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Feb. 16th, 2014 11:04 pm
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It's been forever, but we finally had another movie day. Austenland, 5-hour Pride and Prejudice, and the second half of North and South. Snacked all day on cheese fondue, plus chips, popcorn, and banana bread. Twas nice to finally have a real TV at my house. Well, a bigger one. However, it's a flat screen HD, and my dvds are not HD, so the quality was a bit weird. Austenland looked ok, but it's brand new, so maybe that's why.

I really need to go to bed. It may be a 3 day weekend, but tomorrow I have to go in to work to get ready for the week. Also, I will grade at least 5 poetry books. Maybe the reading tests too. I can do this!
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Every so often, and entire day of friends, junk food, and movies is not only acceptable but necessary. Wives and Daughters and North and South make for hours and hours of fun. Yelling at annoying characters, looking up actors on IMDb, and failing to keep our fingers out of the chip bowls.

We tried to watch Much Ado About Nothing but Netflix doesn't have subtitles. We couldn't translate Shakespeare in our heads fast enough to keep up with the plot.

But, today is back to real life, chores, etc. This is actually ok with me. Maybe I'll fit in an ep of Doctor Who.


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:32 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] ewanspotter's post, I got to see Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition, on the big screen tonight. Saw her post, flailed, Googled, bought ticket, and flailed again. This all took place in about 5 minutes. Happened to be going to get my haircut, and shared my geeky news with my hair dresser. She already knew about it, mentioned She would have gone with me tonight, but had to work late. She'll go see the other 2 with me. I saw Michelle on FB and told her, and she decided to go on less than 2 hours notice.

Last time I watched LOTR was a marathon this time 3 years ago, with Michelle and Reena. Ahhhh, just like Peter Jackson sait, it's meant to be seen on the big screen. So true. I know what happens in the movie, and I still got all nervous over the cave troll. As soon as I saw Boromir, I got sad knowing he dies. pretty. As Michelle said, he even runs pretty. Aragorn, I still love you in all your dirty, sweaty manliness. Gandalf, your fake nose looks quite realistic. Frodo, dang, you have perfect skin. I need to meet your makeup artist. Balrog, YOUUUU SHALL NOT PASS (boom)!!

Hmmm LOTR love. I think I need to change my default icon to something LOTR. My love for these movies has been reignited.
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I couldn't convince Reena to go see Jane Eyre again since she would be coughing a lot. So, she came over instead to watch the 4 hour, 2006 version. We then watched some Whose Line is it Anyway on YouTube before she chose P&P 2005 for the final movie. Michelle came over with Keira for a little while, yay. Hooray for impromptu movie days. It makes the fact I have to write lesson plans tomorrow a little less painful.

Reena decided to remake P&P again. I told her she must wait a few more years as it's only been 6 years since the last one came out. So, we just started our casting choices. Her only Darcy suggestion was Hugh Jackman, who I deemed too old. So, she decided to just use Matthew Macfadyen again. She chose Hugh Dancy as Bingly, and that's as far as we got.
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-kind, heartfelt words from others
-movie days with the girls and lots of good food (cheese fondue!)
-chick flicks with brooding male characters and happy endings
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Reena and Michelle (and Loch) came over after a bunch of us went to breakfast yesterday. Once again, they were trying to convince me to watch or read the Twilight books.  Why does the word "twilight" suddenly look weird spelled out?  I mentioned reading Eclipse in 15 minutes which they think has prejudiced me against the movies.  Comparisons to Harry Potter were made, and wonder as to why I don't care for them either.  I said that I just never cared for HP, but Twilight I just find...goofy/laughable/mockable for some reason.  It's not even anything to do with vampires.  The plots and/or writing just seem LOL-worthy.   I did read a section of Breaking Dawn, by the way.  As I read, I was pretty incredulous as to what the appeal was.  Reena said I should at least give the book Twilight a try; she almost had me convinced.  Not reading them is sort of like a personal trophy for me, like how I've never smoked at all.  Well, oops, I did read that part of BD, dangit. 

