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Since Friday, I have:
-watched 3 eps of Once Upon a Time (S3) and A Ballerina's Tale on Netflix
-washed 2 loads of laundry (who knows when they will be put away)
-slept A LOT
-went to Target (I was bored at home yesterday)
-started a rewatch of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre when I could not fall asleep last night
-graded a few papers, and avoided many others
-answered and sent a few work-related emails
-changed the water in my bettas' homes
-looked online at homes for sale, cringing at the decor of most of them

I keep trying to get papers graded and work done, but my attention span on that is about 30 seconds. Still, I need to get this done before tomorrow, and also before Once Upon a Time comes on tonight. So I've heard on tumblr, we're going to get some Rumbelle tonight. Keeping fingers crossed.


Dec. 19th, 2015 10:55 am
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It's finally winter break! 2 weeks off! This past week was busy pretty much every evening after work, and at school it felt more like babysitting than teaching. We did some actual work, and started learning division, so it wasn't a total waste. Still, I think kids should get an extra week off and teachers can use the week to get work done. As my teammate said, the kids were cracked out of their minds all week. We did a lot of holiday lessons and next to nothing that was graded. Trying to treat this week like a normal week would have been a disaster.

I still have stuff going on today and tomorrow. Today is making brownies for a coworker who is actually paying for them (I often bring treats for the staff just because), then I need to get a workout in before the Christmas party later tonight. I slept in until 10 today, and my body is still like noooooooooo be lazy, but I have not hit the treadmill since Wednesday so it's also itching to jog. The party tonight is semi-formal and I have no idea what to wear. I don't have time to go to the mall, either. Well, maybe, but no guarantee I'll find a dress.

Tomorrow is just church at 5. I should make some fudge for the gathering afterward. I would have made cookies but I just don't have time. Fudge is quick and easy - just chocolate chips and condensed milk. Maybe I can make cookies in the morning, but I just need to relax. Well, that and wrap presents. Monday I need to do laundry, pack, and meet Michelle for dinner. She takes care of my bettas when I am out of town, and we have not seen each other since last summer. Early Tuesday morning, I drive to my sister's house in northern California. The weather has been insane, and I hope the Grapevine is not covered in snow. I should map out the route taking 101 north instead of I-5, just in case.

Things to do, things to do...
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I just made this cake: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/whole-orange-cake for the second time. The first time, oranges were not in season and the ones I used were not very juicy. The cake was ok. This time, the oranges were better, but the cake has a definite bitter taste to it. If I make it again, I think I'm going to peel the oranges instead of using the whole fruit. Maybe with the glaze it will taste better. Also, it stuck to the pan again! What?? I used a ton of non-stick spray, and even brushed it around to coat all around. Maybe I should use the spray with flour next time.

I want to try the same recipe but use pureed peaches instead. The texture of the cake is good, so maybe different fruits will work in place of the oranges.

In other news, my newest betta, named Regina, is doing well. My other 2 have also perked up since adding marimo moss balls to their containers.
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This morning, I was surprised to find one of my bettas, River Song, had died in the night. She's the second youngest of the 4, and I'd gotten her when she was quite small. I happened to be near a pet store after dinner this evening, so I went in for a new fish. Instead of looking at the females, I started looking at male bettas and found one I wanted right away. He's light blue and a little bit feisty, so he will be Peter Capaldi. Hmm, maybe I'll call him Twelve, who knows. I picked out a white and red female as well, and named her Beatrice.

betta note

Nov. 27th, 2013 10:16 am
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Nine has been been put out of his misery. He had an open wound on the back of his head/neck that started out like a missing scale, but got bigger. I've never seen something like that in my other bettas.

Won't be shocked if I head out today to find David Tennant Fish. Or, at least a new fish that will have some sort of Doctor Who name. First, however, lots of cleaning, baking, and making mashed potatoes for tomorrow.

ETA: got a dark red male. I started calling him Rory the Roman before I even got home. However, I am also debating calling him Eleven. Giving it a few days to see what fits. I asked River Song fish if she wanted her dad or her husband. No word yet, but she's interested in the new guy.

Yes, I talk to my bettas.
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Tomorrow is the last day of school. It hardly seems true, probably because I don't have my own class this year.

Ummm, brain not working. Still kind of stuck on Doctor Who, but have also watched So You Think You Can Dance and Call the Midwife.

Usually all anal about italicizing names of things, but can't be bothered to right now. Don't care.

Long day tomorrow and Friday. Um, brain not working any more. Yeah. LOL.

