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I skipped life group (my Thursday night small group Bible study) tonight because work was stressing me out. Trying to pack in a bunch of grading from 3:30-5:30, then having dinner with Natalie, then life group, and not getting home till 9:30 was just not a good idea. Instead, I finished up the tasks I needed to do in my classroom, threw all my grading into my bag, then headed to Target. I needed new air filters, and decided to get ice cream instead of a frappuccino. I don't know what has come over me. I never really liked fraps, even when I worked at Starbucks. I've had several in the last few months, after not having more than 2 a year. Must be the heat. Anywho, Target did not have coffee ice cream, so I got vanilla bean instead. I also got a jar of caramel sauce. Yeah, I must really be in a funk.

At home, I mixed up a concoction of ice cream, a shot of decaf instant espresso, and caramel sauce, and called it dinner. Somehow my completely unhealthy dinner gave me the boost I needed to plow through a ton of papers and then enter the grades online. Next came my second course of ice cream. This time I just poured caramel sauce into the container and ate spoonfuls until the sauce was gone.

My hands smell like Dawn dish soap. I have more grading to do, but I've lost the will to do it. It's 8:15 p.m. This is my life.


Since I leave my laptop in the living room more often, I've been trying to read books again before going to sleep. Real, paper books! My bedroom is currently littered with books. I started and stopped a few, and then started Far From the Madding Crowd. Holy cow, I had forgotten how much Thomas Hardy likes to describe landscapes. I'm only on page 21 but I think half of that is telling what the area looks and sounds like. I had to read it after seeing so many pictures from the miniseries on tumblr. Fortunately, this book seems to be less depressing than Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Please don't spoil it if I'm wrong.
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-Both the roommie and I got back into town Friday night.
-AC stopped making cold air on Sunday night.
-AC got fixed Monday. Low freon level, the tech said.
-AC sort of stops making cold air again about 6pm today (Tuesday). Tech can't come till tomorrow. House is holding at 85, which is comfortable but it's still 99 degrees outside (almost 10 pm) so can't open the windows.
-I have to be here for the AC tech, but am supposed to be over at my new place to wait for the carpet cleaners between 12-6. I think I will call and see if they can come later in that window.

Hmm, I will post a pic for y'all from my trip. Which to choose...

This is inside the Assembly Rooms in Bath. I felt so Jane Austen-ish then!


Aug. 29th, 2014 11:05 pm
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It is 93 degrees in my house. I was told the AC company would call first thing in the morning, about 8am, to make an appointment to come out. I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight. It's supposed to cool down to 77 sometime in the night, so hopefully with all the windows open and fans on, it will get more comfortable soon.

Freaking broken AC.
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Maybe I could put the cookies out on my balcony.
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Well crap. I just spoiled Great Expectations by reading about the upcoming movie adaptation. Knowing Dickens, there's more left to be discovered than the 2 things I just read, but still. I really like this book, too. I was looking for cast info, and the one paragraph turns out to tell plot information. Gah.
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By extreme, I mean extremely busy or extremely lazy. Slept in, then worked most of the day. Body is still teasing me with cold symptoms that come and go. I don't want to finish report card comments. I don't want to work this week.

Should learn by now that anything with thin straps (bras, camisoles, etc) will end up getting caught and twisted in just about everything else washed in the same load. Holy crap, I never want to spend 5 minutes untwisting a tank top, a bra, a pair of pants, a sweater, and a shirt ever again.

With all my complaints, I feel guilty because many people have far worse problems at the moment. I just need to shut up.

Saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night, and loved it. Ben Barnes looked different at first, to the point of me not recognizing him. I'm actually glad I didn't finish the book before seeing the movie, so I didn't know everything that happened.

The itch to watch P&P is starting up again.
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AC is working again.

Amazing how we make all sorts of judgements about people. Case in point: guy brings his 3 kids to the pool. He has a couple tattoos and long chin-hair (Does that have a different name?). Super cool playing with his kids. I was trying to fill in the blanks in my mind like where's the mom, is he divorced (he mentioned they had to go when Grandma said the pizza was done), etc.

I still strongly dislike my chest. Probably not enough to ever have surgery (would do something about the sag, not a reduction).

One of my friends doesn't know what internet acronyms and expressions like brb or FAIL mean, but then types like a 13-year-old. "what're u doin' 2day?" Dude, it takes more effort to type incorrectly. I guess I should give her credit for using an apostrophe correctly.

