Dec. 19th, 2015 10:55 am
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It's finally winter break! 2 weeks off! This past week was busy pretty much every evening after work, and at school it felt more like babysitting than teaching. We did some actual work, and started learning division, so it wasn't a total waste. Still, I think kids should get an extra week off and teachers can use the week to get work done. As my teammate said, the kids were cracked out of their minds all week. We did a lot of holiday lessons and next to nothing that was graded. Trying to treat this week like a normal week would have been a disaster.

I still have stuff going on today and tomorrow. Today is making brownies for a coworker who is actually paying for them (I often bring treats for the staff just because), then I need to get a workout in before the Christmas party later tonight. I slept in until 10 today, and my body is still like noooooooooo be lazy, but I have not hit the treadmill since Wednesday so it's also itching to jog. The party tonight is semi-formal and I have no idea what to wear. I don't have time to go to the mall, either. Well, maybe, but no guarantee I'll find a dress.

Tomorrow is just church at 5. I should make some fudge for the gathering afterward. I would have made cookies but I just don't have time. Fudge is quick and easy - just chocolate chips and condensed milk. Maybe I can make cookies in the morning, but I just need to relax. Well, that and wrap presents. Monday I need to do laundry, pack, and meet Michelle for dinner. She takes care of my bettas when I am out of town, and we have not seen each other since last summer. Early Tuesday morning, I drive to my sister's house in northern California. The weather has been insane, and I hope the Grapevine is not covered in snow. I should map out the route taking 101 north instead of I-5, just in case.

Things to do, things to do...
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Ahhh, it's good to be back. The weather is cooler, and I can get Peet's coffee! That's pretty much all I've done so far, besides drive around with my sister.


Jul. 11th, 2012 11:11 pm
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On this trip, I have:
baked brownies and strawberry cake
saw cousins I have not seen in many years
watched all 14 episodes of The Office U.K. (infinitely more Martin Freeman love now)
camped in Yosemite (but still haven't seen any bears)
NOT been to Target (gasp!)
only been to Peet's twice; 3 times if you count the Peet's/ice cream place in Yosemite
finished the book Emma and Knightly
Eaten dinner at Max's (yum) and Luna Loca (Mom likes it, I think it's ok)

Tonight, I ate pie and watched SYTYCD. Lots of good dancers this season.

Tomorrow, I will see Allison in Santa Rosa. Friday I will see some Sac friends.

Need to upload pictures from my camera, but it's 11pm. Later, later.
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If only I wasn't going camping for 3 days. Because my mom has Netflix, I can watch
-6 seasons of Doctor Who
-9 seasons of No Reservations
-Sherlock S1 over and over and over...
-The Office UK, which is most likely with only 14 episodes. I could knock those out in about 7 hours.

I also discovered Neve Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube. Um, this could be dangerous.

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd for any fellow Sherlock fans: seriously, when does he do his laundry??? With his impeccably ironed button down shirts? Oh, and I love John's jumpers (sweaters for us Americans).

Tonight I have to make a cake for a family bbq tomorrow.
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This morning, as I was driving down I-5 in the wee hours of pre-dawn, I stared at the crescent moon and a very bright planet before me. It was so bright that I could see it well after the sun had risen and the sky was blue. I kept looking for/at it until I was no longer facing south. Darn it, needing to watch the road while driving! Not knowing what planet it was, I searched for visible planets, and discovered it was Venus. Then, I read this tidbit:
•During dawn Thursday morning, spot the waning crescent Moon with Venus to its left. Can you follow Venus with your unaided eyes right through sunrise?

Much to my nerdy glee, that was exactly what I was doing! It's as if today was super-nerd day, since I ended the day in nerd-dom as well. Getting near Phoenix, I was really starting to get tired. After passing 411th, 355th, and 339th Avenues, which are out in the middle of nothing, I started watching the odometer and doing mental math to figure out if there was rhyme and reason for having numbered avenues so far out. Freeway exits go as far as 103rd Ave, but I'm not sure about the actual streets since I'm never on that side of Phoenix. My calculations told me there are 8 streets per mile, so I had to keep checking. Eventually I realized that doing the math was keeping me awake. That, or my coffee from 3 hours earlier finally kicked in.