More coherent post...Saturday perhaps?

Cleaned the bettas' homes today. They seem happy. :) Love my fishies!
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The Petsmart cashier notices and compliments my necklace with a quote written in Elvish. I reply that I love when people know what it is. He says it's nice to meet a fellow geek. I say I am expanding my geek cred by choosing the betta I did because it's as blue as the Tardis. He suggests a name that I've forgotten, but I say it's a female so I can't. He says to call it the companion. :D

If he didn't look like he was in his 20s I'd totally have kept talking to him.

The betta's name is River Song. I wanted to call her Sexy, in reference to the episode "The Doctor's Wife" but next to nobody IRL would get it. Few will get the name River either, but at least it won't make them look at me funny.

Image found on Facebook today:
British accent
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I'm toying with...

What, huh? My post an entry page looks different...meh?

Ok, back to what I was saying. I'm toying with making a video to post here, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] spally and I talking about imitating accents. Accents would just be one part of it, but what else would you like to know? Questions you'd like answered? I need something (anything) to talk about :) If you don't give me ideas, I might go on about Doctor Who for a while.

Oh, and just for my record keeping: Skinner the betta fish died the day before Thanksgiving, and Elvis left the building this past Tuesday. I got a new girl a few days after Skinner. The roommie named her Ruby Jane, and I call her Sarah Jane. Because, you know, my fish must have character or actor names. Well, Elvis was Elvis because he was blue like Blue Suede Shoes.

Oh, and Saturday is my birthday. I'll be going out to sing karaoke. woot!
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I probably should have done it a while ago, but I finally put poor Jane the betta out of her misery. She's had a tumor for a couple of months now. She still swims up when I feed her, but she looked terrible. I hated to do it, but then again, why make her suffer.

I may not get a new betta until after I get back from CA. Unless tomorrow I suddenly NEED another one...

It's pouring out. Been raining for 2 days now. This is just strange for Arizona. Ok, not, but rain this consistent for more than a day at a time makes me forget where I live.
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I subbed on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday I helped my friend all day in her class, so that felt like a work day as well. Man, I was tired last night! I fell asleep with my door open and light shining in from the other room. I thought/hoped I'd get called again today, but didn't. I enjoy subbing, and miss the kids, but I do NOT miss all the lesson planning.

After a few iffy days with the new fish, I've finally seen her eat. First she wouldn't touch the food, then it was too big for her tiny mouth. So, I crush the pellets for her. Since I'm no longer worried she'll die on me, I've named her Margaret. It's after Margaret Hale from North and South, which is my current obsession. The fish is white, and Margaret wore a white gown to Thornton's dinner party in the book. Speaking of which, I finished the book on Tuesday, and am watching the movie today. Again. &hearts
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If not for LJ, I wouldn't have a record of the bettas I've had, and their names.

Lizzy was acting sick for a while, and I almost put her out of her misery over the weekend. She died sometime on Monday. Not wanting Jane to be the only female in the group, I went in search for another. Lizzy was pinkish red. Jane is pale pink with red fins and tail. There weren't many females to choose from, but 2 caught my eye right away. One was an orange version of Jane, and the other was an iridescent white one. I wanted both, but decided against the Jane-twin. I've never seen such a solid white betta, even though she has a faint pink tint. Ha ha ha Allyson just came home and said she looks weird because "you can see the blood in her."

Anyway, Allyson just suggested the name Molly. I've already thought of, and rejected, Snow White. I'd post a picture but the fish isn't cooperating and won't stay still.
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I'm going to Boston and the MA coast on Sunday with my sister. The weather says 60s/70s and rainy. I was in SC once when it was raining, and it was warm. That, coupled with living where it's over 100 degrees half the year, means I can't figure out what clothes to pack. All my brain thinks is that it will be hot, thus bring tank tops and shorts or skirts. It's going to be humid, too. BUT! 60s and rain are a bit chilly, right? Sheesh. Help?

Went shopping, and surprisingly Old Navy was the only store that didn't frustrate me. Bought a cute floral skirt.

Betta name update: After a friend fired off a bunch of names, one of which was Presley, I settled on the name Elvis. Not a character, gasp! But, it stuck.
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RIP Frederick the betta. He's been on a downward spiral lately, so I wasn't surprised to find him this morning. What does surprise me is mere hours later, I got another betta. Probably because I have little else to do, so I could go to Petsmart. Usually the employees let me look at nearly every betta without a word. I think they had nothing to do today, because 2 asked if I needed help. They understood that I had to look at them all before choosing one. Fred was turquoise, and new guy is royal blue. No trace of a name has even come to mind yet.
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Swiffer wet cloths, you are my hero. The kitchen floor is FINALLY clean.