We watched Persuasion 2007, then Reena chose Sense and Sensibility 2008.  Why are Austen men so awesome and yet can be such idiots?  Obviously some characters are exaggerated, but it's sad to think they were based on reality at the time.  Some rich people (Fanny Dashwood) were major snobs, some were complete idiots (Lucy Steele, Mary Musgrove), and the men run the full gamut.  

In other news: I just baked two batches of chocolate chip scones, my oven temperature is way off, I went swimming at Heidi's and got more tan/burned, and I have yet to start the books I bought yesterday.  One is a classroom management book, the other My Lobotomy which I've wanted to read for a long time.  I guess I should get off the computer and get some more chores accomplished. 
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Movies with Reena: Sherlock Holmes and North and South. Michelle brought SH for us to watch, but couldn't stay since her son is sick. Reena chose Sense and Sensibility for the second movie but I wanted something more brooding.

We both need to find British men, ASAP.
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Why am I not watching the Olympics? Pairs figure skating is probably on, but I just don't want to turn on the tv.

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Friday night I picked Jayme from the airport, then she spent the night here. We went on a short hike on South Mountain Satuday morning with a few others. I ned to hike more, or at least be more physically active. Hmph. Later Reena and Michelle came over to watch Emma. We ate a ton of cheese fondue; I almost made myself sick again. Michelle brought Loch too, so we got to play with him. He's huge! Saturday night I crashed sort of early. Sunday was church, lunch with Jayme and friends, a few hours to get crap done, then new small group in the evening. After that I watched Northanger Abbey and attempted a little school work.

Today I met Jayme and Rebekah for coffee at 8 (gasp, on my day off!) then spent the rest of the day with Natalie. Hooray for driving around and not finding the place I thought I knew the location of. We wandered around Target, having a blast. Ran into a couple of cross dressing would have pulled it off until I heard his voice, and Natalie said he had chest hair showing above his tube top. Yeah, I don't get cross dressing.

Graded some at Natalie's, tossed a bunch of papers, got some work done at home. Been busy but still had fun. My floor is a mess and needs to be vacuumed, but Natalie still has my vacuum.

Oh yeah, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Enjoyed it despite being single. Someday I'll have someone to celebrate with.

Not exactly ready for tomorrow at school, but that's why I get there at 6 a.m.
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Watching the Opening Ceremony and working/playing on the laptop at the same time. This is actually kind of fun. I got one day of lesson plans taken care of already. The Olympics always make me cry. Every single time. Right now it's the parade of nations, so not much to watch. I can just listen to the trivia from the commentators.

Staying up to watch, and also now to pick someone up at 11:30 from the airport. Maybe I should have added a scoop of regular coffee to my pot of decaf after all, but I didn't know I'd be going out later at the time. I get to see Jayme! Tomorrow is a short hike with Kairos folk, and in the afternoon watching Emma with Reena and Michelle. I hope I'm not too tired.

Ok, seeing a commercial about watching tv on a cell phone freaks me out. I don't even know how to get on the internet on my phone. I only tried (and failed) when we were trying to find the Tucson arena a few weeks ago.

Had my evaluation today, finally, after 2 cancellations. I thought it went crappy. I was trying too hard, not being my normal self, but trying to do all the things he would want to see and hoping the kids wouldn't constantly be coloring on their whiteboards. It was fine though. Got a good report from the boss man, as well as the news I probably won't have a split class next year. So, job security, it seems, and only one grade. talking to other people, I keep finding that my school is not how it should be. My school would never do a 2 week unit on the Olympics as my friend did with her class. Kindergarten would not research a Chinese New Year tradition or have a celebration complete with Chinese food. All we do is speed through the standards, take tests, then see how much they didn't learn and add those things back on top of the things we haven't even been able to teach yet. One more year may be all I can take at my current school. Either find somewhere that actually prepares students for real life and teaches them about the world they live in, or figure out how to fit it in myself. Um, yeah, if I'm even allowed to.

Bad news...I'm getting sleepy.
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And by work, I mean watching movies.

