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In 24 hours I'll be somewhere in the Los Angeles area. Actually, probably still well east of it. I just hope it's not raining, as that will make the drive longer. That's not really so bad, but I hate traffic.

Doing laundry, going to Jen's later, then I will pack. I've got Jane Eyre and Tess of the D'Ubervilles on audiobook, plus a few more playlists created on the iPod. Must do my hair so I look presentable.
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-Shiny cookware is shiny! All 13 pieces are washed and dried. Now, to use it.
-When I want a Seattle's Best coffee ice cream shake, I should just get one. My 2 attempts at a substitute just didn't cut it.
-Why do I eat fast food like it's nothing, the read the ingredients on all the different ice creams to find the least scary brand? Shocker of the day: the generic Wal-Mart brand was the most natural, pretty much the same as Breyers, and it tastes way better.
-I have huge recycling piles and Goodwill piles. I hate carrying all that stuff out to the bins and my car.
-Why am I so enamored with cheap plastic storage bins?
-I'm weird about certain things (see above for examples) but I've decided that everyone is weird in their own ways.
-Cold and rain, I really do like you. You'll be fondly rememebered come July. Keep in mind that cold here = the 40s. Ha ha ha.
-Staying up the next three Sundays to watch Emma on Masterpiece Theater isn't really feasible; Luckily, I can watch it online! Or just wait for the dvd on 2/9.
-Teaching parts of speech all year long, and I still get asked what verbs, nouns and adjectives are.

Examples of things students do that make no sense (happens multiple times daily)
Me: Take out your reading books and read any story you want for a few minutes (or do XYZ).
Student: Can we read any story we want (or do we do XYZ)?
Me: Did you *really* just ask me that?
On the way back from lunch
Student: May I go to the bathroom?
Me: Yes, when we pass by.
Student: (as we pass the bathrooms) Can I go now?
Me: o_O
Math question: Which shows the fraction in order from greatest to least?
Student: Oh, I thought it said least to greatest!
Me: But it says greatest to least.
Student: Yeah, but I thought it said least to greatest.
Me: That's like you saying "My name is Bob" and I reply "Oh, I thought you said your name was George!"
Me: *gives directions*
Student(s): *doesn't listen to directions*
Student(s): (2 seconds later) What do we do?
During reading centers, at which time I work with one of the 4 groups.
Student: *walks over to me from group across the room, holding paper* What am I supposed to do?
Me: Did you read the directions?
Student: No.
Me: Read them.
Student: *reads* Ohhhhh! Ok I know what to do!
Me: You couldn't have read them to begin with, or, you know, asked someone IN YOUR GROUP?
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It rained tonight. Finally! I'm alwways confused by the sound at first, thinking something is leaking. Strange, it didn't smell like rain when I was out earlier. Luis said he was driving through a dust storm though.


Dec. 10th, 2007 08:49 pm
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Dear Rain,

I know this is the desert, and we desperately need you, but I'm kind of over you already. If anything, please restrict your showers to when I'm at home, thus not causing indoor recess or me getting wet in the Target parking lot.

Chilly Me

Dear Report Cards,

Can you all just be done already? Isn't there some genie in a bottle that can *poof* do them for me? Also, are those grades for real?

No love,
Tired Me
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things to post later:
bday stuff

I need to go to bed now that I've been 30 for an hour ;)


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