Hmmm, to lug my suitcase and bags out of the car, or to just go to bed.
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In 24 hours I'll be somewhere in the Los Angeles area. Actually, probably still well east of it. I just hope it's not raining, as that will make the drive longer. That's not really so bad, but I hate traffic.

Doing laundry, going to Jen's later, then I will pack. I've got Jane Eyre and Tess of the D'Ubervilles on audiobook, plus a few more playlists created on the iPod. Must do my hair so I look presentable.


Jun. 28th, 2009 10:30 pm
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I loved my vacation.
Lake Tahoe will forever be my favorite place in the world.
It's too freaking hot in Phoenix.

Thank you and good night!
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I like my feet. I may not love most of the rest of my body, but I think my feet are attractive. Size 9, right now my toenails are painted for the first time since May '08, and there's just nothing gross about them in general.

I want a brownie or chocolate cake.

I could drink 3-4 Peet's iced lattes a day. Seriously yummy.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to San Francisco. It's a chance for me to spend time with him, and I miss seeing the ocean. The only definite plan so far is going to the Golden Gate Bridge. I also need to call Alison and see if we can drop by or have lunch or dinner. Short notice, but I'm just not really into seeing everyone I know on this trip.

Speaking of seeing people, I saw my brother and sister-in-law without thinking I was going to. They were over when my mom and I got back from the airport, then we had a Father's Day bbq here. My brother is a step-grandpa, so he got to celebrate too.

Lucky the dog is cute, even if he does poop in the house. He will crawl under the covers with you if you let him. He'll stare at you with this sad face till you throw his ball, but he doesn't bring it back to you. He chases it, plays with it, then comes and sits near you and just looks at you, waiting.

So many things in my life I wish were different, yet those that are in my control I'm often too lazy to change.

I still hope I won't have to teach a 4/5 combo class next school year. Ha, school starts again on July 27th, so it seems absurd to say next year.

Tahoe on Thursday! Yay!

I bought a new dress at H&M today. Maybe I'll post a picture of it, once I take one. I also bought 2 more v-neck shirts on sale at Gap. Now I have 5 different colors. Silly me.

I also like my hair, even if it's flat because of the different water/climate/whatever. I like the color too. Oh, and my hair is way cuter than Kate Gosselin's. Ok, it's just less weird, since I don't have the spiky deal in the back.

I watched maybe my 3rd episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight. I can only watch when I'm at a place with cable, plus the whole "big announcement" we all predicted. I must admit, the kids are adorable, and the show is addicting aside from the whole marital issues. I find the breakup sad, and yet I sat there, analyzing with my mom what went wrong. What went wrong, I don't know, but I agree with what [ profile] joyfulmelody brought up - what about marriage vows? For better or worse, till death do us part? I don't believe the tabloids, and I wish them the best in this next, very difficult chapter of their lives.

I want to get married.
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Going to California, going to California, going to California! *does a happy dance* I'm not entirely sure why I'm excited. Vacation, family, friends, Peet's coffee, Togo's sandwiches, and Lake Tahoe. I could have gone somewhere exciting, like New York, but instead I chose to go to my hometown. Cheaper, I guess, and Lake Tahoe! My sister and I will go there the last 3 days of my trip.

I really need to finish packing.
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Sitting in front of the computer, drinking my coffee, wishing it were colder. Oh well, that's the deal with iced coffee, it needs lots of ice, and I only have so much room in my mug. Far worse problems I could be dealing with.

If I had gone to more staff development yesterday and today, I might have lost my mind. Even though Wednesday's greatness made up for Monday's and Tuesday's bore, I need my summer break. Yesterday Luis and I went out on the town. First to Human Bean for coffee, where we proceded to not use the mugs he brought (they were dirty). I love that they make mochas with chocolate milk and not chocolate syrup or powder. Premade chocolate milk is just better! I could drink an entire gallon of Lucerne (Safeway brand, fyi) choclate milk in a sitting. In the car, we had to listen to our favorite Josh Groban song, "You Raise Me Up" with which we sang loudly and made up hand motions. Other cars may have thought us insane. Then to the Phoenix Art Museum, where we fully admitted our art ignorance but loved it just the same. Some pieces had descriptions of technique, which I love because I always want to know the how or why of things. For example, showing the ceiling and the floor creating space, and the person being just part of the picture, not the focal point. Luis loved the Asian art, and I loved the 1800s era work. I picked out a Jane Austen era painting right away, and confirmed it with the date on the info plaque.