Yesrterday was Lochlan's and Karen's Inaugural Movie Day. Loch is Michelle's 2-month old son, who we are training to be a perfect gentleman a la Darcy or Mr. Thornton. Karen is a friend/coworker who was finally able to come watch with us. We started with Moulin Rouge, at Reena's request, which I've decided is a rather odd movie that would be quite depressing if not for the songs and goofiness. Karen left, and next was Pride and Prejudice, at Michelle's request. I'll never turn that movie down. Reena suggested North and South. I didn't know if she was serious, but sure enough, after taking Michelle and Loch home, we watched all 4 hours of it. Ended up finishing near 2 a.m. Even if it's one you've seen many times before, movies are just better with friends and commentary and mutual gasping when Mr. Thornton takes off his tie.  Oh, and discussing corsets and how unnaturally perky they made women's boobs. 

Today was a haircut and housework.  Tomorrow it's Anthem outlets with Susan.  I love vacation, and wish it were still 2 weeks. 
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I've fallen victim to busyness and being too entertained by my flist to post lately. So, instead of cleaning or looking up cookie recipes, I'll post.

Sunday-Wednesday I was in Las Vegas for a conference. I drove up by myself, which I don't mind at all. I love road trips, but it still would have been more fun with someone. During the day we had to attend various conference functions, but the nights were free. Monday night I toured the strip with one teacher and her relatives. Tuesday night I finally saw a Cirque du Soleil show, Ka. Fantastic. My face was in permagrin mode. As soon as it was over, I wanted to see another show. Next trip, perhaps. Later that night we walked around the Venitian and Palazzo hotels. Gorgeous inside. On the drive home Wednesday, I stopped at the Hoover Dam and took a million pictures.

I need to travel more, see more of the country and the world.

Thursday I helped Alyssa out in her classroom. Friday was a movie day with Michelle and Reena, where we watched Lost in Austen and He's Just Not That Into You. Both were cute, but I think I'm more into period dramas than modern comedies/romances. Or, maybe it's jerky male characters that bother me, even though period dramas also have them.

Too much caffeine+not enough to eat=trembly. Need to eat more than just a Hot Pocket and some raspberries.
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I found a banana chocolate chip bread mix at Target this weekend, so I made it for movie day yesterday. I added more chocolate chips to the batter. :) I'm eating most of the loaf myself, since Reena and Michelle had only tiny bites yesterday.

I don't understand St. Patrick's Day anymore. All people do is go out and drink. I like a drink once in a while, but just one or two. I'm just not the get sloshed type. I didn't even wear green yesterday - my shirt is in the laundry and I forgot about my tank top.

I finished reading Pride and Prejudice on Monday night. Funny how one of the soundtrack songs just came on iTunes as I wrote that. Anyway, fantastic book. Reading it in three days, especially since it was my first Austen book, meant I missed pretty much all the important details and explanations. Well, missed or I just didn't remember them. I was at Borders tonight, looking for a book as a sad excuse to also get a Javanilla shake. I almost got one or both Charlotte Bronte books, but I have enough unread books on my shelf already. Maybe I'll start Cold Mountain next.

Chick flicks are so cookie-cutter. I finally saw 27 Dresses yesterday, and the general plot was quite predictable. Not that I didn't enjoy it, and the Benny and the Jets scene was awesome, and I so want to steal her wedding, but still cookie-cutter.

Spring break so far has been busy/relaxing. Saturday I got an unexpected call inviting me to the Ostrich Festival, and then I watched movies with Jayme, which I had planned to do anyway. Sunday was church, Green Party at Jenn's (where I played a game called Cornhole) and then Bible study at church again that night. Monday I slept in, though my mind was confused in the morning. After going to various stores, I cleaned the apartment. It was hard for me to relax and just clean, because I felt like I should have been doing more. By the time I adjust to being on break, I'll have to go back to work.

Plans for the rest of break include laundry, sub for a teacher at intersession Friday, Tucson day trip Saturday, and Dad coming on Monday. I still need to call him to make sure he didn't forget or get sick. He's a month shy of 75, after all. Still, he'll be driving here. I bought a travel book for Albuquerque, since I'd like to go there for a few days. All I know there is to do is Sandia Peak tram. I think it's called Sandia Peak. Some mountain over there.