Time to start using a food journal again.

I've been going to Starbucks like it's going out of style.

What's with that expression? It doesn't make sense. Or is it an idion, in which case it isn't supposed to be taken literally?

I made delicious hummus last night. I want some just because it tastes good, not because I'm hungry.

Bought a ton of baking supplies. Might bake with Michelle on Sunday. Or watch World Cup. Or both.

I tend to be really attentive to lyrics, except with the free iTunes songs I get. Heard the Civil Twilight song I got last October on the alternative station this week. Twice, actually. I realized I have no idea what most of the lyrics are, even though it's played 35 times.

ETA: the above song played on shuffle like 10 minutes after I wrote that, and I still didn't listen to the lyrics.
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Boboli pizza with real, shredded by me, Precious brand mozzerella, was heavenly. Tossed some zucchini on it as well, but the cheese made it wonderful. Foods from childhood, such as the mozzerella or broccoli with mayonnaise, always taste incredible.

Don't hate on the broccoli and mayo, y'all. It's good!

It's cool that people exist who you know you can't trust. It's the ones who start to earn your trust/seem okay, only to turn slimy again, that bug me.

Intentionally cryptic FTW! (The above does not refer to anyone privy to my LJ)

I think my hot water heater isn't heating water. My shower may be chilly again tonight.

I've now watched all the 2009 "Totally LOST" videos on EW.com, and maybe half of 2010, though out of order. Upon exploring the tabs, I see there's enough videos to keep me busy for at least a week! Woot! My LOST void is less voidy. Voidfull. Voidish.

Damon Lindelof either has awesome pecs or moobs. I couldn't tell which.

Two weeks ago, I watched the last Tuesday night episode. Yeah, you could say I miss my favorite show just a little. I'm on the lookout for a Jack/Kate icon from the finale. One that really grabs me. It might just become my new default, if the Richard/Isabella one doesn't. Looking through my icons folder, I could fill a lot of space with LOST icons, but I won't. I have 121 of 124 spaces used already.

In two weeks I'll be in Chicago! YAY!
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Sure enough, the period of relaxation at work (i.e. after AIMS) came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday. The district is being audited by the state the last week and a half of school. Audited...at the very end of the year. Random strangers, who may or may not have ever been competent educators, will be coming in unannounced, staying for unspecified periods of time, and will be making sure we're "teaching." Checking if we're adhering to the standards, doing actual instruction, as opposed to busy work, I guess? AT THE END OF THE FREAKING SCHOOL YEAR. Can't clean up, can't take stuff off the walls, nada.

It's not as if I'm taking things easy and no longer teaching, tempting as that is at times. But, seriously? Whose bright idea was this? Half my kids have tuned out as it is.

I need a massage and a pedicure.

Sunday is the LOST series finale. It's...the end. (LOL episode title. No one will get that joke/reference unless they read [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack's recaps) I can't believe it's going to end, and I'm sad. Not majorly depressed, but still. A fandom is ending, what am I to watch on tv now? At least there's a plethora of period dramas I've yet to see. LOST is truly one of the best tv shows ever. It will be so weird after Sunday, when it's no more.

Need some dinner.
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Next time I sign up to bring a potluck dish, either a)choose something easier than homemade tomato sauce or b)start cooking it earlier than 6:30 p.m. The number of dishes I managed to get dirty preparing, cooking, and cooling the sauce is mind-boggling, to say nothing of the filthy stove and counter-top. I banged up my hands in the cleaning process too.

Did I run the garbage disposal one last time? Better do it again just in case.

In all, the sauce is yummy.

[livejournal.com profile] holbytla! I found Little Dorrit and Oliver Twist in a collector's set for $32. I was going to listen to LD on audiobook soon, but maybe I'll get something else (Gaskell, perhaps?) to listen too now and just watch it on my vacation. I still need to watch Bleak House too.

