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Hello, I'm alive. Not that there was any worry about that, but I feel there's nothing better to say. I could complain about work, but I won't. I could mention some totally random things, like defying wash instructions or how Chipotle is so stinking salty that I need a gallon of liquid after a burrito. Randomness, check!

Oh, thanks [livejournal.com profile] coffeesnob for the stinkin' adorable card. :)

Doing a little work each day, like grading or cleaning, is far better than leaving huge to-do lists for the weekends. If only I'd stick to such plans for more than a few days.

After many days of almost-adding then chickening out, I finally added my elementary school best friend on Facebook. In middle school we drifted apart, but were aquaintences through high school, running in different crowds. I don't think we've seen each other since then, but curiosity never left me. Wanting to know what had become of her was the reason I checked out FB to begin with after swearing I couldn't switch from Myspace or add yet another page to my internet addiction. Many a Google search, as well as Classmates and Myspace searches had netted zero results. When I finally looked on FB, I found her but had to register in order to see any information. So, I did, and that was probably 2 years ago. Since then, I occasionally considered adding her, but was afraid to. I finally did, thinking the worst that could happen was her ignoring my request. That wouldn't really be a big deal, at least I'd tried. Happily, she not only added me back, but was glad to hear from me. So, yay.

Ok, so much for grading anything tonight. At least I did some laundry.
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I'm alive, I'm out of bed, I have coffee, and I ate cold pizza for breakfast. Not a bad way to start the day.
Can't say as much for Edward the betta, who succumbed to whatever was ailing him. RIP Mr. Rochester!

I have 2 weeks of offical vacation - time with no work obligations or trips planned. However, I need to start planning for the coming year. My boss seems to think a combo class won't be a problem, even though he prefers not to have them; the district curriculum specialist had a less sunny outlook. We were just looking at math the day I asked for her insight, and she didn't know what to tell me. Nice.

Home is a mess, and I'm too lazy to remedy that. Later, yes, later. Soon, actually, since I need maintenance to fix my ceiling fan.

I still need a random icon, which requires a picture to base it off of. Yet another thing to do.
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How does one person make such a mess?
Why does it get messier before it gets clean?
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-planned tomorrow
-cooked chicken for lunch salads
-getting massive laundry pile put away
-brought stuff to car
-didn't read the synopsis on the back of North and South dvd because I want to be -totally surprised when we watch it tomorrow - only Reena has seen it
-will vacuum soon

I feel terrible for Susan. She called and said eating at Juan's Friday night made her totally sick. My theory is she caught a bug that's going around, since no one else who went that night got sick. After all, she used to eat the food when Juan's catered staff parties. At least, I think she did. Anyway, poor thing.

We have school tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. So, tomorrow night is movie night!
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The temperature hit mid-90s today, and it feels humid even though the weather page says 6%. Sigh, the AC is on, and it's only going downhill/up mercury from here. After 2 cups of coffee for breakfast and half a Mountain Dew at lunch (I don't know why I wanted one today) I was parched, and inhaled a large Sonic lemon berry slush on the drive home.

For dinner, I made a turkey burger with avocado on wheat bread, with some steamed asparagus. I made more of the same to bring for lunch tomorrow. Susan is going to freak out at my bringing lunch two days in a row. Mmmm, healthy food. Cooking inevitably means clean-up, and I ended up doing nearly the whole kitchen: stove, sink, and floor. By the way, I hate cleaning the kitchen.

Went on a field trip to see the youth symphony perform today. My poor, inexperienced kids. Many of them were bored. A few liked it at least, and they were shocked that the orchestra members are high school aged. Maybe that will nudge a few towards music.

I'm still thirsty.
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I love calendars. I have 4: 2 at home, 2 at school.
Life cereal is awesome.
It's day one of of the 3 days each month where I'm completely starving all the time.
I have trouble taking the time to write out all that I want to write on here.
I promised another teacher I'd get to school by 930am tomorrow. I will do it.
Over the break, it felt wonderful to not be a teacher. I usually forgot about work till someone asked. Last night I got a little depressed knowing I have to go back soon.
I'm mostly over my car being broken into. Window fixed, frame needs a little patching up. If the damage had been worse, I would be more upset.
I wish I could explain to people my faith, beliefs, why I get so excited by what I learn in church, why it's so cool when things in the Bible make sense to me, etc, but I can't even explain it to myself most times.
Need to email pics to people.
The singleness blues do 5-minute sneak attacks about once a day.
I drink too much Starbucks and need to cut back.
All of my stuff is still waiting to be unpacked, but at least I cleaned the fish tanks tonight.

