Mutual Friend after a few chapters. I think I'm finally over my OMF obsession.
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In order to post something vague on FB without having to later explain what you mean to any inquiring minds, just don't post anything.

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I keep thinking it's Thursday, but it's Wednesday.

For a moment I thought it was November, but it's August.

Last night I watched the LOST S6 bonus features. Now there's nothing else new, unless I watch eps with commentary.

My voice comes and goes.


I swing between thinking I don't work hard enough and that I work too much.

I feel mediocre in so many ways. Except hummus. I make great hummus.
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AC is working again.

Amazing how we make all sorts of judgements about people. Case in point: guy brings his 3 kids to the pool. He has a couple tattoos and long chin-hair (Does that have a different name?). Super cool playing with his kids. I was trying to fill in the blanks in my mind like where's the mom, is he divorced (he mentioned they had to go when Grandma said the pizza was done), etc.

I still strongly dislike my chest. Probably not enough to ever have surgery (would do something about the sag, not a reduction).

One of my friends doesn't know what internet acronyms and expressions like brb or FAIL mean, but then types like a 13-year-old. "what're u doin' 2day?" Dude, it takes more effort to type incorrectly. I guess I should give her credit for using an apostrophe correctly.

Time to start using a food journal again.

I've been going to Starbucks like it's going out of style.

What's with that expression? It doesn't make sense. Or is it an idion, in which case it isn't supposed to be taken literally?

I made delicious hummus last night. I want some just because it tastes good, not because I'm hungry.

Bought a ton of baking supplies. Might bake with Michelle on Sunday. Or watch World Cup. Or both.

I tend to be really attentive to lyrics, except with the free iTunes songs I get. Heard the Civil Twilight song I got last October on the alternative station this week. Twice, actually. I realized I have no idea what most of the lyrics are, even though it's played 35 times.

ETA: the above song played on shuffle like 10 minutes after I wrote that, and I still didn't listen to the lyrics.
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I love the enthusiasm and optimism of student teachers. I want some of that back. At the same time, I wonder when she will become jaded...
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In the last 10 seconds, I have decided I need to marry a Scottish/Russian man so I can name a future son Ewan Dimitri.
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Why am I not watching the Olympics? Pairs figure skating is probably on, but I just don't want to turn on the tv.

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Friday night I picked Jayme from the airport, then she spent the night here. We went on a short hike on South Mountain Satuday morning with a few others. I ned to hike more, or at least be more physically active. Hmph. Later Reena and Michelle came over to watch Emma. We ate a ton of cheese fondue; I almost made myself sick again. Michelle brought Loch too, so we got to play with him. He's huge! Saturday night I crashed sort of early. Sunday was church, lunch with Jayme and friends, a few hours to get crap done, then new small group in the evening. After that I watched Northanger Abbey and attempted a little school work.

Today I met Jayme and Rebekah for coffee at 8 (gasp, on my day off!) then spent the rest of the day with Natalie. Hooray for driving around and not finding the place I thought I knew the location of. We wandered around Target, having a blast. Ran into a couple of cross dressing boys...one would have pulled it off until I heard his voice, and Natalie said he had chest hair showing above his tube top. Yeah, I don't get cross dressing.

Graded some at Natalie's, tossed a bunch of papers, got some work done at home. Been busy but still had fun. My floor is a mess and needs to be vacuumed, but Natalie still has my vacuum.

Oh yeah, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Enjoyed it despite being single. Someday I'll have someone to celebrate with.

Not exactly ready for tomorrow at school, but that's why I get there at 6 a.m.
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Tomorrow - easy work disguised as academic.
Really, is reading an analog clock THAT hard?
Cookie decorating in the afternoon.
Cookie party in the evening.
Possible other thing to do, if it pans out.
Good dinner tonight at La Grand Orange.
Long day, but kids were really cute at the concert.
I really need to go to bed...
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It's Friday, and I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  Where did my vacation go?  Tonight is game night, tomorrow is baby-sitting and a "second wedding reception" party, and Sunday is church and then small group.  I just put the finishing touches on my report cards, and it's a good thing I checked because I forgot to put grades on a few.  I need to finish up my lesson plans as far as I can get, as well as the schedule that the bossman wants by Wednesday. 

