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-kind, heartfelt words from others
-movie days with the girls and lots of good food (cheese fondue!)
-chick flicks with brooding male characters and happy endings
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» List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
» Tag seven people to do the same.
» Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

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1. I'm really quirky when it comes to iTunes. 99.9% of the time it's on shuffle. I used to have the "last skipped" dates displayed until skipping songs started making me feel guilty about how long it had been since I listened to entire songs. If I repeat a song, it has to be after the play count number has gone up, as opposed to in the last few seconds, so it gets both plays counted. If I'm browsing the store, I'm sometimes reluctant to stop the song playing in order to hear a sample because I can't go back to that song; the shuffle reshuffles or something. Unchecked songs are not unchecked on my iPod, and I don't know why. These quirks just scratch the surface...

2. I love road trips. My 12 hour drives to and from CA? Love them. Day trip to Tucson? Bring it on. I'm dying to go somewhere new this summer, but I don't know where or with who.

3. I love having multiple calendars. This year I only have 3; 2 at home, one at work. I'd have more if I could have decided on which to get, or if I'd found a Lord of the Rings one after realizing I didn't actually get a 2010 back in September. I was thinking about the 2009 one that was on my wall all year.

4. When I was a kid, I couldn't imagine not watching hours of tv a day. Now, I can't imagine not having my computer/internet available for hours a day.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with grammar and spelling. More love than hate.

6. I know more about pregnancy than anyone as far from being pregnant as me ought to know. However, I'm really ok with not knowing what cervical mucous tastes like. Yes, some people actually taste it to track fertility. I know, gross.

7. I wish I had listened to the people who told me to stand up straight and suck in my gut when I was a kid.

Tagging: everyone, someone, anyone?? You know you want to do it!
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Tomorrow - easy work disguised as academic.
Really, is reading an analog clock THAT hard?
Cookie decorating in the afternoon.
Cookie party in the evening.
Possible other thing to do, if it pans out.
Good dinner tonight at La Grand Orange.
Long day, but kids were really cute at the concert.
I really need to go to bed...
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This is me.
This is me not finishing report cards.
This is me wearing jeans to work on a Wednesday (casual day is Friday).
This is me remembering I need to wash my school polo for Friday.
This is me eating dark chocolate almond shortbread cookies.
This is me remembering I want to buy Dancing Queen on iTunes.
This is me all giddy about finishing Shirley last night and reading one of the most romantic speeches.
This is me wondering if I need to make a Bronte tag or just keep using the Jane Eyre one for all things Bronte.
This is me wondering who really cares about my tags. They do come in handy sometimes.
This is me being random.

Better do that load of laundry before I forget.
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This is me.
This is me 30 years and 365 days old (it's a leap year).
This is me not doing things I should be doing.
This is me full of chicken that I ate for dinner.
This is me listening to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
This is me thinking about ironing a shirt or two.
This is me changing a 2 to the word two in the line above.
(That was me being an English teacher again)
This is me wearing a long sweater with leggings. Really old leggings that I keep for the occasional need to layer clothing. The sweater just happens to be long.
This is me wanting to go to Lake Tahoe when I am in California.
This is me procrastinating.
This is me thinking about how procrastination never pays off in the end.

This is me going back to being productive.
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Nicknames I've had: Becky (my official one, short for Rebecca), Beckers, Beck, bec, Bex, Beckster, Beckeroo, Redondo, loser, weekend crack fiend (I swear I've never touched drugs, there's a story behind this name), bonzai, bonzeestar/bonzee/bonz, Beckeroobonzai, Beckyaliendio, Boqua, Reboqua, Laquanda.

Those are the ones I can remember.

Favorite names at the moment: Gabriel, Julian, Miranda.
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-I read Northanger Abbey in about 4 days.  Yay for time off.  Very cute book.  Now I just have two more Austen books to read.  Persuasion the movie was a bit drab, so I hope the book is better.  Mansfield Park I need to buy.  

-I went shopping yesterday and today, and spent a good deal of money.  I got some new work clothes, which always helps.  The weather has suddenly jumped up into the 80s-90s, so the warm weather gear was needed.  Still, I should go through my closet and see what can go, what can stay, and what I still need.  

-I have a love-hate thing for Old Navy.  More than half their inventory is clearance priced, and such a mess that I don't have the patience to search the racks.  Perhaps if they didn't sell such weird stuff/tissue thin shirts/odd-ball colored clothes/bizarre prints/dreaded halter or tube tops, I'd buy more from them.  More than just tee-shirts.  