I really should go to bed.
As usual, I forgt much of what I intended to post.
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Why  do I feel like i'm getting an ear infection?  I haven't had one since I was 12, and that was the result of spending the better part of a week in swimming pools.  

My bed, which is dark wood, not only shows dust more, but seems to have a magentic attraction to it.  Even Swiffer cloths can't get all of it!  

Trying to clean, trying, trying...


Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:27 am
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My priorities are past out of whack and possibly bordering on screwed up. Most of my week is spent at work or on work that I bring home. Attempting to have a life takes part of my weekend, as does catching up on sleep. My apartment is a mess, I keep rereading the same book and watching the same movies over and over instead of reading new books or keeping this place picked up. I've had 5+ pairs of shoes strewn across the living room for weeks now. When I get home from work, I just want to veg, and usually end up spending 1-2 hours in front of the computer. These things all bother me, and yet I don't do much to change them.

Since I'm single and live alone, I have fewer responsibilities than people with spouses and/or children. Maybe I'm so bothered because I know that someday, life is going to be even more chaotic; I need (or is it want?) to get things in order now so later on I'll at least be organized. Earlier tonight, I was babysitting my friend's daughter, and realizing how much time and energy a child needs from parents. I have no room to complain about how tired I feel lately, at least when compared to people with kids. Yet, that doesn't take away the fact that I do feel exhausted. I don't know what it is, and I can't remember if I felt this exhausted last year (or more or less). Even weekends aren't totally relaxing.

Lists. Lists are good. I need to start making them more often, and then try to check off the items and not procrastinate so much. Sigh.

EDIT: I haven't gotten any flak from parents about being tired, I've been making my own comparisons. It's just that I think if I'm this worn out now, it's going to be worse down the road.
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I can't believe how much I've done today. Usually, Sunday is all about school work, but since this is a 3-day weekend, I can do other things.
I have: gone to church, gone to the mall, went to the grocery store, did laundry, made homemade meatballs, made mango bars, cleaned the kitchen (necessary after the meatballs) and watched some of the BBC version of P&P. Oh man, it's almost comically bad. Not painfully bad, not even bad, but Caroline Bingly is awful! So is Mr. Collins. I just want to poke their eyes out with dull sticks.

I'm stoked that my meatballs turned out well, as this was my first attempt ever. I have to finish cleaning, make my bed, put away clothes, and when I'm totally exhausted, finish grading spelling tests while I maybe watch more P&P.

Oh yeah, there's a Dove dark chocolate bar calling my name...
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1. I vacuumed! I still need to do my bedroom, but the chore's half done!

I forgot #2.

Oh yeah!

2. I overcame temptation and didn't watch P&P today. There was only a short time tonight where I was really close to putting it in, but I didn't.

On the down side, as soon as I started looking at school stuff, my friend IMed me and so that was over. I'll have lots to do starting tomorrow.
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That's right, I actually took Pride and Prejudice out of the player. Watching it about 7 times in 5 days, plus the 2.5 times I watched before Christmas, I must take a break. Well, watching and/or listening but more watching than listing. I have to watch all the parts where Darcy would look at Elizabeth. I even listened to the director's commentary, which I enjoyed because you get to hear little "secrets" about the movie. Some were "secrets," and others things I thought were confirmed. Anyway, I didn't get nearly as much work accomplished as I should have, due to watching the movie. I must be strong tomorrow and leave it off.

I love that movie.

In other good news, I did manage to do some purging of junk from my bookshelf, mainly college notes that I am never going to look at ever again. I keep all my essays and papers though, because I like reading what I wrote and the comments my professors made on them. I am also nearly finished putting laundry away! Major accomplishment! Now I just have to pick random stuff up off the floor and vacuum. I can never remember how to spell vacuum.

Tomorrow, I must start school work. I should have started it yesterday, really, but I dojn't want my vacation to end!
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