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Today's five questions are brought to us by livejournal user amguynes, the letter F, and the number 5.

The name of...

1. Your favorite book?
Jane Eyre

2. Your favorite movie?
Pride and Prejudice (2005), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, The Little Mermaid (yes, I said more than one movie)

3. Your least favorite adaptation of a book to a movie?
The adaptation of Jane Eyre with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg was painful to watch. It started out badly and just got worse. I watched through my fingers, mumbling about how terrible it was over and over.

4. Your least favorite adaptation ever of anything to a movie?
Probably same as #3, as I cannot think of anything else at the moment. No, wait. The TV miniseries adaptation of Scarlett (sequel to Gone With the Wind) went downhill towards the end.

5. Your first ever novel/comic book/movie character crush?
Hmmmmmmm. I really need to think about this! Probably Rhett Butler. I read GWTW in high school. I cannot remember what other books I read around that time. I think some John Grisham and Michael Crichton, among others, but they didn't have characters worth falling for.
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On a happier note, I used one of my teacher appreciation gifts to go see Avengers 2 last night. It was fabulous. Lots of giggling, lots of cheering, and then I'd say the last third of the movie I was just curled up in awe. I just had to take it all in. As soon as the credits rolled, I texted [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter but the only reaction I could conjure up was "hot daaaaaaaaaamnn."

I'm really curious what the next movie will involve. Civil war between whom? Or wait, is Civil War the next Captain America movie?

As for the previews, they scored 1.5/6 movies I could possibly see. Jurassic World was downgraded from for sure to hmmm looks a bit scary. Tomorrowland was 1/2, and AntMan the same. Thumbs down to Superman vs Batman, Terminator (though I chuckled at seeing Ahhh-nold), and San Andreas.
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Tomorrow is 6 years since I first watched Pride and Prejudice (2005). I felt like watching it tonight, but decided to check my archives first. Yup, the anniversary is tomorrow. :D

P&P - the movie that started my obsession with British lit.
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Fangirl release. You've been warned.

-I watched all of The Office UK pretty much because Martin Freeman is in it.
-Holy carp THE HOBBIT part 1 in December! I didn't even like the book that much!
-Today is Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday.
-I have the same blue/green/gray/yellow, change-colors-depending-on-my-shirt eyes as Benedict.
-The taxi driver in "A Study in Pink" looks sort of like my dad.
-Watching Bleak House with my roommate, I suddenly realized that Mr. Smallweed is played by the same actor as the taxi driver in ASiP by recognizing his front teeth.
-I got a call from some random number. Instead of silencing the phone, I let it keep playing the Sherlock ringtone.
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How did I NOT recognize Mark Gatiss (Mycroft in Sherlock) was John Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility (2008)? Maybe if I'd watched that version last night instead of 1995, I would have made the connection.
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Three times in the theater, and now once at home. [livejournal.com profile] spally, so glad you got to see it. [livejournal.com profile] holbytla, you've got to see it! Oh, and somehow my excitement last night led me to put in Our Mutual Friend. No idea how that movie relates to Jane Eyre.

-There's 7 or 8 deleted scenes on the dvd. Some I am glad they didn't include in the finished movie.
-Me being the book nerd, I kept picking out direct quotes and doing silent cheers upon hearing them.
-I watched the ending 3 times in a row. I won't spoil anything by describing it, but I must say it gave me chills. The second time, I turned on the subtitles, and then totally missed them. Usually subtitles draw my eyes to themselves, but not in this moment.

Now, I wait for the icons to start rolling in.
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After yesterday's impromptu double Pride and Prejudice event, I realized we could have similar days with the following stories:
Sense and Sensibility
At this moment, a triple Jane Eyre-a-thon, but potentially we could watch five different versions.