Little betta man's name is currently up for vote on FB: Skinner or Frohike. So far, Frohike is winning 2-0.

90% of the time I'm a book-before-movie person. Sometimes, however, you need the movie to appreciate and/or get the book. Latest case in point is Our Mutual Friend. I tried to read it a few years back, and gave up 90 pages in. Dickens loves to have a million characters in each novel, at least in three of the 4 stories I know. After finally watching the OMF miniseries, I'm hopping all arouund the book. The books I've been reading for 4 years now were written before movies existed, so they weren't written with screen aspirations. I'm able to go back and read the details even a 6-hour movie can't completely convey. What John sees in Bella, how Gaffer died, and the feelings behind Lizzie's facial expressions make sense now.

/book nerd.

The clean floor seriously makes my evening. I keep looking over at it. Now, I must go check the name votes.
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Newest betta wasn't eating at first, then all the fallen food disappeared. He was doing the weird floaty thing, but seems normal now. A day or two after I got him and was still pondering names, Skinner jumped into my mind. I fought it, but it lingered. Skinner seems wrong to name a fish, but nothing has come even close as a contender. So, last nigh I made a deal with the fish: he must live another 48 hours in order to be named, and if he does, he will be Walter Skinner.

Soon as I say this, Frohike suddenly becomes a contender. Tomorrow will tell.
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Haircut and pedicure: check.
Lesson plans: yeah, will get to those before Monday.
Pile of clothes to be ironed: still there.
Mess on floor: hmmm.
New betta: finally!

Fiery the betta died when I was in Chicago. I can't believe a month went by before getting a new one. Frederick's plant is turning yellow, so I needed to go to the pet store. New betta is red and needs a name. Nothing is jumping out at me yet, which is unusual. I'm still on the LOST or Britlit fandom kick, so he'll probably get a name related to one of those. Suggestions?
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I went to the pet store to look at bettas. Instead of another male, I got two females. Usually females are bland looking, but these were very cute, and I couldn't decide between the two, so I got both. Their names were decided before I even got home: Jane and Lizzy. The full names are Jane Austen Bennett Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett Gaskell. Yes, I am a book nerd. Now I need to clean the tanks.
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I'm alive, I'm out of bed, I have coffee, and I ate cold pizza for breakfast. Not a bad way to start the day.
Can't say as much for Edward the betta, who succumbed to whatever was ailing him. RIP Mr. Rochester!

I have 2 weeks of offical vacation - time with no work obligations or trips planned. However, I need to start planning for the coming year. My boss seems to think a combo class won't be a problem, even though he prefers not to have them; the district curriculum specialist had a less sunny outlook. We were just looking at math the day I asked for her insight, and she didn't know what to tell me. Nice.

Home is a mess, and I'm too lazy to remedy that. Later, yes, later. Soon, actually, since I need maintenance to fix my ceiling fan.

I still need a random icon, which requires a picture to base it off of. Yet another thing to do.
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Tomorrow: sleep in, get my hair cut, get baby shouwer gift, grade math tests, put a few more songs on iTunes/iPod.
Sunday: church, usual weekend chores, finish up report cards (comments - my least favorite part).

Coldplay has a free download of LeftRightLeftRightLeft at http://lrlrl.coldplay.com/leftright.html

I haven't peeled my page-a-day calendar since Sunday. Haven't even looked at it, I think. Now I have, and it's nice to have a few days of story in a row.

I want this school year to be over. Will I even make it next week? A couple of girls drive me nuts when they are in the room at the same time. Huge disruptions and nothing has gotten through to them. Must work on new behavior plan for next year. Must learn how to be strict, and hope that the problem kids have working phone numbers.

How do I word a report card comment "your daughter does what she wants to and doesn't do what she doesn't want to do, which is part of the reason why she's failing math" but in more acceptable language? I hate writing comments.

Frederick [Wentworth-Hale] is my newest betta's name.

I wish I were a better (i.e. more interesting) writer. My lj entries sometimes bore me.

I also want to be a better teacher. Would be nice if I could plan with other teachers and share ideas with them. Maybe next year will be different. Speaking of next year, I get to move rooms again! :P There goes another week of my summer.

Sleep is drawing my eyelids shut, but I need a shower first.

I still love reading Jane Eyre, opening to random pages. Page 198 of my Penguin Classics copy is one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I squeed when I read it.
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