It amuses me that this livejournal started out as a fandom thing (because I kept reading/commenting on [ profile] ewanspotter's) and has since become part personal blog, part fandom thing. Oh, it's also one of my main sources of reading material, since my flist is the second thing I read daily when I get home. Email is first.

My Crock Pot is still in the box. I really need to start using that thing.

So, that's all for now. I think.


Mar. 17th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Saturday and today were movie days. Saturday was with Jayme, and we watched Sense and Sensibility '08 and Pride and Prejudice '05. Today was with Reena and Michelle, and we watched A Knight's Tale and 27 dresses. Reena left to party for St. Patrick's Day, so Michelle and I watched P&P again. I will never get tired of that movie.

Tomorrow, I have to clean my classroom and then go to the district office.
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But I wouldn't be surprised if they were more cautions. Twice in a row now, when Michelle and Reena have come over, I have felt sick to my stomach. I don't get it! Today was better, and we were able to finish North and South. I must admit, it took a long time for Thornton to grow on me, but he finally did. Various times during the movie and after we'd be chatting up a storm. I love movie days with them!

Sad to say, for a short time they tempted me to go see Twilight with them. I held back, however. They both have major crushes on book!Edward. That was pretty funny. Reena and I might have to duke it out over Thorton/Richard Armitage.
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must post to keep up daily thing. think i'm fighting a stomach bug. my left arm is half useless. typing one handed atm. more details later. had to cut movie night short because felt ill. i hope it's eating too much dinner and not what's going around work.
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-planned tomorrow
-cooked chicken for lunch salads
-getting massive laundry pile put away
-brought stuff to car
-didn't read the synopsis on the back of North and South dvd because I want to be -totally surprised when we watch it tomorrow - only Reena has seen it
-will vacuum soon

I feel terrible for Susan. She called and said eating at Juan's Friday night made her totally sick. My theory is she caught a bug that's going around, since no one else who went that night got sick. After all, she used to eat the food when Juan's catered staff parties. At least, I think she did. Anyway, poor thing.

We have school tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. So, tomorrow night is movie night!
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Ok, [ profile] holbytla, [ profile] jmp0114, [ profile] laurasia_mystik and [ profile] ewanspotter, it's my mission to get you to watch Sound of Music. I don't know how to achieve this, but at least you know how strongly I feel about it. I already have a verbal agreement with my friend Michelle to watch it the next time she and Reena come over for movie night. It took a little persuasion, which was funny because Michelle loves Mary Poppins, which I hate. Both are Julie Andrews musicals and yet I can't stand one, and she was afraid to watch the other. Anyway, I'll hopefully make the 2 of them into SoM fans soon.

So, today was another Michelle and Reena movie day. We watched Persuasion 1995, which I actually liked. Ciran Hinds wasn't bad, nor were any of the actors really. No one was annoying, which surprised me. The movie was a fine example of England's recycling of actors. I kept recognizing people who would turn out to not be in anything else I've seen. Michelle and Reena could pick people out they really had seen before. We also watched Sense and Sensibility 2008, which Michelle had not seen. Since Reena had just watched the really bad Jane Eyre (1996) this week, we had to show Michelle some of the gems that make it so shockinly bad. Her face was priceless. Before long I found myself watching through my fingers like the first time. It's just baaaaaaaaad. More actor recycling: William Elliot from Persuasion '95 is the same actor who played St. John in '96 Jane Eyre. Ciran Hinds was Rochester in another version of Jane Eyre that I'm too lazy to look up. Amanda Root was Anne in Persuasion '95 and I saw her on the credits for JE '96. Look it up on IMDB. We always have to check it during or after movies.

-We all love S&S '08 Edward Ferrars.
-I decided I'm going to start using the term "twelve month" instead of "year" and I got Michelle and Reena going as well. That and pronouncing "mama" the British way, with the stress on the second syllable. We kept working it into conversation the rest of the night.
-I can't remember the other phrase often used in Austen and Jane Eyre that I like. It's not obliged, amiable, on the contrary, to be sure...wait, maybe it is "to be sure." Must watch Emma again.
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