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Every so often, and entire day of friends, junk food, and movies is not only acceptable but necessary. Wives and Daughters and North and South make for hours and hours of fun. Yelling at annoying characters, looking up actors on IMDb, and failing to keep our fingers out of the chip bowls.

We tried to watch Much Ado About Nothing but Netflix doesn't have subtitles. We couldn't translate Shakespeare in our heads fast enough to keep up with the plot.

But, today is back to real life, chores, etc. This is actually ok with me. Maybe I'll fit in an ep of Doctor Who.


Jul. 11th, 2012 11:11 pm
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On this trip, I have:
baked brownies and strawberry cake
saw cousins I have not seen in many years
watched all 14 episodes of The Office U.K. (infinitely more Martin Freeman love now)
camped in Yosemite (but still haven't seen any bears)
NOT been to Target (gasp!)
only been to Peet's twice; 3 times if you count the Peet's/ice cream place in Yosemite
finished the book Emma and Knightly
Eaten dinner at Max's (yum) and Luna Loca (Mom likes it, I think it's ok)

Tonight, I ate pie and watched SYTYCD. Lots of good dancers this season.

Tomorrow, I will see Allison in Santa Rosa. Friday I will see some Sac friends.

Need to upload pictures from my camera, but it's 11pm. Later, later.
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-kind, heartfelt words from others
-movie days with the girls and lots of good food (cheese fondue!)
-chick flicks with brooding male characters and happy endings
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Hello, I'm alive. Not that there was any worry about that, but I feel there's nothing better to say. I could complain about work, but I won't. I could mention some totally random things, like defying wash instructions or how Chipotle is so stinking salty that I need a gallon of liquid after a burrito. Randomness, check!

Oh, thanks [livejournal.com profile] coffeesnob for the stinkin' adorable card. :)

Doing a little work each day, like grading or cleaning, is far better than leaving huge to-do lists for the weekends. If only I'd stick to such plans for more than a few days.

After many days of almost-adding then chickening out, I finally added my elementary school best friend on Facebook. In middle school we drifted apart, but were aquaintences through high school, running in different crowds. I don't think we've seen each other since then, but curiosity never left me. Wanting to know what had become of her was the reason I checked out FB to begin with after swearing I couldn't switch from Myspace or add yet another page to my internet addiction. Many a Google search, as well as Classmates and Myspace searches had netted zero results. When I finally looked on FB, I found her but had to register in order to see any information. So, I did, and that was probably 2 years ago. Since then, I occasionally considered adding her, but was afraid to. I finally did, thinking the worst that could happen was her ignoring my request. That wouldn't really be a big deal, at least I'd tried. Happily, she not only added me back, but was glad to hear from me. So, yay.

Ok, so much for grading anything tonight. At least I did some laundry.
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I like my feet. I may not love most of the rest of my body, but I think my feet are attractive. Size 9, right now my toenails are painted for the first time since May '08, and there's just nothing gross about them in general.

I want a brownie or chocolate cake.

I could drink 3-4 Peet's iced lattes a day. Seriously yummy.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to San Francisco. It's a chance for me to spend time with him, and I miss seeing the ocean. The only definite plan so far is going to the Golden Gate Bridge. I also need to call Alison and see if we can drop by or have lunch or dinner. Short notice, but I'm just not really into seeing everyone I know on this trip.

Speaking of seeing people, I saw my brother and sister-in-law without thinking I was going to. They were over when my mom and I got back from the airport, then we had a Father's Day bbq here. My brother is a step-grandpa, so he got to celebrate too.

Lucky the dog is cute, even if he does poop in the house. He will crawl under the covers with you if you let him. He'll stare at you with this sad face till you throw his ball, but he doesn't bring it back to you. He chases it, plays with it, then comes and sits near you and just looks at you, waiting.

So many things in my life I wish were different, yet those that are in my control I'm often too lazy to change.

I still hope I won't have to teach a 4/5 combo class next school year. Ha, school starts again on July 27th, so it seems absurd to say next year.