We walked up 3rd Ave. to find somewhere to eat, and ended up at Switch. Both of us had been there before, and it was one of the few places nearby that weren't fast food. Guiding Light was on the tvs; I think it was for the staff's benefit more than the customers. Reva and Josh were on, the only characters I recognized. Sad that the show is going off the air after so long, even though I haven't watched it in many, many years.

After lunch we drove all over midtown looking at condos and houses. Luis liked a house on the same street a teacher I know lives. We drove past all sorts of condo building,s the names of which I wrote down to look up later. I don't want to live downtown (well, maybe in the Willo district) but I love looking. Later, we drove past the Biltmore and then went to Oldtown Scottsdale. You know you've lived in Phoenix a while when you can walk around in jeans when it's 100 degrees out. After a while I was grateful for the free shuttle which took us back to our starting point. We finally settled on Dos Gringos for some grub. The misters felt more like rain, and I expected my hair to curl up. The one margarita I drank didn't really kick in until we got to Target later, which just makes Target even more fun.

I really need to do laundry, clean this place up, and mail my stuff to the district office so I get my Vegas travel expenses reimbursed. Tomorrow it's off to California for a week. Enough rambling for now.

I need a car or plane or travel icon. hmm....
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I should be asleep, but I'm not tired. Tomorrow, I get up early, leave early, and go meet [ profile] ewanspotter!!! WOOT!

I got new tires on my car, and they fixed my brakes too.

I'm so random.

Bye, California.
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Clothing stores have a conspiracy against me. Something is incredibly wrong when even Old Navy shirts don't fit, and I tried on 5 different ones. All I need are some junky long-sleeved shirts to wear in this cold weather and on my trip. But, noooooooooooo, it is not to be. I did find ONE halfway decent sweater at Wal-Mart of all places. Yes, I was that desperate. Sigh. I guess I'll try Targe one last time when I take the fishes over to Jen's later.

I really need to finish my laundry and pack. It will get done, eventually, since I'm leaving about 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. Yay driving!

I hope my sister's computer plays dvds, since I'm bringing a few movies with me. I'll need my occasional Thornton or Darcy or Rochester fix. Maybe Wentworth as well.
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In-house chores: laundry, put away clothes, pack, make sure apartment is in a decent shape, clean car.

Out-of-house chores: post office, get gas, check tire pressure, take fish to Jen's, take LOST dvds to Vonn.

What have I done so far: started laundry, made coffee, watered poinsettia and looked up care tips, drank coffee.

Last night, I tried burning a cd with some "News From Lake Wobegone" clips (Prairie Home Companion on NPR, check it out) and past messages from my church so I could listen to them on my trip to CA.  Two programs, Roxio and WMP, wouldn't work.  Bummer.  I might have been doing it wrong, at least with Roxio, so I'll have to try again some other time.  Maybe my mom will have a book on CD I can listen to on the drive home, since I have this to listen to on the first leg of the trip.  

I'm link-happy at the moment, heh. 


Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:52 pm
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I have returned from California.

I'm hungry, but food requires a trip to the store, because I have nothing here. Nothing that isn't canned, that is.

Procrastination days are over. Summer (for me) is half over, and I have a lot of work to do.

I need to do a post about my trip, but it might take a while, so that must wait.

It's warm in here.
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Greetings from California, where the weather was in the 70s! It's actually chilly and breezy at 1030pm, whereas last night in Tucson and Phoenix it was still over 100 degrees. Tucson had some lightning though, which I love. So, yeah, I'm at my mom's house, on the computer just like I would be at home. I have a few days of hanging out with family, plus a surprise party for a friend that I didn't think I'd be able to go to. I also get to play with my mom's dog. Whatever shall I do tomorrow? Perhaps go driving around and get my fill of TREES. The hills aren't green, but there's still more vegetation here.

Update on book choices: I grabbed Phantom of the Opera off the shelf one day, and have slowly been working on that. It's not actually that long, so I may finish it before I get back to AZ. I almost bought Children of Hurin and another Austen book yesterday, but held back. I have 2-3 books at home I should read before I buy another. I brought the teacher/classroom management book I need to read also, but I just don't want to deal with school. This procrastination will bite me in the butt later on, but it's SUMMER! I don't want to work!

