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The weekends are never long enough to both unwind from the week AND accomplish items on my never-ending to do list. However, I have checked off a few: wandered around the mall, went to a bunch of stores yesterday looking for a bookshelf I don't actually have space for, got groceries, made some lunches for the week, laundry is in process, and I procrastibaked more banana muffins to use up some bananas. What I have not done is change my bed sheets and look over lesson plans for this week. I have church in a bit, and then Sherlock is on at 8.

This morning I had breakfast with my old teammate, J. We of course talked about work, the ups and downs of each. The grass was not necessarily greener at her new school, and she sort of wants to throw her name back into the hat at my school. I told her it's not necessarily great there either, but at least it's friendly and familiar. Then again, she would leave teaching if she could. Who knows. It was good to see her.

BIG NEWS, PEOPLE! I started reading a book last night! What? Crazy. A post came up on FB from a year ago showing ~10 books I had not read. Well I had read half of one at the time. Since then, I read one book and started another (that I decided I don't like). Anyway, last night I started One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. So far, so good. I need to make reading books before bed a habit again.

My no soda resolution is going well so far. I've been out to eat 3 times and got iced tea twice and an Arnold Palmer once, which I did not even finish. Healthy eating at home is still under construction. It's basically the same as usual, but I am trying to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables.

What else was I going to say? No idea. Oh. Postcards have been written and so hopefully tomorrow I can stop at the post office. Just FYI, if you get one from me, I apologize ahead of time for whatever dorky message I wrote.
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In the first two weeks of school, I have watched 3 new movies, read one book, and baked 2 batches of cookie bars. I have brought home work to do each night, but only actually did it once. Lesson plans are started on Sunday and continued through the week.

Wait - 3 movies and a book? I never do that! Avoidance, that is my new middle name.

Movies: Iron Man, On a Clear Day, Remains of the Day.
book: My Lobotomy
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Bi-monthly P&P viewing: check. (Mr. Darcy is still love)

Rewatch parts of Emma on YouTube: check. (easier than putting the dvd in)

Job irritation: check.

New career idea: still drawing a blank.

Worrying about friends: check.

Night spent relaxing instead of grading: check.

Restless mind: check.
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Hello, I'm alive. Not that there was any worry about that, but I feel there's nothing better to say. I could complain about work, but I won't. I could mention some totally random things, like defying wash instructions or how Chipotle is so stinking salty that I need a gallon of liquid after a burrito. Randomness, check!

Oh, thanks [livejournal.com profile] coffeesnob for the stinkin' adorable card. :)

Doing a little work each day, like grading or cleaning, is far better than leaving huge to-do lists for the weekends. If only I'd stick to such plans for more than a few days.

After many days of almost-adding then chickening out, I finally added my elementary school best friend on Facebook. In middle school we drifted apart, but were aquaintences through high school, running in different crowds. I don't think we've seen each other since then, but curiosity never left me. Wanting to know what had become of her was the reason I checked out FB to begin with after swearing I couldn't switch from Myspace or add yet another page to my internet addiction. Many a Google search, as well as Classmates and Myspace searches had netted zero results. When I finally looked on FB, I found her but had to register in order to see any information. So, I did, and that was probably 2 years ago. Since then, I occasionally considered adding her, but was afraid to. I finally did, thinking the worst that could happen was her ignoring my request. That wouldn't really be a big deal, at least I'd tried. Happily, she not only added me back, but was glad to hear from me. So, yay.

Ok, so much for grading anything tonight. At least I did some laundry.
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I've not done much today, certainly not what needed to get done. In about an hour I'm going to a birthday party, so nothing at home will get done.

Work: My boss makes me nervous, and I try to avoid him. I never know if he's going to give us more to do, so I'd just rather not talk to him. My teammates are even more frustrated with him; one handles it worse than the other. I feel like I'm following rules more than teaching my students. As one coworker says, we're teaching objectives and not the whole child.

Saw Phantom of the Opera at ASU Gammage last night. It was phantastic. I think I need to see it on stage more often, though that would require finding places to see it. Las Vegas has a regular show, but that's a bit far to go. The actresses who played Christine and Meg - I wonder if they were ballerinas or singers first. It's not easy to run in pointe shoes, as I could see last night.

On A Prairie Home Companion, they are singing the things the audience is thankful for. They took the cards and put them into song, and it's pretty funny to listen to. I can't wait to go see it in January.