Tahoe on Thursday! Yay!

I bought a new dress at H&M today. Maybe I'll post a picture of it, once I take one. I also bought 2 more v-neck shirts on sale at Gap. Now I have 5 different colors. Silly me.

I also like my hair, even if it's flat because of the different water/climate/whatever. I like the color too. Oh, and my hair is way cuter than Kate Gosselin's. Ok, it's just less weird, since I don't have the spiky deal in the back.

I watched maybe my 3rd episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight. I can only watch when I'm at a place with cable, plus the whole "big announcement" we all predicted. I must admit, the kids are adorable, and the show is addicting aside from the whole marital issues. I find the breakup sad, and yet I sat there, analyzing with my mom what went wrong. What went wrong, I don't know, but I agree with what [livejournal.com profile] joyfulmelody brought up - what about marriage vows? For better or worse, till death do us part? I don't believe the tabloids, and I wish them the best in this next, very difficult chapter of their lives.

I want to get married.
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I found a banana chocolate chip bread mix at Target this weekend, so I made it for movie day yesterday. I added more chocolate chips to the batter. :) I'm eating most of the loaf myself, since Reena and Michelle had only tiny bites yesterday.

I don't understand St. Patrick's Day anymore. All people do is go out and drink. I like a drink once in a while, but just one or two. I'm just not the get sloshed type. I didn't even wear green yesterday - my shirt is in the laundry and I forgot about my tank top.

I finished reading Pride and Prejudice on Monday night. Funny how one of the soundtrack songs just came on iTunes as I wrote that. Anyway, fantastic book. Reading it in three days, especially since it was my first Austen book, meant I missed pretty much all the important details and explanations. Well, missed or I just didn't remember them. I was at Borders tonight, looking for a book as a sad excuse to also get a Javanilla shake. I almost got one or both Charlotte Bronte books, but I have enough unread books on my shelf already. Maybe I'll start Cold Mountain next.

Chick flicks are so cookie-cutter. I finally saw 27 Dresses yesterday, and the general plot was quite predictable. Not that I didn't enjoy it, and the Benny and the Jets scene was awesome, and I so want to steal her wedding, but still cookie-cutter.

Spring break so far has been busy/relaxing. Saturday I got an unexpected call inviting me to the Ostrich Festival, and then I watched movies with Jayme, which I had planned to do anyway. Sunday was church, Green Party at Jenn's (where I played a game called Cornhole) and then Bible study at church again that night. Monday I slept in, though my mind was confused in the morning. After going to various stores, I cleaned the apartment. It was hard for me to relax and just clean, because I felt like I should have been doing more. By the time I adjust to being on break, I'll have to go back to work.

Plans for the rest of break include laundry, sub for a teacher at intersession Friday, Tucson day trip Saturday, and Dad coming on Monday. I still need to call him to make sure he didn't forget or get sick. He's a month shy of 75, after all. Still, he'll be driving here. I bought a travel book for Albuquerque, since I'd like to go there for a few days. All I know there is to do is Sandia Peak tram. I think it's called Sandia Peak. Some mountain over there.

It amuses me that this livejournal started out as a fandom thing (because I kept reading/commenting on [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter's) and has since become part personal blog, part fandom thing. Oh, it's also one of my main sources of reading material, since my flist is the second thing I read daily when I get home. Email is first.

My Crock Pot is still in the box. I really need to start using that thing.

So, that's all for now. I think.


Mar. 17th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Saturday and today were movie days. Saturday was with Jayme, and we watched Sense and Sensibility '08 and Pride and Prejudice '05. Today was with Reena and Michelle, and we watched A Knight's Tale and 27 dresses. Reena left to party for St. Patrick's Day, so Michelle and I watched P&P again. I will never get tired of that movie.

Tomorrow, I have to clean my classroom and then go to the district office.
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I should be asleep, but I'm not tired. Tomorrow, I get up early, leave early, and go meet [livejournal.com profile] ewanspotter!!! WOOT!