I totally want chocolate.
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Got the format idea from [ profile] keeumm and I like the efficiency of it.

Drove from AZ to Mom's house in CA, 11.5 hours. I hate I-5.
Had banana chocolate chip cake from Starbucks in Blythe, which made me very happy.
Started reading Pride and Prejudice, which my sister had a copy of.

Can't even remember what I did that day, but probably not much. Went shopping somewhere with my sister, grocery store I think. Later, Costco with Mom as well. My cousin practiced card tricks on me all night. I totally missed an earthquake, even though I was sitting downstairs reading when it happened.
Oh yeah, now I remember, I went and got my birthday present - a lamp.

Saw my friend Allison and her brood, plus our friend Erol as well as some people from high school that I had not seen in years. Didn't get to spend too much time with them, but I was very happy to see them.
Celebrated Christmas that day, since my cousin was going to Washington the next day. My brother and sister-in-law came over for dinner and presents.
I'm getting my bed! My dream bed! I'll put up a picture sometime.

Went shopping with Mom, and got the lampshade for my lamp. Saw my dream bed at Pottery Barn, and literally hugged one of the posts. I want that bed SO BADLY!

It was one of the most un-Christmas Christmases in my life. We watched Little Miss Sunshine (bizarre) and laid around.
Finished reading Pride and Prejudice, which I loved. Wanted to watch the movie again so bad I almost went looking for another copy of it.

Had coffee with Dad

Went to see my friend Alison in San Francisco. We went to Pier 39 and Fishermans's Wharf, which I loved. I haven't been there in ages. We then took the "scenic route" back to her home, at which I once again marveled at the way buildings are crammed on the incredibly steep hills.
Went from SF to Sheltri and Eric's in Hayward. We went to Chevy's for dinner, and Sheltri and I caught up while we waited for Eric. I gave Eric grammar lessons after dinner, which was quite amusing. I was writing example sentences on a napkin. We went back to the house and talked for a few hours. I miss them very much.

Went to Sacramento. Picked up Kelly, and went to Old Sac, yet another place I hardly ever got to see, even when I lived in the area. I miss Kelly too, we think so much alike! It's my goal to save up and visit her in New York this summer.
Went to see Hilary afterwards, and met her daughter, Lisa. Hilary I also miss very much, as we are so goofy together in a way no one else understands.

Drove home, 11.5 hours again. I still hate I-5.
Went to the coffee shop before even going home.
Got home, immediately turned on Pride and Prejudice. Love this movie!

It's good to be home.
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I drove up to Sac/Folsom today. Started out by picking up Carrie, then going to two different Starbucks. I was looking for my friend who manages one, but she wasn't there. GORGEOUS store though! Oh man! Went back to my old store, where only 2 people were working, neither of which I knew. I was kind of sad. So, Carrie and I played cards for a while. It was really good to see Carrie, and who knows when I'll see her again, as she's going to YWAM school/mission for 2 years. Hooray for email though!

Drove around Folsom a bit, and went to the outlets. Bought a new wallet, and it's green! I love it. Got some lunch, then went to yet another Starbucks, this time by Carrie's house, to hang out and play cards. Had an iced coffee, since it's the new Terazza (sp?) blend. Wasn't bad, but tasted weaker than I'm used to iced coffee being.

Dinner. Drove back to Folsom and met some friends at Dos Coyotes. Mmmmmmmmm so good! I love their green salsa so much. Hilary was the first one there, and she's so cute and pregnant! Seven months along, and has the best belly. I FINALLY got to feel a baby moving and kicking. I've wanted to feel that my entire life. Before now, I either didn't know anyone pregnant, or the few chances I had to try, the baby would stop moving as soon as I got around. I felt one good punch and some movement, and also saw her whole belly shifting. That was pretty awesome. Saw 5 other friends as well. Man, it was like I'd never left. I was so happy to see all the girls again.

After dinner a few of us went to Jen's (my old roommate) house, where I got to see the dogs and the cats. Munchkin sheds as much as always, and Tigger still attacks himself. The dogs are much better behaved now. I was happy to see everyone, but I wasn't sad to leave. It's good that I can go back and still catch up with them.

Random notes: canned Starbucks iced coffee is gross. Doubleshot Lights are also gross. I drink too much coffee. I need to cut back on the Starbucks. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
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