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Sep. 19th, 2015 07:58 pm
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I just watched the season 9 premiere and it ROCKED! Soooo much better than S8. I hope this sets the standard for the rest of the season.

betta note

Nov. 27th, 2013 10:16 am
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Nine has been been put out of his misery. He had an open wound on the back of his head/neck that started out like a missing scale, but got bigger. I've never seen something like that in my other bettas.

Won't be shocked if I head out today to find David Tennant Fish. Or, at least a new fish that will have some sort of Doctor Who name. First, however, lots of cleaning, baking, and making mashed potatoes for tomorrow.

ETA: got a dark red male. I started calling him Rory the Roman before I even got home. However, I am also debating calling him Eleven. Giving it a few days to see what fits. I asked River Song fish if she wanted her dad or her husband. No word yet, but she's interested in the new guy.

Yes, I talk to my bettas.
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Watching "Day of the Doctor" in a theater full of Whovians is one of the BEST THINGS EVER. Oh yeah, also while wearing my Ten shirt and "sand shoes."
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Seeing Paul McGann in "Night of the Doctor" made me want to watch Our Mutual Friend again. Paul was, and is, Eugene Wrayburn to me. When I initially heard he was also the Eighth Doctor, I was a bit skeptical. However, NotD has convinced me otherwise. Still, I love him best as Eugene. [ profile] holbytla still gets credit for convincing me to watch OMF. [ profile] msantimacassar, I'm sure you've seen it too. If not, you need to! Totally worth the 5 hours.
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Goals I accomplished this summer: sing karaoke, read a book, try new recipes.

Goals I still need to finish: be ready for the school year to start, finish watching Firefly.

Unexpected accomplishments: weekend in Flagstaff (which felt like a vacation), spoiled the movie Serenity via a Nerd HQ video on YouTube, and spent way too much money.

My digital camera has officially bitten the dust.

I just got totally distracted and started watching the Doctor Who panel from Comic Con. Going to continue that now...
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Last night, I was at a party with 6 girls and one guy. The guy happened to be the roommie's boyfriend who was a bit tipsy. This made for interesting conversation. The rest of us being single, we started listing requirements for guys we'd want to date. At this point, mine are male, has a job, and Christian. Well, then we added he can't live with his parents. Doesn't even have to be good looking! Ha ha. Sigh. Not asking too much, am I?

My friend posted this on my FB wall a few days ago. I find it somewhat accurate.

husband material

And then there's this, which also holds somewhat true.

awkward seduction<img
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Possibly changing my mood theme. About 2 of you will care, but still, which one should I go with?

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Tomorrow is the last day of school. It hardly seems true, probably because I don't have my own class this year.

Ummm, brain not working. Still kind of stuck on Doctor Who, but have also watched So You Think You Can Dance and Call the Midwife.

Usually all anal about italicizing names of things, but can't be bothered to right now. Don't care.

Long day tomorrow and Friday. Um, brain not working any more. Yeah. LOL.

More coherent post...Saturday perhaps?

Cleaned the bettas' homes today. They seem happy. :) Love my fishies!
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Drama at work. Not affecting/involving me, but still, drama.
Contracts this week, we hope.
Avoiding Doctor Who season finale spoilers, or trying to. Miss Tumblr though.
Chocolate chips and pomegranate Craisins make a delicious dessert.
Swam today since it's too hot to walk. 3 sets of 10 laps. Tough-ish, but felt I could have done more.
7 days of school left.
So You Think You Can Dance season 10 started tonight, yay!
I have housework I'm avoiding.
Nerves on and off about teaching 5th grade.
Need to catch up a couple days on Bible reading.
Feel like journaling (on paper) but can't motivate myself to actually do it.
Phone is missing - think the roommate took it by accident. I miss it! Oh, and I needed to call and text people.

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I find this seriously amazing and beautiful.
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Must avoid tumblr...I do not ship Eleven and Clara...I will not ship Eleven and Clara...RIVER SONG IS HIS WIFE!!!

It's just that that ep is proving to be quite gif-tastic, and I might start begging for icons (looking at you [ profile] msantimacassar or [ profile] holbytla)

Ha ha, [ profile] holbytla how have I not dragged you into Doctor Who fandom yet??? Or any of the rest of you for that matter???
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1. This photo makes me incredibly happy.

David Tennant and Matt Smith

Ten and Eleven in the same photo! No way of knowing whether they will share the screen on the 50th anniversary show, but I don't care about that (yet).

b. No contract has been signed (not available yet for any staff) but it's pretty much official that I'll teach 5th grade next year. Someone asked me if I am excited...I said I am ready, but excited isn't necessarily the right word.

III. Going to bed at 11 instead of 10 means I catch a bit of the Absolute Radio breakfast show live.

d. The roommie possibly getting married within a year?!?!?