So I've been emailing this guy a couple weeks now. He found my profile on a dating site that I get free days on every couple of months. We sent messages back and forth via the site for several months. If you aren't a paid member they ask that you not give out email addresses, so it wasn't till he bought a 3-month membership that he could give his contact information. He's 10 years older than me, and lives in Flagstaff. I don't know what to think at the moment. I'll keep emailing, and maybe meet when he comes through town for Thanksgiving. I don't want to be too forward but at the same time don't want to mislead him. This is why I hate meeting people online; there's just too much unknown and when do you say vertain things without freaking the other person out or feeling like I'm jumping the gun?

Why can't one of the guys I know in person show some interest?

I love my Uggs, and never want to take them off.
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I see that I've posted on the 1st, 3rd and 5th this month. I wonder if I can remember to post on each of the odd-numbered days.

I wonder how [livejournal.com profile] laurasia_mystik is doing after her 2 (yes, she had 2) weddings. Hopefully she's on her honeymoon now.

Procrastinating: avoiding school work on Saturday and Sunday meant I cleaned up the apt some, decluttered my desk, and took a few bags to Goodwill. It also meant that I had to finish laundry today and do some school work. I finally graded a writing assignment (Hello, why do I not use point breakdowns more often? They make the job SO MUCH EASIER!), worked on plans for the week, and figured out a math test. Once again, I can't just use the premade tests that come with the program. They need to be tweaked in order to accurately test what I taught. Hello, too many word problems!

Talking about school is incredibly boring. I wonder how many of you read my school-related entries.

Oh yeah, the point I meant to make with all this! Since I had to do school work today, I had to turn down the FOUR offers of other, more fun things to do. They came at me within about 15 minutes of each other - 2 online messages and 2 phone calls. Well, I was in the process of deciding I coudln't go to Alyssa's when the other 3 people contacted me. How lame. Still, I just needed to not do anything major this weekend. Weekdays are so long that I crash on Saturdays, and Sundays I need to do lesson plans. Have I mentioned lately I wish I had a different job?

I love when Pride and Prejudice songs come on iTunes shuffle. Now, back to ironing.
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It's amazing what I get accomplished instead of grading papers. I graded the multiple choice section of hte math test, then washed and put away laundry. Emptied and reloaded the dishwahser too. Went back to the short-answer section of math, and kept messing up the point totals. A third of the tests will have scores scribbled out with the correct scores next to them. The scores are pretty dismal, which means I have to go back and reteach that whole unit. Sigh.

In order to not (yet again) waste vegetables, I chopped up some broccoli and froze it. Cooking it on the stove today resulted in rubbery texture. I'll try steaming in the microwave next batch. If that doesn't work, forget the whole freezing idea. Why do the steams-in-the-bag vegetables turn out ok, but mine didn't?

Procrastination again - I made the vegetables about 5 minutes after attempting to start lesson plans for the week. Must get back to work. Will I *ever* have weekends to myself?
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Clothing stores have a conspiracy against me. Something is incredibly wrong when even Old Navy shirts don't fit, and I tried on 5 different ones. All I need are some junky long-sleeved shirts to wear in this cold weather and on my trip. But, noooooooooooo, it is not to be. I did find ONE halfway decent sweater at Wal-Mart of all places. Yes, I was that desperate. Sigh. I guess I'll try Targe one last time when I take the fishes over to Jen's later.

I really need to finish my laundry and pack. It will get done, eventually, since I'm leaving about 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. Yay driving!

I hope my sister's computer plays dvds, since I'm bringing a few movies with me. I'll need my occasional Thornton or Darcy or Rochester fix. Maybe Wentworth as well.
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Almost done putting grades on report cards, and then I have to do comments. Then, I have to do a bunch of other chores, but anyway.

Ok, 2 questions for anyone who might be able to help.
1. Can you find a song for me that I can't find anywhere online - it's Theme from Mission: Impossible (Junior's Hard Mix). It HAS to be that mix, and it's 4:10 in length.

2. If you can't find the song, is there a way to get it from my cassette single into digital format?

One more week...
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This is me.
This is me 30 years and 365 days old (it's a leap year).
This is me not doing things I should be doing.
This is me full of chicken that I ate for dinner.
This is me listening to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
This is me thinking about ironing a shirt or two.
This is me changing a 2 to the word two in the line above.
(That was me being an English teacher again)
This is me wearing a long sweater with leggings. Really old leggings that I keep for the occasional need to layer clothing. The sweater just happens to be long.
This is me wanting to go to Lake Tahoe when I am in California.
This is me procrastinating.
This is me thinking about how procrastination never pays off in the end.

