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Three times in the theater, and now once at home. [livejournal.com profile] spally, so glad you got to see it. [livejournal.com profile] holbytla, you've got to see it! Oh, and somehow my excitement last night led me to put in Our Mutual Friend. No idea how that movie relates to Jane Eyre.

-There's 7 or 8 deleted scenes on the dvd. Some I am glad they didn't include in the finished movie.
-Me being the book nerd, I kept picking out direct quotes and doing silent cheers upon hearing them.
-I watched the ending 3 times in a row. I won't spoil anything by describing it, but I must say it gave me chills. The second time, I turned on the subtitles, and then totally missed them. Usually subtitles draw my eyes to themselves, but not in this moment.

Now, I wait for the icons to start rolling in.
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After yesterday's impromptu double Pride and Prejudice event, I realized we could have similar days with the following stories:
Sense and Sensibility
At this moment, a triple Jane Eyre-a-thon, but potentially we could watch five different versions.

Yes, I can see your looks of either gasping disbelief or utter admiration. :D
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-Going to watch The Tenant of Wildfell Hall after this post. Well, after I find some dinner more substantial than an iced latte. Toby Stephens and Tara Fitzgerald are in it. I hope I can separate Tara from her role as Aunt Reed. ETA: Pam Ferris, aka Mrs. Poole, is in it too.

-Going to see Jane Eyre again tomorrow with Susan, and possibly Jill and Larisa too. If it was on dvd, I'd be watching it repeatedly. Since it's not, I just have to go to the theater.

-Both The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Tales of Angria arrived in the mail, yay. Quick delivery for Amazon, seeing as I ordered them Sunday. Larisa wants to borrow Tenant.

-Poor Anne. She got much criticism, even from Charlotte herself.

-Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually read Wuthering Heights someday. The movie disturbed me, and Michelle hated the book, but curiosity may get the best of me.

-Need food. Starbucks and Chipotle didn't sound good together, but now I think I should have stopped for a burrito after all.

ETA2: The miniseries The Tenant of Wildfell Hall wasn't bad, but could definitely use some better camera work and less background music. One line Helen said reminded me of Aunt Reed, which was ok. I think I need a few minutes of Toby as Rochester now. That voice is so distinct in my head...
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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Yeah, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Read about...14 chapters today. Couldn't stop till I'd finished it. Sigh.

Ok, off to bed now.
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Agnes Grey: not bad, a bit hard to read at times. As a teacher it made me laugh, since governesses felt the same pains 150 years ago as I do now.
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall: FABULOUS! Seriously, I'm loving it. Reading it online since I couldn't find it at the stores. Only downside to this is I can't read in bed.

Going to see Jane Eyre again Friday. Sweet.
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Ms. Bronte,

I'm sorry I doubted you. Plodding through my copy of Villette, which did not translate any of the French you included, I kept waiting and waiting for that turning point. I knew the ending would be satisfying at minimum, but you kept me in suspense so long I totally didn't see THAT ending coming. Better ending than Jane Eyre? No, but it did still make me throw down the book and squee. Yes, I squeed. Squealed. Something to that effect. Today, I couldn't help but read that chapter again online. Work? Grading? Yeah, sure, eventually.

Some reluctance holds me back from getting The Professor, partly because it's the last of your books I can read and also because it never was said to be that good. The same has been said about Anne's books. Maybe I'll read a few more of your friend Mrs. Gaskell's novels first.

Your devoted fan,

P.S. Please don't be upset about me watching Persuasion later. After all, it was Jane Austen who led me to you. Sometimes a girl needs some Rochester, and sometimes she needs some Captain Wentworth.
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Maybe some movie quotes, too. Various parts bolded by me.

"Most true is it that "beauty is in the eye of the gazer." My master's colourless, olive face, square, massive brow, broad and jetty eyebrows, deep eyes, strong features, firm, grim mouth,--all energy, decision, will,--were not beautiful, according to rule; but they were more than beautiful to me; they were full of an interest, an influence that quite mastered me,--that took my feelings from my own power and fettered them in his. I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously arrived, green and strong! He made me love him without looking at me."


"'I have to tell you, that for four years you have been growing into your tutor's heart, and that you are rooted there now. I have to declare that you have bewitched me, in spite of sense and experience, and difference of station and estate: you have so looked, and spoken, and moved; so shown me your faults and your virtues - beauties rather; they are hardly so stern as virtues - that I love you - love you with my life and strength. It is out now.'

'She sought what to say, but could not find a word: she tried to rally, but vainly. I passionately repeated that I loved her."

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This is me.
This is me not finishing report cards.
This is me wearing jeans to work on a Wednesday (casual day is Friday).
This is me remembering I need to wash my school polo for Friday.
This is me eating dark chocolate almond shortbread cookies.
This is me remembering I want to buy Dancing Queen on iTunes.
This is me all giddy about finishing Shirley last night and reading one of the most romantic speeches.
This is me wondering if I need to make a Bronte tag or just keep using the Jane Eyre one for all things Bronte.
This is me wondering who really cares about my tags. They do come in handy sometimes.
This is me being random.

Better do that load of laundry before I forget.
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