5. Tomorrow is Friday. Yay.

VI. I ate a lot of cookies today. Ok, 4, but still.

g. LJ isn't disappearing, those of you who keep mentioning that! :D

7. I need to do some retroactive tagging of posts.
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After almost having to babysit all day today, I was instead able to sleep in and then do chores. Oh, how I love waking up when it's light outside, only to turn over and go back to sleep.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to be able to grocery shop (hooray for getting paid!) and then cook. Last night I made spicy pulled pork and a batch of cookie dough. Today I went to a different store for stuff Sprouts doesn't carry, then made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce. As that simmered, and after doing a bunch of dishes, I decided scooping and rolling the cookie dough was too much effort. So, into a pan it went to make bars instead. Froze most of the sauce and pork, cleaned everything, then swept and mopped. Listened to Prairie Home Companion too. Twas nice to do all this, but I've reached my limit. So, I sat down with a glass of riesling and read my Vintage Cakes cookbook.

Last night, I had a glass of wine. Tonight, I had another. Right now I am a little buzzed. Ha. I still need to iron clothes, which I've been avoiding for days. Also need to contact Natalie and see about watching the new Doctor Who ep tomorrow. Maybe I'll steam some asparagus first.

Sheesh, my life is boring.
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The Petsmart cashier notices and compliments my necklace with a quote written in Elvish. I reply that I love when people know what it is. He says it's nice to meet a fellow geek. I say I am expanding my geek cred by choosing the betta I did because it's as blue as the Tardis. He suggests a name that I've forgotten, but I say it's a female so I can't. He says to call it the companion. :D

If he didn't look like he was in his 20s I'd totally have kept talking to him.

The betta's name is River Song. I wanted to call her Sexy, in reference to the episode "The Doctor's Wife" but next to nobody IRL would get it. Few will get the name River either, but at least it won't make them look at me funny.

Image found on Facebook today:
British accent
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Forget the Utah bit, the rest is hilarious.

Wish I came up with stuff this good )
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Requisite DW mention: my current favorite phrases include "jammy dodgers" and "Roricus Pondicus."

Got home late Tuesday night, and baked banana bread Wedensday evening. I think I missed baking.

New shoes: Went to a store where they analyzed my stride then found some proper shoes. I had to jog up and down the sidewalk in a few pairs to find the ones that worked best. I have walked twice since getting home, but have not tried jogging. I didn't walk at all while out of town, except to try out the shoes. Let's see if they help prevent back pain.

Sur la Table is like kryptonite to my wallet. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd get so many gadgets. Williams Sonoma isn't much better.

I don't think the above metaphor is exactly right, but I canI't think of something better.

I'm all proud of my Christmas card display method - tie both ends of a long piece of ribbon to pins (or, in my case, Command hooks because I hate putting holes in the walls) about 5 feet apart and hang the cards on it. This might stay up a few more weeks. :)

I was answering trivia questions tonight, and Natalie was surprised I knew Annie Lebowitz was the answer to one of them. I thought, do people know obscure trivia anymore? I went to pub quiz again while in CA, and got a bit competitive. I also got a bit excited that the holiday research I used to do with my classes came in handy. Knowing what St. Lucia and Posada were = win.

Kids need to read more books. Preferably ones not about vampires or high school cliques.

Dinosaurs on a spaceship!! (sorry, another DW reference)
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Chilling with [ profile] ewanspotter at her place. She graciously rewatched 6 episodes of Doctor Who with me so I could catch up. Now I have to wait for episodes like the rest of the world...WAHHH!!!

So many things about S7 and the newest Christmas special! ACK! Thus the icon. I mean, do not want the changes on DW. DO want to keep hanging out with awesome other Becky. :D

I need an Eleven icon. Now that I'm caught up, I can look at icon comms.
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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Maybe if I go to bed, Santa will bring me my British gentleman. Nah, but I can still dream.

Oh, and epic episode of Doctor Who was epic! I need someone to talk about it with! It's from season 6, not the special that will air later today. There may be a chance that I race through the rest of S6 so I can watch S7 that my sister set the DVR to record. That's a LOT of Doctor in a week, after which I'll have to wait like the rest of the world for new eps. Hmm, this plan might just backfire on me.
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I'm toying with...

What, huh? My post an entry page looks different...meh?

Ok, back to what I was saying. I'm toying with making a video to post here, inspired by [ profile] spally and I talking about imitating accents. Accents would just be one part of it, but what else would you like to know? Questions you'd like answered? I need something (anything) to talk about :) If you don't give me ideas, I might go on about Doctor Who for a while.

Oh, and just for my record keeping: Skinner the betta fish died the day before Thanksgiving, and Elvis left the building this past Tuesday. I got a new girl a few days after Skinner. The roommie named her Ruby Jane, and I call her Sarah Jane. Because, you know, my fish must have character or actor names. Well, Elvis was Elvis because he was blue like Blue Suede Shoes.

Oh, and Saturday is my birthday. I'll be going out to sing karaoke. woot!
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Ok, so maybe I'm not a jogger...yet. Took 2 days off to rest and for Thanksgiving. Went walking this morning but I couldn't run at all. My knee hurts when I try, and it was all I could do to run across the roads when they were clear of cars. At least I can still walk the 4 miles.

Saw some freakishly large fish in the canal - some 2 feet long. I also saw a turtle! Where did that thing come from?

I am thankful I can pay my bills...I am thankful I can pay my bills...that shall be my mantra for the day. Oh, I am also thankful for all the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. :D
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