I really need to go to bed.
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Last night I made ravioli and topped it with a can of diced tomatoes which I simmered with random seasonings and some olive oil.  I almost inhaled the stuff.  Tonight I almost stopped at Chipotle or Chevy's for take-out, but remembered the note on my fridge, "No fast food."  So, I came home and made the closest thing to Mexican rice I could: Minute brown rice, can of tomatoes, pinch of sugar (Susan says this helps make the tomatoes less bitter, or something), cumin (seed and ground), dried minced onions, and a dash of red pepper flakes.  Oh, the onions expired a year ago.  I'm not worried, seeing as i never checked dates on seasoning cabinet contents as a kid, just amused.  I mixed a helping of rice with the remaining chili from Sunday and a dollop of sour cream.  Dude, so good.  The rice by itself is also heavenly.  I have a ton left over so I'm bringing it to the potluck lunch tomorrow.  

Ha ha ha - I just saw the rice is "best when used by March 2009" though it was unopened.   If I die tonight, blame the rice and onions!

Ok, here's the weird thing: I don't even really like tomatoes.  Well, I have never just grabbed a tomato and taken a bite.  If I taste them too much on a sandwich or burger, I take them off.  But I can't get enough of them lately.  Bizarre.  

I was visited twice today by administrators.  First time was during reading centers, then later during whole gorup reading.  I was actually pretty rockin' when they came in, AND I managed to have the kids state the objective.  This is something I really have issue with, since it's just not natural and a really unnecessary dog and pony show trick.  However, I just said when convenient "Let's tell our visitors what we're doing" and pointed to the objective we were on from the list on the board.  The kids just read it.  Boss-man better be happy that I did it at all, and that I didn't screw it up like last time.   

I want chocolate now.  I want to believe there won't be any bombshells dropped on us at staff development tomorrow.  I hope the potluck bbq isn't to butter us up for bad news. 
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If I had ANY other job options right now, even scrubbing toilets, I'd take one in a heartbeat. 12 hour day at work, and I still am not done. I crave the days I give tests because it means I get a break from teaching. However, I can't sit and get work done because I have to answer questions, etc, plus I have to grade the tests. Oh, new math series, yay, right? No, not yay. Still don't have student books. The premade tests are all word problems. Ok, since when did math become another branch of reading comprehension? If the objective I teach is to subtract large numbers, don't give me a test full of word problems where they have to figure out what to do, and then hope they don't screw up the subtraction.

WHY IS ROUNDING NUMBERS SO HARD?? Across the board I hear that kids just don't get this!

I want a job I can leave at work at the end of the day. Even if they are long days, I'd love to be able to say I'm done, but that never happens. Next lessons to plan, materials to figure out, and now, tests to create since the ones I've been given are crap.

I need dinner.
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Friday, I hear ads on the radio saying Gap jeans are $19.99. Woohoo, cheap jeans! Too bad I'm in Tahoe and nowhere near a Gap. Saturday, Jen calls me to tell me about the jeans. I said I'd heard about it; she says she's been calling around looking for the essential fit I love and got her started on. She put a pair on hold for me in Tempe, and we decided to go to Scottsdale on Sunday. Scottsdale only had 10 long left, which is way too long. We found out from a salesperson that Gap is redesigning all their jeans, and getting rid of some styles, one of which is my favorite and most flattering essential fit! She said skinny jeans are staying and I pointed to my hips, asking, "Do I look like I need skinny jeans?!" We all laughed. Jen and I then decided to invent fat jean styles like big butt jeans, just-ate-5-hot-fudge-sundaes fit, and one with a removeable panel you can snap back in when you eat too much.

So, I managed to get ONE more pair of jeans that I love, and a pair of boot cut just for something different. Whatever the new styles are, they better have something I can wear.
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Tomorrow: sleep in, get my hair cut, get baby shouwer gift, grade math tests, put a few more songs on iTunes/iPod.
Sunday: church, usual weekend chores, finish up report cards (comments - my least favorite part).

Coldplay has a free download of LeftRightLeftRightLeft at http://lrlrl.coldplay.com/leftright.html

I haven't peeled my page-a-day calendar since Sunday. Haven't even looked at it, I think. Now I have, and it's nice to have a few days of story in a row.

I want this school year to be over. Will I even make it next week? A couple of girls drive me nuts when they are in the room at the same time. Huge disruptions and nothing has gotten through to them. Must work on new behavior plan for next year. Must learn how to be strict, and hope that the problem kids have working phone numbers.

How do I word a report card comment "your daughter does what she wants to and doesn't do what she doesn't want to do, which is part of the reason why she's failing math" but in more acceptable language? I hate writing comments.