I got new tires on my car, and they fixed my brakes too.

I'm so random.

Bye, California.
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Bliss:  Pioneer Woman's carrot cake is baking, and it smells heavenly.  

The other extreme: I finally started doing my laundry.  

Reena is coming over later so we can watch The Jane Austen Book Club.  

Yay summer!
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Monday, three of my friends/coworkers (the 4th grade team at my old school) went on a shopping road trip. We piled into my car and drove 300 miles across the desert to the outlet mall in Cabazon, CA. Yes 300 miles. Susan and I came up with the idea long ago, and when we mentioned it to the others, they were game as well. Why so far, you must be asking. Well, the outlet mall is pretty big, and they have some high-end stores you can't find any closer. Specifically, they have a Coach outlet, which was our major destination. A Kate Spade outlet too, where I was very tempted by a few purses. However, it was a really good deal at Coach, and a lot of egging and nudging by my friends, that made me cave in. I'm still a little in shock over my purchase, but I had sort of budgeted for it. Plus, I got an unexpected stipend today, which more than pays for the purse. So, yeah. Jill and Susan got purses too, and Larisa got a wallet, plus a purse from Fossil.

Along from all the shopping, we had so much fun. I brought a bunch of cds so they could play DJ and keep the music going. We made the requisite stop at Starbucks in Blythe, CA, which was also a time to get out and stretch. I've passed the outlets many times on my drives to and from CA, but I forgot exactly where they were, but they are right next to the freeway, can't be missed. I just got my city locations mixed up. On the way home we listened to Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge soundtracks, and they got to hear my "Single Music" mix. "Walking After You" by Foo Figthers is on it, and I thought none of the others would know it. As soon as it started playing, Susan went NUTS. She loves that song. Needless to say, I was happy that she was happy. Had to stop for gas in Chiriaco Summit, and paid $4.87/gal. We all agonized trying to remember who sings "Sultans of Swing" until Jill remembered, shouting out Dire Straits as we pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru. The barista might have thought us a little crazy with our giggling.

I love road trips. I love my friends. It was an excellent day.
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We did it! Michelle, Reena and I watched all three extended editions. We finished around 12:30am, but I can't remember exactly when we started. Somewhere around 1pm, I think.
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It was 12:30am, but still only 11:30pm in CA, where my friend lives. She was calling to wish me happy birthday, and also to tell me that she's pregnant. YAY! She's about 3 months along, which means she was pregnant during her visit here at the end of September, but didn't know it yet. Maybe it was wishful thinking at the time, but I totally thought, what if she walked out of the terminal with a little belly? So, my intuition rocks. Hehehe, the last of my oldest friends is going to be a mom!
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(Finally finished writing this a day later)

Three, if you count that I finally slept in as late as I wanted to today. I didn't have to get up at my usual work times, but I still had to be somewhere every day since school ended last Friday.

Ahhh, so yesterday I experienced two things for the first time. One was finally going to Mexico. Growing up in northern California, the closest I ever got was San Diego. My church always took the high school group on missions trips the week I wasn't on spring break. Shoot, I've been to Canada 3 times, and that's way farther away. On Sunday, Luis and I were chatting away, and he told me he finally has 2 days off. Since he had lived in Nogales for a while, and I had never been, we decided to make a day trip out of it.

On the way, we stopped at Picacho Peak, where there's an ostrich farm. For $5 you get a cup of feed for the ostriches and deer, and a little container of nectar for the lorikeets. A sign shows how to feed the ostriches, and claims they don't bite. Well, you get out there and big signs say they DO bite. They peck really, but have no teeth. Well, I held some food flat on my palm as shown, and they peck hard! The bird did pinch my hand a little. Man, those birds are scary! You can pour food into little trays but they attack almost before you get the food in. Too bad we didn't save any for the deer, which were way calmer and cuter. They make funny noises, and stick their tongues out wanting food. I wasn't able to get a picture with the tongue though. Next we went to the lorikeet house. As soon as Luis went in, one landed on his back and I totally freaked out. I finally did go in, and thankfully, no birds landed on me. They all liked him. We took pictures, which I will post later, bought a few postcards, and left.