Yes, I can see your looks of either gasping disbelief or utter admiration. :D


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:32 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter's post, I got to see Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition, on the big screen tonight. Saw her post, flailed, Googled, bought ticket, and flailed again. This all took place in about 5 minutes. Happened to be going to get my haircut, and shared my geeky news with my hair dresser. She already knew about it, mentioned fathomevents.com. She would have gone with me tonight, but had to work late. She'll go see the other 2 with me. I saw Michelle on FB and told her, and she decided to go on less than 2 hours notice.

Last time I watched LOTR was a marathon this time 3 years ago, with Michelle and Reena. Ahhhh, just like Peter Jackson sait, it's meant to be seen on the big screen. So true. I know what happens in the movie, and I still got all nervous over the cave troll. As soon as I saw Boromir, I got sad knowing he dies. Legolas...so pretty. As Michelle said, he even runs pretty. Aragorn, I still love you in all your dirty, sweaty manliness. Gandalf, your fake nose looks quite realistic. Frodo, dang, you have perfect skin. I need to meet your makeup artist. Balrog, YOUUUU SHALL NOT PASS (boom)!!

Hmmm LOTR love. I think I need to change my default icon to something LOTR. My love for these movies has been reignited.
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By extreme, I mean extremely busy or extremely lazy. Slept in, then worked most of the day. Body is still teasing me with cold symptoms that come and go. I don't want to finish report card comments. I don't want to work this week.

Should learn by now that anything with thin straps (bras, camisoles, etc) will end up getting caught and twisted in just about everything else washed in the same load. Holy crap, I never want to spend 5 minutes untwisting a tank top, a bra, a pair of pants, a sweater, and a shirt ever again.

With all my complaints, I feel guilty because many people have far worse problems at the moment. I just need to shut up.

Saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night, and loved it. Ben Barnes looked different at first, to the point of me not recognizing him. I'm actually glad I didn't finish the book before seeing the movie, so I didn't know everything that happened.

The itch to watch P&P is starting up again.
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I want a job where I drink coffee and watch dvds all day. Oh, and squee about said movies. Too bad I can't get paid to blog all day.
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It's not perfect, but I still can't wait. The first (of only two, I swear) time I watched I had a huge grin halfway through it. One rather dull line kind of ruined it, but the rest looks great.
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In the first two weeks of school, I have watched 3 new movies, read one book, and baked 2 batches of cookie bars. I have brought home work to do each night, but only actually did it once. Lesson plans are started on Sunday and continued through the week.

Wait - 3 movies and a book? I never do that! Avoidance, that is my new middle name.

Movies: Iron Man, On a Clear Day, Remains of the Day.
book: My Lobotomy
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My mommy and sister are gone back home. I'm glad they came, even though it seemed to go quickly. Well, 4 days is pretty fast. We went to the Grand Canyon via the scenic route, got me a new bookshelf, and ate a ton. I should write more here, but I'm feeling lazy. :)

Finished watching Bleak House. I like it. Maybe not enough to watch it again, but I liked it. Well, I take that back. I'm sure I'll watch parts of it here and again. One character's voice, not face, was so familiar, I had to pause it to check imdb. Mrs. Rouncewell on BH turned out to be the gypsy on Jane Eyre. Ah hah! I knew it was somebody I should know!
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Nearly a year and a half after listening to the audio book, and more than a year after buying the dvd, I'm finally watching Bleak House. Quite good, quite good. True to Dickens' style, there's a character so annoying I want to smack him.

Good thing I'm on break; I may end up watching the rest of it tomorrow all in one sitting.
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Next time I sign up to bring a potluck dish, either a)choose something easier than homemade tomato sauce or b)start cooking it earlier than 6:30 p.m. The number of dishes I managed to get dirty preparing, cooking, and cooling the sauce is mind-boggling, to say nothing of the filthy stove and counter-top. I banged up my hands in the cleaning process too.

Did I run the garbage disposal one last time? Better do it again just in case.

In all, the sauce is yummy.

