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Still working on my resume. Looked at resume tips websites. Brain-dumped a few more skills on my word document. Looked at job listings emails as well as one city website. Need to get that resume created! People keep saying to apply for things even if I don't have all of the listed qualifications. Well, I will, once I get the resume done. However, the websites make it seem like one little mistake in a resume will have it passed by after the 6-second glance recruiters give it. Sigh. I HAVE SKILLS. I just don't know how to word them in a non-teaching resume.

I need a goal for today. Hmm. Maybe send my list so far to Elizabeth. Actually, my current goal is to get away from the computer for a while as my eyes are starting to bug out. Housework still needs to be done. I also can't wait to hit the treadmill again. Last night I did a random workout - the incline changed at random intervals. Holy cow, I don't know if I really burned 346 calories in 42 minutes but when the incline was up there, and at 4mph, I was really huffing and puffing. Not knowing what I was getting into, I made the settings a little high and had to lower them as I went. I'll try a slightly lower intensity today.
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Requisite DW mention: my current favorite phrases include "jammy dodgers" and "Roricus Pondicus."

Got home late Tuesday night, and baked banana bread Wedensday evening. I think I missed baking.

New shoes: Went to a store where they analyzed my stride then found some proper shoes. I had to jog up and down the sidewalk in a few pairs to find the ones that worked best. I have walked twice since getting home, but have not tried jogging. I didn't walk at all while out of town, except to try out the shoes. Let's see if they help prevent back pain.

Sur la Table is like kryptonite to my wallet. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd get so many gadgets. Williams Sonoma isn't much better.

I don't think the above metaphor is exactly right, but I canI't think of something better.

I'm all proud of my Christmas card display method - tie both ends of a long piece of ribbon to pins (or, in my case, Command hooks because I hate putting holes in the walls) about 5 feet apart and hang the cards on it. This might stay up a few more weeks. :)

I was answering trivia questions tonight, and Natalie was surprised I knew Annie Lebowitz was the answer to one of them. I thought, do people know obscure trivia anymore? I went to pub quiz again while in CA, and got a bit competitive. I also got a bit excited that the holiday research I used to do with my classes came in handy. Knowing what St. Lucia and Posada were = win.

Kids need to read more books. Preferably ones not about vampires or high school cliques.

Dinosaurs on a spaceship!! (sorry, another DW reference)
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Ok, so maybe I'm not a jogger...yet. Took 2 days off to rest and for Thanksgiving. Went walking this morning but I couldn't run at all. My knee hurts when I try, and it was all I could do to run across the roads when they were clear of cars. At least I can still walk the 4 miles.

Saw some freakishly large fish in the canal - some 2 feet long. I also saw a turtle! Where did that thing come from?

I am thankful I can pay my bills...I am thankful I can pay my bills...that shall be my mantra for the day. Oh, I am also thankful for all the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. :D

Day two

Apr. 1st, 2008 05:03 pm
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Went walking again today! I even extended my route a little. Tomorrow I can't leave work till at least 4, and Thursday I don't even come home till 9. I need to get some sort of schedule where I can walk 3-4 days a week.


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