Next stop was Tucson, or actually Oro Valley, at Luis's parents' house. We ate lunch and talked for a while. His parents are really nice, and his mom is a good cook. It's true, they totally spoil him. I love their house, and the dogs.

When you get past Tucson towards Nogales, the signs give kilometers instead of miles. Strange, but oh well. You can see the houses going up the hillside before you cross the border, and I don't know what is holding those things up. How they got a foundation in the side of the hill, or if they did, I don't know. We parked and then walked across the border. I swear, it was weird. To get in, you just walk through this turnstile gate, no one watching, no big deal. I had no idea where to go, so we just walked to where I could buy something. Ok, that's just about everywhere. The small, crowded huts, for lack of better term, were closer to the border. Since I just scream "tourist," they were all inviting me in to look at their wares. I didn't want to be rude, so I looked, and said no thanks to most of it. Really, there was nothing I wanted. After about 10 places, I finally looked at some bracelets, and bought one I truly liked. It's my souveneir of the trip, along with the pictures. Luis and I got all sorts of funny comments. The shopkeepers kept telling me that he was buying anything I wanted. We were refered to as honeymooners by one, and I swear another person refered to him as my dad (?!?). Afterwards, we walked further into town, to places Luis remembered. We ate at one little cafe; I ordered strawberry and banana creps but ended up with walnut plantain crepes. Plantains are ok, but not enough like a banana for me. I ate some, and about half of Luis's fries as well. My mango margarita tasted like frozen orange juice concentrate, but I still liked it.

Since we were on foot, we didn't get that far into town, but we did zigzag through several streets looking around. Luis kept saying how different it was, and pointed out places he remembered. The shops crack me up, with the variety of items they sell. Almost all carry the same things, and they are all packed with wares. On the way back to the border, we stopped at another restaurant, Kookarpacha's, with a nice outdoor seating area. I had a Coca-Cola Light, aka Diet Coke. The bottle was obviously returned/refilled from the wear marks. I wanted to keep the bottle, but didn't ask, so just left it. Walking back through the border, you have to declare citizenship. Basically, you just show ID. I guess beginning next year, you'll need a passport, so it's a good thing I went now.

We drove around Nogales on the AZ side, looking for Luis's old school, then headed back to Tucson, where I had my other "first." Ok, so there were several firsts that day, but this one is major: I got pulled over for speeding. I was crusing along somewhere around 85 in what I thought was a 75 zone. I saw the cop too late, which was after Luis pointed him out. I slowed, but he had turned around. Not sure whether he would come after me, since he had to let another car go by before he could get on the road, I pulled over to the right lane anyway, and sure enough the cop caught up to me. He asked me if I knew what the limit was, and I really didn't know, so I said 75, which was the last posting I'd seen. However, we had just gotten back into the Tucson area, so it changed to 55 somewhere. I gulped. He asked if I knew how fast I was going, and I sad about 80; he nodded then went to go write up the report. So, I'm sitting there, ready to take my ticket and wondering what my fine and insurance cost will be. I said to Luis, wouldn't it be funny if he let me off? So, the officer comes back and says that he's putting me down as 64 in a 55 zone, and giving me a waste of finite resources ticket. My fine is $37 and it doesn't go on my record or insurance. I was drop-jawed. He didn't explain why he gave that to me, instead of the $201 fine I should have gotten. My theory is that I cooperated and admitted fault, and/or I have a pretty clean driving record. My last ding was over 5 years ago. Whatever it was, I thanked him profusely, and was soon on the road again, with Luis constantly reminding me to watch my speed.