-I don't know if I'm changing sizes or if stores are.  The shirts I had 9 or so of from Target were size L.  They've changed the fabric (it's the basic Mossimo V-neck tees) and now I have to get XL.  I went to Gap outlet, and found I had to get XL in those shirts too, and I tried on 3 different styles.  However, at Ann Taylor Loft, the large top fit perfectly, and it isn't a cotton tee so it won't shrink.  

-Changes in my diet are slow, but I'm trying.  Latest change: plain iced lattes instead of gettint some flavored syrup.  A little less sugar daily has to help.  

-Even though I gave most of it away, I want to make another carrot cake.   It was scrumptious!  

-CD recommendation: Red, "End of Silence" 

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I love calendars. I have 4: 2 at home, 2 at school.
Life cereal is awesome.
It's day one of of the 3 days each month where I'm completely starving all the time.
I have trouble taking the time to write out all that I want to write on here.
I promised another teacher I'd get to school by 930am tomorrow. I will do it.
Over the break, it felt wonderful to not be a teacher. I usually forgot about work till someone asked. Last night I got a little depressed knowing I have to go back soon.
I'm mostly over my car being broken into. Window fixed, frame needs a little patching up. If the damage had been worse, I would be more upset.
I wish I could explain to people my faith, beliefs, why I get so excited by what I learn in church, why it's so cool when things in the Bible make sense to me, etc, but I can't even explain it to myself most times.
Need to email pics to people.
The singleness blues do 5-minute sneak attacks about once a day.
I drink too much Starbucks and need to cut back.
All of my stuff is still waiting to be unpacked, but at least I cleaned the fish tanks tonight.

I really should go to bed.
As usual, I forgt much of what I intended to post.
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Things I should have at least started today:
start laundry
report cards
clean living room
put away clean clothes that have been on the floor for weeks
change bed sheets
clean betta tanks

What I've actually done today:
Got up at 8:30 (I was awake, plus I was coughing)
coffee shop
lunch with friends (yum, Juan's!)
got gas
went to Target
tossed old food from fridge and pantry
emptied dishwasher/reloaded with dirty dishes
made egg salad
missed Prairie Home Companion (just realized this)
talked to friend on phone

I still don't know if I have a cold or if I have the annual end of quarter/change of season illness.  Whatever it is, it's not helping my level of productivity.  If I try to speak loudly, I can feel the strain on my voice.  Yesterday, instead of countind down, I started standing in front of hte room and waving my arms for attention.  This week is conference week, Wed-Fri, and I really need my voice for that.  Alison comes in on Friday afternoon, just till Saturday morning, but I'm excited to see her.  Saturday afternoon I might do an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon I was invited to.  

Tired.  I hate being sick.  Cough, cough. 

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List-type entry today.

-Something has happened to [livejournal.com profile] fridayfiver. They haven't posted questions in 2 weeks.
-When I get a bol from Chipotle, I eat it from right to left, without mixing up the ingredients. I do like to have some sour cream in each bite, however. Often I'll eat every last grain of rice, though today I didn't. If I get a burrito, it's almost like a challenge to not drop any rice or beans while eating. I'm usually pretty successful.
-I love Chipotle.
-Dark chocolate M&Ms are quite tasty.
-Went to the mall, DSW, Lakeshore, and Office Depot today. Lakeshore was messy and didn't have the book or poster I specifically went there for, thus reconfirming it's not my favorite teacher store. I prefer Staples to Office Depot.
-I bought 2 shirts from Gap, scoopneck tee's that I saw on the weekly email. It's confirmed; I will never get away from tee shirts. I'd like to, but it just doesn't ever seem to happen. At least they aren't V-neck.
-Last weekend I bought Jars of Clay's "Much Afraid" cd and I love it. I already knew several of the songs, but still. Now I just have to find "If I left the Zoo."
-I need to start laundry, but I was so tired coming home from my errands today that I just don't want to do anything. However, doing nothing tonight leads to being behind tomorrow, so I shall start laundry soon.
-Last night I graded a bunch of papers, and maybe I'll do more tonight.
-Haircut appointment on Tuesday, so I can look nice for pictures Thursday.

/random :D
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-The day I finally watch LOTR again, I meet a little girl named Arwen. I totally geeked out. :D The girl was with her aunt, not her mom, so I couldn't get the story of how they chose the name.

-Microwaved scrambled eggs rock.

-It's ok to be hot during the day, but at night it blows.

-Scent is often the deciding factor on which cleaning products I buy.

-I really need to go into work tomorrow.

-My friend still has my Jane Eyre dvd and I would go into withdrawl if I didn't have the book to read.


Jun. 19th, 2007 09:04 pm
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Insatiable hunger
Craving chocolate
Folding laundry
Maybe DVDing

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Tomorrow, I will go move my stuff to my new classroom. If all goes as planned, on Tuesday I'll be going to Mexico for the very first time. Woah. I'm just going to Nogales with [livejournal.com profile] intothebean because that's where he's from. I have no idea what to expect there.