[livejournal.com profile] holbytla! I found Little Dorrit and Oliver Twist in a collector's set for $32. I was going to listen to LD on audiobook soon, but maybe I'll get something else (Gaskell, perhaps?) to listen too now and just watch it on my vacation. I still need to watch Bleak House too.

I really need to go to bed.
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I just saw this trailer for The Lovely Bones http://video.aol.com/aolvideo/AOL Movies/the-lovely-bones-trailer-no-1/32557030001 and I can't wait until December. I read the book 2 years ago after seeing on IMDb that Jackson had the movie rights. Upon reading the beginning, I feared one scene would be too realisticaly creepy, knowing what Peter was capable of putting on film. However, the trailer blew me away. The movie looks fantastic.
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At the grocery store, I bought Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root. First of all, buying dvds at the grocery store for $9.99. Then, I already own the version that came out a year ago. Whatever. The older version has the letter-writing scene, which kind of makes the whole story. So what if Ciaran is a little weird to me.

I'm making Pioneer Woman's carrot cake again. My apartment smells heavenly.

Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. Yay, I guess. Major yay if I was a football fan.
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I admit to the world that I've watched the end of North and South about a dozen times since Wednesday, plus most of the second disc a second time.

Hmm, Thornton. Thornton smiling. *swoon*

We all have our obsessions, and mine appear to be period dramas.

And now, I need to shower and go join the Black Friday madness.
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-planned tomorrow
-cooked chicken for lunch salads
-getting massive laundry pile put away
-brought stuff to car
-didn't read the synopsis on the back of North and South dvd because I want to be -totally surprised when we watch it tomorrow - only Reena has seen it
-will vacuum soon

I feel terrible for Susan. She called and said eating at Juan's Friday night made her totally sick. My theory is she caught a bug that's going around, since no one else who went that night got sick. After all, she used to eat the food when Juan's catered staff parties. At least, I think she did. Anyway, poor thing.

We have school tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. So, tomorrow night is movie night!
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Ok, [livejournal.com profile] holbytla, [livejournal.com profile] jmp0114, [livejournal.com profile] laurasia_mystik and [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter, it's my mission to get you to watch Sound of Music. I don't know how to achieve this, but at least you know how strongly I feel about it. I already have a verbal agreement with my friend Michelle to watch it the next time she and Reena come over for movie night. It took a little persuasion, which was funny because Michelle loves Mary Poppins, which I hate. Both are Julie Andrews musicals and yet I can't stand one, and she was afraid to watch the other. Anyway, I'll hopefully make the 2 of them into SoM fans soon.

So, today was another Michelle and Reena movie day. We watched Persuasion 1995, which I actually liked. Ciran Hinds wasn't bad, nor were any of the actors really. No one was annoying, which surprised me. The movie was a fine example of England's recycling of actors. I kept recognizing people who would turn out to not be in anything else I've seen. Michelle and Reena could pick people out they really had seen before. We also watched Sense and Sensibility 2008, which Michelle had not seen. Since Reena had just watched the really bad Jane Eyre (1996) this week, we had to show Michelle some of the gems that make it so shockinly bad. Her face was priceless. Before long I found myself watching through my fingers like the first time. It's just baaaaaaaaad. More actor recycling: William Elliot from Persuasion '95 is the same actor who played St. John in '96 Jane Eyre. Ciran Hinds was Rochester in another version of Jane Eyre that I'm too lazy to look up. Amanda Root was Anne in Persuasion '95 and I saw her on the credits for JE '96. Look it up on IMDB. We always have to check it during or after movies.

-We all love S&S '08 Edward Ferrars.
-I decided I'm going to start using the term "twelve month" instead of "year" and I got Michelle and Reena going as well. That and pronouncing "mama" the British way, with the stress on the second syllable. We kept working it into conversation the rest of the night.
-I can't remember the other phrase often used in Austen and Jane Eyre that I like. It's not obliged, amiable, on the contrary, to be sure...wait, maybe it is "to be sure." Must watch Emma again.
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