This is me going back to being productive.
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Today I will:
-grade reading tests
-put away my huge pile of laundry
-change my sheets
-drink more coffee
-read more of North and South

Two items already accomplished! Can you guess which ones?

It's getting chilly these days, at least, chilly for Phoenix. Weather says 55 degrees with 82% humidity. Interesting...I'll have to actually go outside and see what it feels like.
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To do list:
clean floor
eat dark chocolate Snickers bar
make a reading test
plans for Monday and Tuesday
think about Wednesday Movie Day! (Oh, wait, I'm already doing that)
figure out if I have anything to wear to work tomorrow

In order to check something off my list, I shall now eat the Snickers bar.

Oh, fun new icon! It's from one of the funniest things I've seen lately, viewable here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED5AdUXuRU8
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-planned tomorrow
-cooked chicken for lunch salads
-getting massive laundry pile put away
-brought stuff to car
-didn't read the synopsis on the back of North and South dvd because I want to be -totally surprised when we watch it tomorrow - only Reena has seen it
-will vacuum soon

I feel terrible for Susan. She called and said eating at Juan's Friday night made her totally sick. My theory is she caught a bug that's going around, since no one else who went that night got sick. After all, she used to eat the food when Juan's catered staff parties. At least, I think she did. Anyway, poor thing.

We have school tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. So, tomorrow night is movie night!
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So far I have had 2 cups of coffee, put on a shirt, listened to people talking outside, and thought about turning on the AC. Yes, go me. Oh yeah, I answered the phone once.
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This is me procrastinating :D
This me trying to work >_<
This is how my stomach is making me feel :P

My friend is coming over later to help me finish some grading and then we're gonna watch some chick flick, or maybe Happy Feet or something else animated. Depends on what she brings. End of the quarter/report card/conference time is not my favorite time of year, and the fact that my body is teasing me with illness doesn't help matters.

Ok, back to work now...
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Good news: I finally put all my clothes away, minus the stuff in the washer/dryer right now.

Not so good news: Barely got any grading done today.

More good news: going to friends house for dinner, might do some grading there.

More not so good: apartment is still a mess.

Additional more good news: I don't care about the mess.
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I don't think I'll ever unpack. Maybe by the time I go somewhere again, like next summer, I'll have put my suitcase and clothes away.
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Target has a ton of those plastic pumpkin candy buckets. They have them every year, as do most stores. That's a lot of plastic pumpkin buckets in our landfills.

Wal-Mart had WAY MORE Halloween candy than all of Arizona, let alone Phoenix, could possibly need. I was frightened.

I always question myself when I say "Blah blah _________, let alone __________." because I never remember if the bigger/more significant item goes first.

I hate ironing, and I really need to iron some pants so I don't have to do it in the morning.

I graded a bunch after school today, including a writing assignment. I fully planned on doing a little more work when I got home, and yeah, not happening.

I need to get out more, and do more around my apartment than just sit the computer for hours a day. I also need to read more.

Ok, I do read a lot, just not books and magazines. I read LJ, email, random news stories, etc. I read food package labels. I read words everywhere. Still, need to shift back to books and magazines. New ones, not the same old.

I get to see my friend Annie on Friday! Yay!

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Why  do I feel like i'm getting an ear infection?  I haven't had one since I was 12, and that was the result of spending the better part of a week in swimming pools.  

My bed, which is dark wood, not only shows dust more, but seems to have a magentic attraction to it.  Even Swiffer cloths can't get all of it!  

Trying to clean, trying, trying...
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Things I should have at least started today:
start laundry
report cards
clean living room
put away clean clothes that have been on the floor for weeks
change bed sheets
clean betta tanks

What I've actually done today:
Got up at 8:30 (I was awake, plus I was coughing)
coffee shop
lunch with friends (yum, Juan's!)
got gas
went to Target
tossed old food from fridge and pantry
emptied dishwasher/reloaded with dirty dishes
made egg salad
missed Prairie Home Companion (just realized this)
talked to friend on phone

I still don't know if I have a cold or if I have the annual end of quarter/change of season illness.  Whatever it is, it's not helping my level of productivity.  If I try to speak loudly, I can feel the strain on my voice.  Yesterday, instead of countind down, I started standing in front of hte room and waving my arms for attention.  This week is conference week, Wed-Fri, and I really need my voice for that.  Alison comes in on Friday afternoon, just till Saturday morning, but I'm excited to see her.  Saturday afternoon I might do an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon I was invited to.  

Tired.  I hate being sick.  Cough, cough. 

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