If I put my to do list here, maybe I'll be more inclined to actually get things accomplished instead of be online or read or watch Jane Eyre. Yes, it's my current obsession, or fandom, whatever you want to call it, and it's fantastic. So, here goes.

Things I need to do:
-Read Teaching with Love and Logic
-Review the Harry Wong book for things relevant to 4th grade
-Download the state standards for 4th grade
-throw away the pile of papers I thought I might need
-vacuum the apartment
-order my canopy bed!
-continue organizing my photo albums, which I haven't done since last summer
-renew my Costco memebership
-order prints of the many digital pictures I've taken over the past year
-mop the kitchen floor
-retrieve the lid to my traveler mug that fell under the fridge months ago
-take books to school that I don't want cluttering my bookshelf
-get SEI papers taken care of at the district office
-see about taking the AZ constitution course online

I love summer. I love that I can stay up! I've gone back to night owl mode again. I need to get my spare keys back so I can go swimming.

Tomorrow, I should do laundry.
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-I still love Jane Eyre, both book and movie.
-I had fun at the waterslides today with the 8th graders. Evened out my tan a bit, too.
-I dread calculating final grades tomorrow. It makes me feel so incompetent, which I should not feel.
-Forgot what else I might have said here.
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Listy list time!

-I may be changing grade levels. I initially panicked at the thought, but after talking to my friend/the school counselor, I'm ok with it. I think I'd like 6th or 4th. Both have great teams, but I'm used to older kids.

-I hate yelling at the kids. I don't know why I continue to do it. All it does is raise my blood pressure. Six more weeks, or is it 5? I can make it.

-This weekend will be busy, so I hope I don't lose my mind next week due to lack of a real break.

-I am eating horribly lately, and I've gained 5 lbs. Not good. I'm thirsty, and too lazy to go get water.

-I need some good tea to make into iced tea. Any recommendations?

-I absolutely LOVE Jane Eyre. It keeps getting better, and I keep getting shocked by things that happen.

-I love that I've gotten into reading books again.

-I want more userpic space. I want new icons, but I don't want to delete any of my current ones.

I know there was something else I wanted to say, but all the important stuff goes in and out of my head as I'm driving to/from work.
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This is my to do list for the day:
1. Schedule for the week (1/2)
2. /Write any needed lesson plans
3. Finish grading essays
4. Put away laundry/iron/make sure I have enough to wear this week
5. Possibly make new seating charts
6. Drink copious amounts of coffee. Oh, crap, I need to go buy some decaf.

I found my favorite flavor of non-dairy creamer in powder form. Yay toffee nut! I think I should get another container of it for school. I would prefer the liquid kind, but this is better than nothing.

If I go to the store, or Starbucks (to get decaf coffee), I'm never going to get any work done. Argh. Oh well. I'm going anyway. If I'm going to stress, might as well stress while drinking coffee.

Did I mention I have to go back to work tomorrow?

Edit: Ok, it's sad how little I got done.
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So far today, I:

Slept in
Talked to Carrie online
Talked to Chron online
Went to Starbucks
Went to Target (bought a new coffee maker)
Went to Staples
Read my flist a dozen times
Gave Susanne the toffee bar recipe
Went English-teacher editing mode on posts/comments I've made on LJ
Transfered teacher-related documents into a bigger binder
Realized I never filled out/returned a form I needed to because I didn't read the directions clipped to it (ha ha, my students would love that)
Have not started on the grading I need to do
Am starving, and so am going to get a big salad to eat.

:) I really need to do my school work!
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Bullet points:

-Learning to not react, and not take things personally.
-Many of the 8th graders are on a destructive path, and I can't stand to watch what they're doing to themselves. I don't know how to stop it.
-It's not just in my class that shreds of eraser get tossed around.
-The vandalism has spread to library books and class textbooks. They're so blatent about it, I'm scared.

I ran across this passage last night, which was exactly what I needed to read after last week at work. It's from The Five Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman.

"Yes, [something bad] happened. Certainly it hurt. It may still hurt. But either the person has acknowledged his or her failure and I have chosen to forgive the individual, or he/she persists in the wrong behavior and I choose to release that person to God, knowing that He is a God of justice as well as mercy. I refuse to allow the other's behavior to destroy my life today.
Releasing the person is not forgiveness. Forgiveness is a response to confession. It is rather a releasing of my hurt and anger so that I am not consumed by them. It is choosing to love people in spite of the wrong they have done to me. It does not restore the relationship, but it does allow me to live my life in peace and love toward others."
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