Yesterday Susan and I went to the outlets, where I got a few things I wanted and a few I had not planned on.  At Banana Republic I could have made an entire outfit out of this one fabric - it started with a shirt, then I saw a skirt, scarf, headband, and finally a business card holder.  I think I forgot something in there, but oh well.  Almost got the scarf but held back since I have enough scarves.  Bought a pair of Nikes; I'm not used to wearing shoes with so much padding and support.  My New Balances are 8 years old and should be tossed, but I don't know if I can part with them just yet. 

Hmm, procrastination.  I really don't want to do my lesson plans, but I will get to them either today or tomorrow.  I must, since it's better to be planned ahead than freaking out and/or scrambling each morning.   Ok, it's not that bad, but I still need to use my time more wisely.  Seriously, why can't I use the same things from one year to the next?  Oh, because it's never the same situation!  Bah. 
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This is me.
This is me not finishing report cards.
This is me wearing jeans to work on a Wednesday (casual day is Friday).
This is me remembering I need to wash my school polo for Friday.
This is me eating dark chocolate almond shortbread cookies.
This is me remembering I want to buy Dancing Queen on iTunes.
This is me all giddy about finishing Shirley last night and reading one of the most romantic speeches.
This is me wondering if I need to make a Bronte tag or just keep using the Jane Eyre one for all things Bronte.
This is me wondering who really cares about my tags. They do come in handy sometimes.
This is me being random.

Better do that load of laundry before I forget.
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I see that I've posted on the 1st, 3rd and 5th this month. I wonder if I can remember to post on each of the odd-numbered days.

I wonder how [livejournal.com profile] laurasia_mystik is doing after her 2 (yes, she had 2) weddings. Hopefully she's on her honeymoon now.

Procrastinating: avoiding school work on Saturday and Sunday meant I cleaned up the apt some, decluttered my desk, and took a few bags to Goodwill. It also meant that I had to finish laundry today and do some school work. I finally graded a writing assignment (Hello, why do I not use point breakdowns more often? They make the job SO MUCH EASIER!), worked on plans for the week, and figured out a math test. Once again, I can't just use the premade tests that come with the program. They need to be tweaked in order to accurately test what I taught. Hello, too many word problems!

Talking about school is incredibly boring. I wonder how many of you read my school-related entries.

Oh yeah, the point I meant to make with all this! Since I had to do school work today, I had to turn down the FOUR offers of other, more fun things to do. They came at me within about 15 minutes of each other - 2 online messages and 2 phone calls. Well, I was in the process of deciding I coudln't go to Alyssa's when the other 3 people contacted me. How lame. Still, I just needed to not do anything major this weekend. Weekdays are so long that I crash on Saturdays, and Sundays I need to do lesson plans. Have I mentioned lately I wish I had a different job?

I love when Pride and Prejudice songs come on iTunes shuffle. Now, back to ironing.


Aug. 25th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Ground beef + 1/2 chopped onion (that didn't get sauteed long enough) + 2 cans of diced tomatoes + 2 cans tomato sauce + a bunch of random seasoning. Simmer for as long as it takes you to cook one box of whole wheat pasta that turns out to be the nasty-tasting brand that you dump in the trash (and have 2 other boxes of) and make another box. Ladle sauce over pasta and enjoy!

It was actually pretty good. Next time I won't hurry through the process, which should only make it better.
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Where does the time go?
It's 7:30 already! ACK!

I don't get some childfree people's attitudes.
A week or 2 ago, a conversation occured on the baristas community where a childfree person said people who want children of their own are selfish, and they are bad for not adopting needy children from overseas. o_O ??? What I'd like to ask the holder of this particular opinion is what they think of the parents oversees who have kids they don't want and/or can't afford, or those who give their kids up for adoption.

Work is crazy.
I'm surviving, and it's slowly getting better, but man, it should be easier than this!   I'm still not touching the bag of papers I brought home - just like last night. 

My new book, as if I need more to read.
The Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte.  I think that's the title, but it's in the bag behind me and I don't feel like getting out of my chair.  It was in the fiction section but is supposedly based on Bronte's life.  The author also wrote a book about Jane Austen but it wasn't available.   I've been reading parts of Jane Eyre before bed recently.  Still love that book. 

Blah  :)
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Weatherpixie says it's raining when it's not. At least she put on some clothes since I last checked - maybe it's the clouds that appeared, or maybe she realized it wasn't smart to stand in a bikini with lightning flashing around her.

I love lightning storms, especially when I'm safe indoors.
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