Not in a real hurry to get back, I considered calling [livejournal.com profile] mercuriehg but thought she might still be out of town. (Mer, we have to go to Eegees again!) Instead, we went to 4th street in Tucson, and stopped at a coffee shop whose owner goes to Luis's shop when she's in town. My vanilla au lait was pretty good, and it was nice to sit outside at the picnic tables. Around UofA reminds me of downtown Davis. The houses and little shops are similar, and a far cry from Phoenix and ASU. Afterwards, it was back to Oro Valley to give Luis's mom the vase he bought, plus pick up the Police concert tickets he's trying to sell. At last, we headed home, singing to the radio, talking about food, lack of time to cook, work, future road trips, etc. Even with the run-in with the law, I had a blast.
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Got the format idea from [livejournal.com profile] keeumm and I like the efficiency of it.

Drove from AZ to Mom's house in CA, 11.5 hours. I hate I-5.
Had banana chocolate chip cake from Starbucks in Blythe, which made me very happy.
Started reading Pride and Prejudice, which my sister had a copy of.

Can't even remember what I did that day, but probably not much. Went shopping somewhere with my sister, grocery store I think. Later, Costco with Mom as well. My cousin practiced card tricks on me all night. I totally missed an earthquake, even though I was sitting downstairs reading when it happened.
Oh yeah, now I remember, I went and got my birthday present - a lamp.

Saw my friend Allison and her brood, plus our friend Erol as well as some people from high school that I had not seen in years. Didn't get to spend too much time with them, but I was very happy to see them.
Celebrated Christmas that day, since my cousin was going to Washington the next day. My brother and sister-in-law came over for dinner and presents.
I'm getting my bed! My dream bed! I'll put up a picture sometime.

Went shopping with Mom, and got the lampshade for my lamp. Saw my dream bed at Pottery Barn, and literally hugged one of the posts. I want that bed SO BADLY!

It was one of the most un-Christmas Christmases in my life. We watched Little Miss Sunshine (bizarre) and laid around.
Finished reading Pride and Prejudice, which I loved. Wanted to watch the movie again so bad I almost went looking for another copy of it.

Had coffee with Dad

Went to see my friend Alison in San Francisco. We went to Pier 39 and Fishermans's Wharf, which I loved. I haven't been there in ages. We then took the "scenic route" back to her home, at which I once again marveled at the way buildings are crammed on the incredibly steep hills.
Went from SF to Sheltri and Eric's in Hayward. We went to Chevy's for dinner, and Sheltri and I caught up while we waited for Eric. I gave Eric grammar lessons after dinner, which was quite amusing. I was writing example sentences on a napkin. We went back to the house and talked for a few hours. I miss them very much.

Went to Sacramento. Picked up Kelly, and went to Old Sac, yet another place I hardly ever got to see, even when I lived in the area. I miss Kelly too, we think so much alike! It's my goal to save up and visit her in New York this summer.
Went to see Hilary afterwards, and met her daughter, Lisa. Hilary I also miss very much, as we are so goofy together in a way no one else understands.

Drove home, 11.5 hours again. I still hate I-5.
Went to the coffee shop before even going home.
Got home, immediately turned on Pride and Prejudice. Love this movie!

It's good to be home.
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I drove up to Prescott Valley today to see Hilary. Her mom and cousin live up there, so she was in town for Easter and small baby shower. I kept poking her belly, probably because I had a dream about her last night and I poked her belly in my dream. Funny thing, she was about the same size in my dream as in real life.

I got to Hilary's cousin's house early. When she arrived, her mom walked in first, then Hilary and I was SO excited, I wanted to jump up and down. I have not seen her since October. Hilary was one of the first real friends I made when I moved to Folsom in 2001, and I've seen her through being single to meeting/dating her husband to getting married to now having a baby. When she walked in the door, it was like I'd never moved away. Gosh, I miss her! I can't believe she's going to be a mommy! I just wish I was physically closer to her.

Seeing Hilary makes me miss all my old friends back in CA. I'm sketching out plans for a trip this summer, and right now it looks like me driving there and visiting people pretty much non-stop. Not the most relaxing trip, but I miss them a lot.
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