Frederick [Wentworth-Hale] is my newest betta's name.

I wish I were a better (i.e. more interesting) writer. My lj entries sometimes bore me.

I also want to be a better teacher. Would be nice if I could plan with other teachers and share ideas with them. Maybe next year will be different. Speaking of next year, I get to move rooms again! :P There goes another week of my summer.

Sleep is drawing my eyelids shut, but I need a shower first.

I still love reading Jane Eyre, opening to random pages. Page 198 of my Penguin Classics copy is one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I squeed when I read it.
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Clothing stores have a conspiracy against me. Something is incredibly wrong when even Old Navy shirts don't fit, and I tried on 5 different ones. All I need are some junky long-sleeved shirts to wear in this cold weather and on my trip. But, noooooooooooo, it is not to be. I did find ONE halfway decent sweater at Wal-Mart of all places. Yes, I was that desperate. Sigh. I guess I'll try Targe one last time when I take the fishes over to Jen's later.

I really need to finish my laundry and pack. It will get done, eventually, since I'm leaving about 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. Yay driving!

I hope my sister's computer plays dvds, since I'm bringing a few movies with me. I'll need my occasional Thornton or Darcy or Rochester fix. Maybe Wentworth as well.
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As happens during most breaks from work, I become semi-nocturnal. I'm a night owl by nature, and I hate to get out of bed in the morning. I get normal amounts of sleep, just at abnormal times like 3-10 a.m. So, instead of trying to wake up with my alarm, aka at a reasonable hour, so I'd get tired at a resonable hour (earlier than midnight), I just decided to pull an all-nighter. I've been reading Les Miserables and I think I'll put some laundry away after this post. Oh yeah, I need a shower.

Coffee, anyone? It is 4:15 a.m. after all.
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I hate admitting this, but maybe someone can help. I go through shirts rather quickly not just because I have a few I wear a lot, but because of deodorant stains. Today I finally broke down and threw away several t-shirts and a sweater because the underarms were disgusting. Deodorant stains and/or bleaches it (yeah, I can't figure that one out either) and there's also the perspiration stains. Most of my shirts are dark-colored, so the stains don't show quite as soon, but I just noticed one of my favorite tops now has noticible stains. Someone please make me feel better somehow, please? Laundering tips? Deodorant recommendations? Sympathy?
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If I don't actually write myself a to do list, I'm never going to get anything done. Hmm, I'll write on the back of this receipt.

Yay list written! Now, to actually do the things on it...

It's 110 degrees out. o_O

I went to Kohl's today, where for once I was actually quite impressed with the selection. After looking through clothes, swim suits, picture frames, and linens, I left empty-handed. Now that I've got my blue wall, my bedding choices are severely limited. White sheets are not a problem, but I need a duvet or comforter that will go with it. Now, in addition to being picky, I have to keep the blue in mind when choosing a bedspread. I'll order my canopy bed when I'm in CA in a few days, and eventually I'll replace my grandmother's dresser with something darker to match the bed.

I'm having similar issues as [livejournal.com profile] npicklegrl when it comes to decorating. Trying to make this place into an adult space, as opposed to a hodgepodge of old furniture and knicknacks, is challenging. Part of my problem is I have one long room that is technically a dining room and living room. The dining room is my "office" and it has oak furniture and a big plastic storage container. The frame of my chair from Ikea is also oak, because it matched what I had when I moved in here. My tv stand and cd rack are dark wood, and my couch and chair are beige and tan. My sister and I contemplated painting a red accent wall in the living room, but decided to just stick with painting the bedroom for now. Instead, I'm looking for a framed picture with some dark red in it to go above the couch. Yet again, I'm picky. Picky and cheap :)
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Yesterday, I celebrated by going to the staff lunch, then coming home and taking a nap. I didn't sleep for very long, but it felt oh so good.

So many thoughts have been going through my mind about the school year. Now that I want to write them down, I'm sure I won't be able to remember them. In fact, I can't remember most of them now. So, when I do remember what I wanted to say, I'll try to get them down on here.
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My dvd player still isn't working today. I'm sad! How am I supposed to obsessively watch Jane Eyre over and over again? I guess I must read the book, and fork over the money for a new player. I just hope the vcr half of the machine still works. It's not even 2 years old, and in that time, I think it's gotten the most use in the last 6 months.
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